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March 2022


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Sidney Bresler and Dr. Boaz Shay established a research partnership to study how to reduce hospitalizations due to dental infections

David Kochman and Amikam Levanon joined forces to pilot an initiative to improve health care in underprivileged communities across the US

Shira Druion, a journalist who is an AlmaLinks member, published a feature highlighting Yuval Gonczarowski and Sharon Mirsky's startup initiatives in a UK-based magazine

Through AlmaLinks, Vic Levitin found his co-founders and founded, which develops technology to fight mosquitoes

Nava Brief Fried and Natalia Olson connected while representing the Israel tech industry in Spain


📅 March 29:

Global AlmaSession with Dan Sarel, Co-Founder of Demisto, Acquired by Palo Alto Networks

How Systematic Product Development can be Replicated to Disrupt Industries

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📅 April 7:

AlmaLinks New York Chapter Dinner at 19 Cleveland

Connect Face-to-Face over Dinner, Strengthening Existing Relationships, and Creating New Ones

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Philadelphia In-Person Event with Restaurant Legend Jeff Benjamin of Vetri Cucina


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❝Through AlmaLinks, I met Adam Cohen. We had a fantastic encounter, sharing our diverse experiences. Adam is currently putting together his new venture, and it was a privilege to share some of the lessons I've learned along the way to help him on his path of building something new.❞

Arturo Arditti: Co-Founder, Arditti+RDT/Arquitectos

❝I am an entrepreneur exploring the architecture, engineering and construction (AEC) space with my two partners. As part of our exploration phase, AlmaLinks helped me get in touch with members from the global construction industry, including Arturo Arditti, an incredible architect based in Mexico. We had a very interesting conversation, but what was so special was Arturo himself. He is fascinating, personable and knowledgeable, and I’m glad I got to know him. Thanks for this experience, Arturo & AlmaLinks!❞

Adam Cohen: Co-Founder, Stealth Mode Startup; Former GM Enterprise, Payoneer

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With a foundation in mathematics, systems science and business, Daniel rose up through the ranks of sales at Applied Predictive Technologies and Mastercard before co-founding Kalepa in 2018. Kalepa was born out of the idea that technology (machine learning, AI & software) could be utilized to empower insurance underwriters to perform at the highest level and consistently deliver superior, accurate and speedy outcomes.


Kalepa’s AI-powered product, Copilot, can analyze billions of data points to enable commercial insurance underwriters to rapidly evaluate and balance risks, rates and margins. By providing insights and recommendations on every risk, Copilot allows even inexperienced underwriters to make smart, effective and efficient decisions.


Kalepa ta kala, where the name of  Daniel's company comes from, is an ancient Greek aphorism which translates as “beautiful things are difficult,” or more loosely, “naught without labor.”


Daniel led a team of intelligence analysts in the Israeli Defense Force. His great loves are trekking, photography, golden retrievers and watersports.



Inbar has over 20 years of experience in technology and finance. Inbar was one of the first team members at Wix (WIX NASDAQ), and also gained experience in asset management working for a family office. Inbar began her career in venture capital at Magma Ventures, a high performing Israeli VC which was the first investor in Waze and other successful companies. She led business development there for 6 years before founding her own fund, INcapital Ventures.


Inbar is currently Managing Partner at INcapital Ventures, an early-stage VC that invests in B2B tech companies in high-growth sectors. INcapital focuses on Israeli-founded companies at the point of global scaling, and adds value by creating bridges to the North American market, and leveraging the GPs’ extensive network and experience in scaling and operating technology companies.


The book Never Split the Difference by Chris Voss has helped Inbar understand different negotiation strategies and how to use the right strategy in different situations.


Inbar started her career at the Israel Ministry of Defense’s Mission to the USA. She also lives an active lifestyle; she runs outdoors, practices yoga and enjoys nature hikes.



Arturo Arditti is a real estate developer and architect. While Arturo has primarily focused on architectural design, he has co-developed select projects, enabling him to combine his creative talents with his real estate acumen. His building designs artfully integrate the most advanced technology, comfort, sustainability and efficiency and are renowned globally (for example, in the Museum of Memory and Tolerance in Mexico City). He has been recognized with more than forty awards in Mexico and abroad and has lectured extensively. Arturo was granted a “Doctorate Honoris Causa” at the United Nations in Vienna, represents Mexico for the AIA, is an ambassador for the “We Are Water” Foundation in Barcelona and serves as a  member of the Editorial Board of Glocal and México Design. He is an entrepreneur and has co-developed 1000 condo units and 1 million sq. ft. of corporate space with tenants like Danone, Mazda, Telefonica, Coca-Cola FEMSA and WeWork.



Arturo has exhibited widely and his work has been internationally recognized, including as the recipient of a WAF Award for The Museum of Memory and Tolerance, an Int. Property Award for the Governmental City of Zacatecas and the CAM-SAM Medal, based on merit for an outstanding career.


His favorite book, The Fountainhead by Ayn Rand, combines his passion for congruent architecture and the study of human behavior.


Arturo was invited to present a Ted Talk on the "Cities of the Future"  in May 2022. He loves tennis and is an avid player, hitting the court five days a week. He is also a self-trained fine art photographer and is currently writing a book dedicated to his three children. 

Event Insights

The Future of Cryptocurrency in Light of Market Volatility with Ran Neuner, CEO of Onchain Capital, Host of Cryptotrader on CNBC Africa and Founder of the 24/7 podcast

  • Ran believes in the value of networks: companies are given higher valuations by the market not because of tech or number of users, but because they have built networks. Crypto is the world's first value network: the more people use it, the more merchants accept it - and the more merchants accept it, the more people use it.

  • The crypto market is volatile because it is a young market and therefore illiquid. As it becomes more widely used, there will be less volatility.

  • To build a crypto portfolio, identify where you believe networks will disrupt incumbents, and estimate how quickly they will do so and how quickly they will grow.

  • For Ran, Ethereum is even more exciting than Bitcoin. It allows you to put smart contracts (contracts that are executed without any human intervention) onto a blockchain.

  • Ethereum has given rise to two new industries:

  1. Decentralized Finance (DeFi) - where individuals can transact with a contract that is immutable and unchangeable (independent of any financial institution), lives in a ledger forever and is 100% reliable.

  2. Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) - which people are now collecting, including big sports stars and companies like Coke.

The Digital Transformation of the Music Industry with Spotify's Head of Innovation, Máuhan M. Zonoozy

  • Synthetic generated content (AI-generated content) is going to grow exponentially as technology becomes not only the platform for sharing content but also the creator of the content itself. If you look at what has been happening, you will see synthetic generated content skills growing tremendously which is incredible to fathom. Curation is going to become even more necessary to help manage that growth process because there is going to be a mass of music created by machines. Within 5 years, synthetic music will be indistinguishable from genuine music.
  • Gaming and immersive experiences are the next investment opportunities. Music is a cultural beacon and was where “cool” came from; now, gaming is really pushing culture forward. The Metaverse is what is going to become our reality and gaming is at the forefront of that.

  • Máuhan believes foundational disruptors are going to hit us in a big way. The lines between users, creators and curators are going to become blurred to an unimaginable extent. This means that content is going to be much more malleable and much more personalized.

The Rise of SPACs with Industry Visionary Betsy Cohen, Chairman of FinTech Masala

  • The most important thing to all target companies is certainty that the SPAC will execute. SPACS are a complicated entity and the process demands knowledge of capital because you are not only raising money but also creating a structure for a trading platform. 
  • One benefit of the SPAC structure is the opportunity to speak to a variety of investors before going to the public market and to get some sort of pushback from them. This was the original intention, and meant investors could shape with you the proper and accurate evaluation of the company. But investors became less sensitive to this and investors have realized that getting the highest value for a company is not the most salient factor to consider. One should be investing in companies that will grow over the next 2 – 5 years. The immediate evaluation is not what should be considered as the main factor.

Event Insights

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