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Serverless infrastructure 
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Deliver hands-free infrastructure
for cloud-native applications at 90% lower cost


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Containers are driving faster and easier innovation for application development

But on the infrastructure level, DevOps are overburdened with ensuring each workload has sufficient resources at all times without over-provisioning and breaking the bank

What if you could automate away all that infra management work AND reduce costs by up to 90%?

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"Chegg’s successful adoption of microservices and containers, in large part, can be attributed to Spot keeping our infra cost and management to a bare minimum"

Steve Evans, VP, Engineering Services - Chegg

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Key Features

Cost Showback

With visibility and drill-down into costs and cluster resources at the namespace, node, deployment, pod, task and container level, you can understand and optimize costs for workloads and applications.

Container-driven autoscaling

Spin up new instances, scale down unneeded ones, and rebalance containers across your cluster with Ocean’s native autoscaling. Ocean systematically selects and provisions the optimal capacity based on the needs of containers and pods.

Cost Optimization

Ocean continuously monitors your container utilization and intelligently provisions the most cost-efficient mix of compute resource types and pricing models–spot, reserved or on-demand instances–to scale resources based on workload needs.

Continuous right-sizing

By comparing compute and memory configurations with actual usage over time, Ocean makes it possible to right-size containers to maximize resource utilization and efficiency.

Seamless Integration

  • Container orchestrator agnostic

  • Integrates with CI/CD software

  •  Other DevOps tools

  • IaC

  •  API integration


Average saving (2019-2020)

Get the Most Out of Your Cloud

Ensure performance, reduce complexity and optimize costs
across your containerized applications.

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