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Dear Partner,

Welcome aboard Team Mayku! We are thrilled to have joined forces with you to democratise manufacturing and have you represent us in the market you know best. In this quick presentation we will tell you what to expect. 

Our Story

Being a Mayku Partner

Engage your own network

We have selected you as a Partner as we trust you have a great customer network for our products within your region. Using our marketing materials, you should leverage those connections. 

Help with product returns and customer queries

As you will be our local representative, you should be able to help us with product replacements and answer customer queries. 

Create marketing campaigns to attract new customer

You should be ambitiously aiming to attract new customers within your region.  This requires frequent communications from your side. 

Being a Mayku Partner

Work closely with your Account Manager

You will be working closely with a member of our Team to design marketing campaigns, receive trainings & more. 

Receive customer leads

We will forward you customer leads that were registered through our website, should the customer be located in your region. 

Get first access on new products

Active partners can buy the latest Mayku Products first - sometimes even before we launch them on our channels! 

Knowing our target customers

Industrial Design

Tap into the 3D industry and sell Mayku products to architects, industrial designers and other makers.   


Supply craft businesses and help them manufacture products like soaps, home wares, candles, bath bombs and much more. 


Access the culinary sector and help chocolatiers and pastry chefs creating their bespoke food molds. 


Equip Maker Spaces, and STEAM class rooms with the FormBox. We also have a curriculum to which we'd happily grant you access!

Key benefits to customers

Industrial Design

Product designers, architects, and modelmakers need to move fast and work to tight budgets.The FormBox gives them the power to prototype designs quickly, right from their studio.


With the FormBox, burgeoning craft businesses can start making product lines at their own pace, without the need for large order quantities from factories.


Whether you’re customizing a chocolate bar or creating a batch of custom pastries - the FormBox gives you the power to create amazing treats in almost any shape.


Schools have small budgets and are tight on space - the FormBox gives teachers a simple way to get kids excited about making, teaching STEAM subjects in a fun and engaging way.

Your Onboarding process

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    Welcome Presentation (This Deck)

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    Marketing Support & Product Launch (Deck 2)

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    Product & Sales Training (Deck 3)

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    Receive your Mayku Partner Certification! 

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    Establish regular communications with your Account Manager

Your Next Steps


Marketing Training

In a few days we will send you your Marketing Training deck which should prepare you to launch the FormBox across channels. 


Product & Sales Training

Once you have received your order, we will share the Product & Sales Training deck with you which should prepare you to answer all your customers' questions and make your sales pitch. 


Reseller Certification

Once you have completed those two trainings, we will send you your Mayku Partner Certificate and you will begood to go!  

Thanks for your time, we will be in touch soon! If you have any questions in the meantime, please feel free to book a meeting with a member of our team.