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Business Storytelling FAQ




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These days... 

  • Many face personal challenges with child care, loss of family income, loss of loved ones
  • Some feel disconnected, not seen
  • Some struggle to keep personal boundaries and collaborate at work
  • Values are being tested. Is the team still aligned around values, purpose?



Whether in person, remote or hybrid, we can still move from


  • Simply delivering information

  • Information overload 

  • Values posted on the wall or website 

  • to inspiring the team

  • to focused messages that stick

  • to shared values

Become a better storyteller so others see you, understand your ideas, your causes, your organization. 

Build this leadership muscle

  • by using PERSONAL stories

  • to get your BUSINESS messages 

  • remembered and retold. 




4 Frequently Asked Questions


1) What is Genius Business Storytelling? Click on video and then scroll

2) Where/how is this skill used?

Helping employees understand a change in strategy or organization, taking values and purpose off the posters and into hearts and minds, expressing complex ideas in a simpler way, managing those awkward or difficult conversations. Meetings, blog posts and videos too.

3) What organizations support this kind of upskilling?

Since launching in Australia, thousands across the world have adopted this approach at small, medium and large organizations such as NASA, Capstone Ridge Group, EY, Amazon, VISA, Unilever, USAA, BMO Financial Group, Sun Life, Obama Foundation. 

4) Who can benefit from this in my organization?

This is for leaders who want to connect in a way that helps their audiences think, feel or act differently. They already know logic and dense PowerPoint slides alone cannot land their messages. Also great for technical experts to engage non-experts. 

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4 Frequently Asked Questions




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