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Unified Advertising,
Scalable Growth

Investment deck | July 2023


The vision

Digital Advertising - Simplified

We will reduce the number of tools needed to make ads, so marketers and advertisers can do more with less and have time to focus on what matters.

4.9 billion people fractured across an exponential number of ad platforms

The Problem


Increased Complexity

Too many ad platforms to choose from, making it difficult to manage campaigns across multiple platforms.


Poor Collaboration

Difficult to collaborate across all ad platforms


Fragmented Data

Different platforms collect different data, making it difficult to track performance, perform optimizations, and target audiences.


Extremely Costly

Creating ad campaigns across multiple platforms is time-consuming and expensive.

The Answer

A single tool to optimize digital advertising campaigns:

  • Ad Creation
  • Ad Management
  • Ad Optimization
  • Ad Collaboration

One single solution.


The Results

AdUnify improves Digital Advertiser's return on ad spend by 2-5x


Faster time to market for asset execution across ad platforms


increase in ad campaign efficiency via AI optimization and automation


Increase in human capital productivity gains

The customer feedback



"The process needs to be streamlined to best keep the flow going. When you have to log onto so many different platforms for approval, it's not only inconvenient but drastically slows down the creative process and more importantly, it slows down getting the ad turned on."

Global Lead


"Going from native tooling to a scalable solution is a massive win for paid social teams. It solves so many retention issues and allows for significant improvement in campaign performance."

Managing Partner

Digital Agency

"We haven't really found anything that works. We're always looking for ways to speed up the approval process a bit and to ensure the ad assets don't get lost in our inbox."

The Market

AdUnify's TAM of $626.9 billion is broken down into 3 segments:

SMBs represent 35% of our TAM in the United States

SMB's are expected to spend $61bn on digital advertising in 2023

Key Metrics:

  • The average SMB in the US will spend $6,100 on digital advertising per year.

The most important factors for SMBs:

  • Reach
  • Cost-effectiveness
  • Measurability

Enterprises represent 45% of our TAM in the United States

US Enterprises are expected to spend $158.3b on digital advertising in 2023

Key Metrics:

  • The average enterprise in the US will spend $1.4 million on digital advertising per year

The most important factors for Enterprises:

  • Reach
  • Brand awareness
  • Lead generation
  • Measurability

Digital agencies represent 20% of our TAM

US Digital Agencies are expected to spend $271.2b on digital advertising in 2023

Key Metrics:

  • The average digital agency in the US will spend $14.3 million on digital advertising per year

The most important factors for Digital Agencies:

  • Reach
  • Brand awareness
  • Lead generation
  • Measurability

The market opportunity


Creative management platforms like Adunify are projected to grow from $865 million in 2022 to 1.77B globally with a CAGR of 12.67% by 2027.

The business model


  • Recurring Payments (Monthly & Annual Subsciptions)
  • Flexible usage pricing constructs (tokenization)

Key KPIs

  • Monthly recurring revenue (MRR)
  • Customer churn rate (CCC)
  • Customer acquisition cost (CAC)
  • Customer lifetime value (CLV)
  • Average revenue per user (ARPU)

Product Lead Growth

Our strategy focuses on driving user adoption, expansion, and advocacy by placing our product experience at the center, emphasizing self-service, value delivery, and a seamless user onboarding.

Strategic Partnerships

Our established connections with ad networks foster strategic alliances and fuel scalable channel growth adoption. These alliances will provide AdUnify with a competitive advantage.

Our strategy pivots around our product and data.

We're geared for innovation, customer value, retention, and efficient growth - creating a unique experience for prospects, users, and expanded customers alike.

The competition

VidMob is a video creation platform that helps businesses produce high-quality, customized videos at scale by connecting them with a global network of professional video creators.

Market Cap: $500M

How are we differentiated?

AdUnify surpasses VidMob by providing comprehensive ad management across multiple networks, not just video. It offers real-time optimization, deeper insights, and swift response to trends, maximizing ad returns.

Sprinklr provides businesses with a comprehensive suite of capabilities for social media management, including listening, content management, audience targeting, influencer management, customer care, and analytics.

Market Cap: $3.68B

How are we differentiated?

AdUnify differentiates itself from Sprinklr by offering a more focused and specialized solution -specifically designed for ad campaign management across multiple platforms.

Celtra is a creative management platform that empowers advertisers and agencies to build, optimize, and deliver engaging and interactive digital ad experiences across various channels and devices.

Market Cap: Acquired for $190M

How are we differentiated?

While Celtra offers cross-channel ad creation and optimization, AdUnify excels in bringing a unified platform to manage ads across multiple networks, providing AI-driven optimization and strategic insights. Moreover, AdUnify's mobile-first approach allows for streamlined, on-the-go ad management, mobile ad previews, and adaptive display across devices. is a leading automation platform for digital advertising, empowering businesses to optimize and scale their ad campaigns across multiple channels.

Market Cap: Acquired for $200M

How are we differentiated?

AdUnify stands out from with its comprehensive, AI-driven platform that seamlessly manages and optimizes ad campaigns across diverse networks, offering a unified solution for businesses. Unlike's automation-focused approach, AdUnify's emphasis on unification and AI-driven optimization sets it apart.

Adobe Advertising Cloud is an end-to-end advertising platform that provides marketers with advanced tools for planning, executing, and optimizing their digital advertising campaigns across multiple channels and devices.

Market Cap: $226.23B

How are we differentiated?

AdUnify outperforms Adobe Advertising Cloud with AI-powered insights, a mobile-first interface, and simplified cross-network management. Our platform is highly scalable, designed for businesses of all sizes. Combined with competitive pricing, AdUnify offers superior value and is tailored for the demands of today's digital advertising landscape.

The growth

AdUnify projects robust growth from 2024-2030, gradually increasing market share by 0.375% annually.

Starting with $6.375M revenue in 2025, we predict a steady rise to about $51M by 2030. This trajectory reflects our plan to capture 3% of the market over eight years.

By 2028, we aim to be a leading force in ad management, serving diverse clients globally, while continuously innovating our product to win new markets.

The Founders

Mack Ortis


Product, Design, Engineering

Mack Ortis brings invaluable leadership and deep industry knowledge to AdUnify. With a track record at Meta, where he drove significant growth for Google and Apple accounts, Mack has proven his expertise in developing innovative solutions and fostering strong relationships with top-tier clients.

His knack for scaling best practices and programs across teams, coupled with his understanding of the customer, the industry, and the "people problem" make him a force in shaping AdUnify's trajectory.

Chase Reed


Growth, Ops, Finance

Chase Reed is an Enterprise leader with deep expertise in Growth & Product Innovation. At Accenture, he leads strategy and execution across global growth teams at Meta & Google.

With a proven track record as an advisor to the C-suite of Software & Platform companies, he operates at the intersection of business and technology to create scalable growth models and help create long-term success and profitablity.

Our Manifesto

Unleashing the Power of Advertising Innovation

At AdUnify, we are driven by a collective passion to revolutionize the advertising industry. We believe in challenging the norms, pushing boundaries, and defying limitations. Our manifesto embodies the essence of our purpose, guiding us on our journey towards transforming the way businesses connect with their audiences.

1. Embrace Disruption: We thrive on disruption, embracing change as an opportunity for growth. We challenge the conventional and embrace the unknown, constantly pushing the limits of what is possible in advertising technology.

2. Break Down Barriers: We reject the notion of walled gardens and siloed platforms. We believe in an open and interconnected ecosystem that fosters collaboration, transparency, and innovation. By breaking down barriers, we empower businesses to access a world of unlimited possibilities.

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