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Pitch Deck

March 15th, 2022

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Key takeaway:

The secret for a great pitch deck is telling an engaging story, making your customer the main character in it.

Your customer needs a deck

'People hate to be sold to but they love to buy'.

With recent shifts in buyer behavior, success lies in providing buyers with materials that will directly help them with their research and internal decision marking process.

That's where your pitch deck and marketing collateral become key to your success - they are your only form of communication in-between meetings. A great pitch deck is a deck that can sell for you, even in your absence.

Having a true customer case study is the ultimate resource in this regard. By letting your customer sell for you, you will get your message across in the most effective manner.

If you step up to fill that void and make your customer's story the leading star of your pitch, you will deserve every bit of the success which will follow.

Why B2B Buying Is A Group Activity

Only 6% of B2B purchases are decided upon by a single person.

All others are made by group decision. Because of this you need to ensure that you are able to successfully influence and gain the support of everyone in the DMU.

Session Highlights

You need to impact the invisible influencers

How To Craft The Perfect Deck?

What if you made your customer the hero?

Core concepts to ensure a great result

The pitch creation mindset


Keep it clear, keep it simple


Feels personal and tailor made


Make it impressive & exciting

The core concepts for a perfect deck

Structure your pitch deck like a story

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    Intro - set up the context for the conversation (in a kingdom far far away…)

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    Problem - they need to feel uncomfortable for not solving a key problem in their business.

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    Solution - The catharsis. Show them you can solve the problem and take them to the promised land

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    How life will be better - paint the new world picture with your solution

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    How to get there - this is the moment to talk about the details (how it works, pricing, features…)


Choose a deal-closing pitch deck template
to make yours.

A carefully selected list of pitch deck templates, all following our masterclass guidelines:

Pro data tip: Use videos

Our research shows that presentations that included a video enjoyed an uplift in customer engagement and conversion rates:


Higher engagement


Longer reading time


Higher CTA click-through rate

Let Your Customers Sell For You

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    The best choice of video to include in your pitch deck is a story selling case study.

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    With your customer as the hero of the story it makes it incredibly relatable to the audience.

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    Having them cover all your sales talking points in their own words is the ultimate key to success.

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