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{{first_name}}, see how can you get complete visibility into your BI landscape

Avg. Reading Time: 2 min

{{first_name}}, see how can you get complete visibility into your BI landscape

Avg. Reading Time: 2 min

BI & Analytics teams spend >50% of their time trying to find the data they need to do their jobs.

  • 50% said it takes up to months to find an error's source in a report

  • 83% said it would take weeks for a full impact analysis prior to changing a field in the ETL report

  • 36% said root cause and impact analysis are their biggest daily challenges

So inefficient.

Octopai's automated BI Intelligence platform analyzes metadata across the entire BI landscape giving you complete visibility of your data in seconds with automated data lineage, discovery, and business glossary.

Find and understand your data in seconds

Say goodbye to manual data mapping, and start leveraging automation to get the full story on your data


Search the entire BI landscape and get a 360 degree view of your metadata

Easy to Start

No installation, no special training and no organizational process changes required

Simple Search

Easily search for reports or references and view the complete data flow in seconds

On the Cloud

Out of the box product and cloud-based, it's up and running within a day

Who from the BI team is using Octopai?

BI Managers & Data Governance Professionals

Significantly boost the BI group’s capacity, accuracy and efficiency

Data Architects, BI Developers, Data Engineers

Design, create or change new processes quickly and accurately to shorten the development cycle

Business Analysts, Data Analysts, Data Scientists

Easily discover metadata and get full data lineage in seconds to identify and fix reporting errors

Octopai is making BI teams smarter with Automated BI Intelligence


Instantly locate metadata from across multiple systems, so you can better understand and manage your data

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Get a complete view of the entire data journey, with visibility into full data context, from source to target

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BI Catalog

BI Catalog creation, management and refresh ensures consistency in data assets across the organization

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  • "The most complete lineage solution I have seen"

    Andrew Stewardson, Data Manager
    Farm Credit Services of America
    See Case Study
  • "We've seen major time savings up to 99% – what took weeks in the past now takes minutes or less, it’s insane."

    Mark Horseman, Enterprise Information Management
    Northern Alberta Institute of Technology
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  • "We use Octopai for so many things every single day. It saves us days of work by freeing up our team to deal with development instead of searching for data all day long."

    David Bachinsky, BI Manager
    Direct Finance (Mimun Yashir)
    See Case Study
  • "Doing research in our landscape used to take us weeks, and now takes a few hours or less. For me personally, instead of being busy for 8 hours a day on a problem in a specific report and spending a lot of time helping the BI team, Octopai enables them to solve issues themselves, which has freed me up to focus on other work. It’s a huge relief."

    Anna Succi-Kozlowski, Data Governance Lead
    Equipment Manufacturer
  • "…I can go into Octopai and see which jobs will be affected, then update and re-map them. And I can also find out which Power BI reports will get impacted."

    David, Senior Data Architect
    Big Ass Fans
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  • Make your BI smarter.

  • Make your BI better.

  • Make your BI faster.

  • Get the whole story behind your data in seconds with automated BI intelligence.