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“Not a day passes without me trying to become a better version of myself. Acquiring knowledge is one of the best ways to achieve that.”







Ibrahim AlSafadi is a Jordanian Palestinian entrepreneur focused on positive social impact and self-improvement. Founder of the Luminus Group in 1999, he employs over 3,000 people full-time in 20 companies operating in 14 sectors and 5 countries. With activities based on Education, Technology and Services, AlSafadi also incubates hundreds of startups in different fields, many sharing his driving ambition of improving people’s lives through professional excellence and personal well-being. By championing practical education and self-betterment, by investing responsibly in sustainable projects, AlSafadi reaches out to people from all walks of life, offering them the means to fulfill their ambitions and to become valuable contributors to their community. As an "Endeavor Entrepreneur" himself, AlSafadi is a promoter of entrepreneurial talent and knowledge, and is often quoted saying: “Not a day passes without me trying to become a better version of myself. Acquiring knowledge is one of the best ways to achieve that.”


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Educational Vision

Luminus Education

In 1999, Ibrahim AlSafadi founded Luminus Education with the support of his late father, Ishaq. Disappointed by his own experience of higher education, AlSafadi promoted high-end vocational education in Jordan and the Middle East, where unemployment is rife for aspiring young professionals. “Education must be accessible, data-based and demand driven”, says AlSafadi: “You need to equip people with the tools, knowledge, and physical wellness for self-improvement, empowering them to become pioneers of industry and better human beings.”

Today, Luminus is a globally recognized educational institution based on demand-driven practical education, serving learners from all ages and walks of life seeking sustainable and decent employment. An innovative education-for-employment outfit, Luminus conducts thorough market research to grasp the needs of local and regional labor markets. It then creates high-end custom programs, often with the best education and service providers from across the world. Facilities are an important part of the Luminus experience. Its Schools are built to recreate the actual working environment so learners acquire the precise skills their future employers need and are fully-operational in their jobs from day one.

During the past few years, AlSafadi travelled to many countries in the Middle East, Africa and Eastern Europe. He saw firsthand how many education systems still don’t match the real expectations of young people regarding employment and advancement. “Yet there is so much energy and promise,” reports AlSafadi. “At Luminus we offer our learners the opportunity to harness their potential through comprehensive and goal-oriented training, achieving their career goals and self-actualization as a result,” he adds.

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Super Revolutionary 360°

Luminus is a product of AlSafadi's life-long learning journey. Continuous learning is a principle and practice that he lives by and is the cornerstone of the new Luminus, the new Super Revolutionary 360 Degree Model - Luminus LifePlus. It is his dream to empower young people and adults with the skills and the habits that allow them to own their future. AlSafadi believes that people who have learned how to learn and who are equipped with in-demand workforce skills will achieve self-efficacy and self-actualistion. In addition, on their holistic learning journey with Luminus, Luminus Learners will have developed the practice of good mental and physical health and well-being, elevating their learning outcomes and differentiating themselves from their peers.

This will be done at the scale of millions. This is how AlSafadi aims to improve lives and livelihoods, positively effect communities, and bring about system level change ultimately effecting whole economies.

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Ibrahim AlSafadi’s values are strongly rooted in the family values his parents shared at home with him, his younger brother and six sisters. He is a devoted and loving husband, father and brother. A healthy lifestyle and positive values are the legacy he wishes to hand down to his children, providing them and others with opportunities to innovate and become productive members of their community.

Ibrahim AlSafadi’s driving force is his passion for learning. He is a true life-long learner. His natural curiosity leads him to explore every single day the basic facts of many different subjects, as a permanent means of self-improvement. “People aligned with sustainable development goals and with the perseverance needed to succeed are always close to my heart”, he offers.

A supportive employer and professional partner, AlSafadi also believes in the importance of balancing professional and personal lives. As an active sportsman, he finds that practicing sports stimulates his learning abilities while expanding his personal boundaries. Playing tennis and improving his game daily, he is also attracted to water sports and rock climbing. He recently began underwater diving, attaining advanced diver level. More broadly, he feels sports improve well-being and creativity. “I have initiated and planned many projects while practicing sports on my own or with others. I truly believe it brings the best out of everybody and makes us feel better.”

Generosity is also part of AlSafadi’s way. Certainly, he has crossed paths with a fair number of people eager to take advantage of his inclination. But it hasn’t shaken his belief that by being generous – “with clear expectations, accountability and honesty” - you can help people grow and bring positive changes to the world.

Finally, honesty and perseverance are two guiding principles of AlSafadi. They allow personal and professional progress and big plans to come to fruition. “It is important to have nothing to apologize for and to avoid hurting people at all cost”, he says. “With the right positive attitude, even failure becomes just another step on the road to success: it’s all about learning from everything you do.”

“I have initiated and planned many projects while practicing sports on my own or with others: I truly believe it brings the best out of everybody and makes us feel better.

The Entrepreneur

A self-made champion of practical education, Ibrahim AlSafadi is passionate about investing in entrepreneurial talent and improving the livelihoods of people across the world. The companies he is involved in have generated a total revenue of over 500 million USD through a wide spectrum of activities. The driving force behind AlSafadi’s businesses is his personal commitment: enable those who want to get ahead to fulfill their potential and give back to their communities.

Founded in 1999 by Ibrahim AlSafadi with the support of his late father Ishaq AlSafadi, Luminus Education is a pioneering institution offering an efficient technical and practical education. It is demand-driven, meaning its programs address closely the needs of employers and deliver timely employment opportunities in local, regional and international labor markets. To date, Luminus Education has trained over 130,000 learners, raised 90 million USD to fund educational projects and provided 25,000 scholarships to promising learners coming from challenging backgrounds.

Luminus Technology is a provider of solutions designed to solve market challenges (IT and Audiovisual, Smart Buildings and Security) with minimal risks. Generating 50 million USD of total revenue since inception in 2004, Luminus Technology carries a host of projects in many sectors, including: Healthcare, Government, Education, Hospitality, Food & Beverage, Telecoms and Banking.

Another project of AlSafadi’s is IMDAD Total Site Services, a leading turnkey relief support services provider for large-scale refugee care and humanitarian support projects. As an operation creating a strong social impact, IMDAD currently employs 1,200 people across 7 countries and provides essential services such as food, clothing, education and shelter in 26 sites worldwide. AlSafadi’s ambition for IMDAD is for it to become a staunch support outfit for UN humanitarian missions throughout the world.

Ibrahim AlSafadi has also been an ample investor in entrepreneurs — supporting young blooming talent towards a horizon of growth and opportunity, through both financial and enterprise mentorship. AlSafadi’s latest of value; Leila Issam Fine Jewellery is founded by jewellery designer Leila Abu Issa, a Middle-Eastern designer label specialised in the design of Fine Jewellery set in precious stones and gold. With an entrepreneurial flair combined with AlSafadi’s guidances, Leila Co-founded Golden Boho Beach Concept  — Ayla Oasis, a high-end bohemian lifestyle concept store featuring Leila Issam Fine Jewellery, home decor accessories, beach attire and an experiential F&B dining. With the aid of AlSafadi’s investment and mentorship, the concept store has had quite a successful launch. His journey of empowerment has yet to continue.

The Entrepreneur

Social Impact

By personal choice and commitment, Ibrahim AlSafadi dedicates his time and investments providing means to improve people’s lives and allow them to make a positive impact on their communities. His background and experience have led him to develop projects with a strong social impact: Education, as a means of gaining meaningful and sustainable employment and improving quality of life for all; investing in projects created by women with entrepreneurial talent; providing essential services and opportunities to vulnerable people throughout the world.

Recognized as a leading authority in successful educational institutions, AlSafadi believes that freedom and opportunity come through knowledge. He is currently developing a 360° education model combining practical, demand-driven training with programs not only leading to immediate employability but also to a constructive and balanced attitude towards life, business and personal wellness.

Many of some 200 startups he has helped incubating are focused on serving talent wherever it may be or come from; women or men; vulnerable refugees or highly efficient entrepreneurs.


Ibrahim AlSafadi has received international recognition for his contributions to practical education. Luminus Education was given the Forbes Higher Education Award in 2019 as the “Middle East’s Most Successful Educational Institution”. AlSafadi is a regular speaker at international conferences, notably the World Economic Forum and the World Bank Fragility Forum and Sustainable Development Goals related gatherings.


When HRH Prince William, The Duke of Cambridge, toured the Middle East in 2018, he visited Luminus Education and inaugurated its new School of Hospitality & Tourism. When AlSafadi asked the Prince why he had chosen to distinguish Luminus..

The smiling Royal replied: “Because you’re part of the good guys.”



Ibrahim AlSafadi’s mission statement is loud and clear: “I hope to provide millions of learners access to quality practical education and means to improve their lives.” He was once told that Luminus was a unicorn, a term used in the venture capital industry to describe a privately held startup with a value of over $1 billion. He admits that, at the time, he had no idea of what the term meant. Upon reflection, he says that, rather than building a unicorn, he is “entirely focused on enabling the creators of tomorrow’s great enterprises to unleash their potential and creativity.”

“We will continue dedicating all our energy toward this shared ambition,” he promises.



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“You need to offer people the tools, knowledge, mental and physical well-being for self-improvement, empowering them to become pioneers of industry and better human beings

Ibrahim AlSafadi, Founder & CEO of Luminus

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