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Who we are

Huma is on a journey to use data to deliver good health for all.

By partnering with science, technology, and healthcare professionals we use these insights to transform care for people everywhere.


Improving clinical outcomes


Huma’s digital-first health platforms support a global network of patients


Hospitals and clinics use Huma’s platforms to secure sustainable impact for patients


Our platform can almost double clinical capacity and reduce readmission rates by >30%

How do we support patients?

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How do we support patients?

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Timeline of tasks

Patients are given a timeline outlining the tasks they need to complete and receive timely reminders.


The app provides validated clinical questionnaires, for example the Oxford Knee Score, EQ-5D, Global Health Score and Promis CAT.

Connected devices

We offer both manual data entry and connection to a number of medical devices to aid data collection.

Vital signs

Patients can use their phones and integrated devices to capture and monitor health vitals safely and remotely.

Educational content

We support patients with educational content about their symptoms, care and treatment.


Patients can receive additional support from their clinical team through secure video and audio consultations.

Huma will help you cut costs

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How do we support
healthcare professionals?

Connect to health systems and export data

Clinicians can export data from the web-based portal in multiple formats. The care team portal can also connect with electronic health systems or data registries to enable automatic export based on set timeframes.

Telemedicine and appointments

Clinicians can quickly and securely speak to patients through video and audio calls and schedule in-person consultations to ensure they are on track with their care plan and to check any irregularities flagged in their health records.

Cohort management and prioritisation

Clinicians can manage multiple patients within a web-based portal. The technology can use a clinician-determined threshold to flag patients who might need prioritising, based on the data submitted by patients through the app.

Monitoring of individual patients

The portal can display information about individual patients and visualise data trends. Clinicians can add notes and collaborate with colleagues to ensure the patient receives the optimal care they need.

How do we support
healthcare professionals?

Benefits of implementing Huma

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Benefit title

Explain it in a simple and clear way. how it would help your customer?

Benefit title

Explain it in a simple and clear way. how it would help your customer?

Benefit title

Explain it in a simple and clear way. how it would help your customer?

We're transforming healthcare


Registered and able to immediately place products in 33 countries.


Capable of supporting all language requirements.


Self-service modular platform to enable rapid configuration.


We are certified under ISO 27001, Cyber Essentials Plus and we are 21 CFR and GxP compliant

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