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Helping grow the medicinal cannabis market. 

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Helping grow the medicinal cannabis market. 

Avg. Reading Time: 4 min.

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World Cannabis Market


global medical cannabis market expected growth


cannabis users worldwide 


countries legalized medical cannabis


companies operate medical cannabis


global legal cannabis market expected size by 2025

Israel - Perfect Conditions for Cannabis

Ideal Humidity.

Safeguarding the plant from insects and enabling optimal growth.

Optimal Temperature.

Reduces energy in winter and summer, saving considerable production costs.

300 Days of Sun.

Optimal sun exposure leads to further reduced production costs.

High UV Radiation.

Vital for effective growth of cannabis and high yields.

The Israeli Legal Cannabis Market

Off the a strong start, the market potential is still huge


medical cannabis licence holders
(as of 2020)


tons of medical cannabis annually consumed


estimated size of the IL medical cannabis export market


number of operational cannabis farms in Israel  

Without a strong business and commercial backbone this market won't reach its full potential. 

The CRM Platform for Medical Cannabis Market

Designed and built for the cannabis industry, our products offer a revolutionary change to bring modern technology to the world of medicinal cannabis.

Providing an easy way to access customers and manage their business activity, we let our growers utilize their full potential.

Our Cannabis CRM Platform

CRM Software

CRM software is now the biggest software market in the world and the growth isn’t slowing down.

CRM Industry

The CRM industry is expected to reach more than $80 billion in revenues by 2025.

CRM Software and AI

AI is becoming a major part of the market, which will make CRM software a much smarter solution for businesses interested in improving customer experience

Business CRM

91% of businesses with 10 or more employees now use CRM software.

CRM and mobile

CRM industry is seen a rapid move towards mobile.

Mobile CRM systems are becoming increasingly popular, with 65% of salespeople who adopt mobile CRM meet their sales quotas.

The advantages of CRM for cannabis

Cannabis is a highly regulated industry, it is important to align with technologies and companies that are familiar with the rules and understand implications.

Although the large CRM platforms are extremely successful, the need of adoptation to a complicated field like cannabis means that those platforms can be incompatible, what opens the need for tailor-made platforms.

Companies that have built CRM systems for the cannabis market are:




Soros&Pipeline Deals 

Cannasoft's goal is to help cannabis companies increase revenues and margins by being able to map and manage their customers with a specialized CRM platform and enable them to create brand awareness.

Company Overview

Beyond Solutions Ltd.

A premier software company based in Israel providing CRM software that enables small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) to optimize day to day functions such as sales management, workforce management, contact center operations and asset management.

The Beyond CRM

Our proprietary software, Beyond CRM, maximizes our clients' business operations, leaving them more time to focus on building for future success. It includes many internal efficiency functions, helps to control costs and provides outstanding customer service.

A profitable business

Successfully running the operations of more than 400 organizations
worldwide. Generating profit each year from its establishment. Some of our major clients: Soreq nuclear research center (Israel's nuclear reactor), Harel Insurance, Perrigo, One and more.

Looking to become the #1 supplier of CRM to the medical cannabis market

By building a tailormade platform for the medical cannabis market, and understanding growers, suppliers and researches needs they plan on harnessing their current expertise in the CRM field and create the best platform for the industry.

Business Plan

Overview Beyond in collaboration with the Bezinzsky family (a medical cannabis license holder in Israel) are looking to establish a medical cannabis farm and integrate a unique CRM platform for theirs and other medical cannabis farms, cultivators, retailers and medical cannabis brands.

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Road Map

Establishment of Beyond Solutions

becoming a premier software company based in Israel


Beyond and other partners begin discussions regarding the establishment ofa joint venture to combine CRM services and the medical cannabis market

Licence obtainance 

the company receives their medical cannabis growing license from State of Israel


the company begins to build its medical cannabis farm and develop the CRM platform for the medical cannabis market

Next milestone

begin sale of medical cannabis and roll out of the CRM platform 

The Goal

specialized applications for users and sellers of medical cannabis, combining the best software together with high quality medical cannabis

Our Growth Plan

If BYND Israel is successful in reaching its goal of penetrating 6% of all medical cannabis industry participants, then based on our estimate of the total number of market participants (98,000), BYND Israel forecasts that by the end of Stage 1, its New Cannabis CRM Platform will be able to generate revenues from approximately 5,600 subscribers. Assuming we generate USD$3,000 per subscriber each year, the Company could generate approximately USD$16,800,000 in annual revenues just from subscribers of the service.

CRM Revenue Assumptions

The model looks at the forecasted revenues from the global medical cannabis market

Which is currently worth approximately 50B USD

And will grow to an estimated 161 B USD in the next 5 years

The model assumes that BYND will capture between 0.1% in Year 1 and 2% by year 4 of that market share

The company will then receive between 0.5% in year 1 and 1.5% in Year 5 of those market share revenues

Leading to our revenue forecast, reaching close to $50M by year 5

Investors, let’s talk.

We’re looking to speed up our growth by partnering with the right investors, and transform the medicinal cannabis world by adding technology to the mix. Our smart CRM system is changing the market, be part of that change.