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World CIO 200 Summit

How GEC Media group conducted the annual World CIO 200 Summit to connect with the audience and interact with features within the branded mobile application.


The World CIO 200 Summit app was deployed by webMOBI as a fully native and branded application and the event included

200+ attendees

17+ exhibitors

25+ sponsors

40+ speakers

16+ food stalls

50+ sessions

The World CIO 200 Summit

The World CIO 200 Summit was a successful hybrid event, thanks to the deployment of webMOBI's all-in-one event platform. The conference, which is the largest global gathering of CIOs, was conducted by GEC Media group. The summit aimed to provide a platform for CIOs to focus on key insights shared by world-class speakers, analysts, and thought-leaders that not only help attendees build relationships but also discover opportunities that will help drive their businesses forward.

webMOBI provided the World CIO 200 Summit with a fully native and branded mobile application that included various interactive features to make the experience easy and engaging for attendees. The app was used by over 200 attendees, 17 exhibitors, 25 sponsors, 40 speakers, 16 food stalls, and 50 sessions.

One of the challenges faced by the conference organizers was disseminating agenda and speaker information to attendees. webMOBI provided a unified view of speakers and the sessions they were speaking in. This made it easy for attendees to plan their schedules and stay informed about the conference.

The conference organizers also wanted to increase audience interaction and engagement during the event. webMOBI provided real-time Q&A and an activity feed feature that included gamifying the attendee experience and encouraging more participation from all attendees.

Another important aspect for the conference organizers was ensuring that attendees had all the information they needed to navigate the conference, including directions and last-minute updates. webMOBI provided maps and social media information within the app, helping attendees get directions for event locations and stay informed about any updates via social media channels.

webMOBI also provided a branded event registration website that allowed for easy paid registration via integration with Stripe. Attendees were able to log in using their email ids and OTP received on their email.

Additionally, webMOBI provided a personalized website for the event with a custom logo and event information. The website allowed for the creation of different ticket types for registration and the option to apply promo codes for discounts. Custom form fields were also available to collect event registration information from registrants.

The app also featured a branded splash screen that users would see every time they opened the app. This was customizable according to the event's branding guidelines and could include brand logos and other information.

The app also featured a pre-designed home page that included essential features such as agenda information, sponsors, exhibitors, etc. Attendees could create a personalized schedule by adding, removing, or favoriting events, and adding notes that could be exported for future reference.

The app also featured an admin panel where last-minute notifications could be sent and exhibitors could generate leads. Attendees could personalize their agenda, check exhibitors exhibiting at the event, create notes during sessions, chat with other attendees via messages or video calls, and receive notifications. A badge feature was also included, which allowed attendees to scan contacts with other attendees.

Overall, webMOBI's all-in-one event platform was instrumental in the success of the World CIO 200 Summit. The platform's features, including audience engagement, gamification, registration, website, streaming, and mobile app capabilities, made it easy for attendees to connect with the conference content and interact with other attendees, sponsors, exhibitors, and speakers.


Challenges and Solutions

Immersive 3D Event

An end-to-end immersive platform for conferences and trade shows to engage targeted audiences, mimics the in-person event with greater engagement. 3D Event enables you to design as per customization. The auditorium, exhibitor booths, and sponsors' booths are all customizable. Add information about sponsors/exhibitors in booths as video and document.

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Inside View

The inside view of the 3d event has different venues for the event, the design and branding can be customized as per the brand guidelines

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Auditorium View

In the Auditorium, sponsor and exhibitor brand promotion templates can be added, the auditorium can be linked with live streaming channels as well as pre-recorded videos can also be embedded.

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Custom Exhibitor Booths

Exhibitor booths for exhibitors can be designed with pre-added templates to choose from, exhibitors can add their product information in the video as well as document format.

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Mobile App:


Add your own branded personalized splash screen. Users will be able to see the splash screen every time they open the app.

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Custom Home Panel

Users will be acquainted with the pre-designed home page according to the branding guidelines.

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Personalized Agenda

Agenda offers a day to day schedule of the event, users can add, remove or favorite the events to create a personalized schedule. Users can also add notes and can also export them for future reference.

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Attendee Right Panel

Admin Panel - Admins can send any last-minute notifications and exhibitors can generate leads.

My Schedules - Attendees can personalize their agenda and choose to join the session they are interested in.

My Companies - Attendees can check the exhibitors exhibiting in the event and save the exhibitors they want to visit.

My Notes - Attendees can create notes during sessions and they will be saved here. Attendees can also download the notes in a printable format.

My Chats - Attendees can chat with the other attendees in the event via messages as well as video calls.

Notifications - Any notification will get updated here for the attendees.

My Badge - This Badge can be used to scan the contact with the other attendees.

My Settings - Any general setting for the app.

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Attendee Left Panel

Customize the left panel by adding the features you want to include in the mobile app. These features can be enabled or disabled in real time from the webMOBI dashboard. Enable these features to the home panel as per the requirements.

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Speaker Information

The app provides a detailed display of all the speakers delivering the session in the event and their respective rating scales, with just the simple input of a few letters in the search box. All information regarding each speaker is displayed in their profiles – also accompanied by individual speaker rating options to facilitate attendee evaluation.

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The webMOBI mobile app for World CIO 200 Summit offers the option of using a quick Google Map View, available on the front page along with the event’s venue details. The users can even get a floorplan of the venue and event to get a better visual understanding of the area.

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Social Media

Users can connect with the organizers through inbuilt social media options such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc., where users can connect and receive updates on the event. Organizers can also add hashtags for the particular social media channel.

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The home page also includes the option to view the exhibitor’s list. Users can see how many exhibitors are exhibiting in the event along with the products and can also mark them as favourites to later visit them in-person.

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The World CIO 200 Summit app was used by 25+ sponsors sponsoring the World CIO 200 Summit event. The Sponsors section included the information about all the sponsors along with the category of the sponsors for the event with the description of the sponsors.

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Ad Banners

The mobile app contained the ad banners for different sponsors. These ads were available on the bottom of the application and once clicked on the ad. The particular sponsors ad will take the user to that sponsor’s information. Ad Banners are timer ads which change after a particular time and reflect other sponsor’s ads.

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Contact Exchange

Attendees can exchange the contact information using the mobile app to other attendees as well as the exhibitors by just scanning the business card using the mobile app scanner and the contact information will get saved in the app for future reference.

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Contact Us

Finally, what creates the bridge between the organizers and the attendees is the contact us feature; where users can share their experiences, grievances, and suggestions about the event. On logging in, attendees can send in any message to the event organizers along with their names and email IDs

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