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Beautiful Data Visualization Made Easy: New Charts Arrived

Beautiful Data Visualization...


Beautiful Data Visualization Made Easy: New Charts Arrived

Proudly sharing with you our newest release. Now, the powerful Storydoc charts got even more amazing. Plus, you can easily switch between different dataviz types to find the perfect one for each use case and data point.


Jack Goldberg

Co-founder & CPO

Dec 10, 2021





If you’ve been around for a while, you must know one thing about Storydoc: we love data. If that’s the first time you meet us, well, here’s a fact: we looooove data.


To unlock the true beauty of data, you need to show it in a proper way. That’s one of the key features of our interactive presentation-making tool. 

Storydoc charts come in colors perfectly matched to your branding and are always automatically animated to capture your customers’ attention. They’re also insanely easy to create: you just pick from a library of charts, plug in your numbers, and our editor makes sure the design stays flawless. 

(Plus, Storydoc charts have been designed with the mobile-first principle in mind so your customers always get an amazing mobile experience.)

With this release, our amazing data visualization option just became even more powerful.

What are the changes?


12 new charts added to our library


From now on, you can show your customers the most important pieces of data using these beauties:


Stacked vertical

Stacked horizontal


Bar vertical

Bar horizontal




Bar + line



Scatter with trendline


Easily switch between chart types



Feel free to experiment with different types of data visualizations—you can switch between those with a single click and see which one fits your narrative best.


Always stay on brand



Every chart you add is automatically fitted with your brand colors. Each item of data you want to show feels 100% *you*.


Visualize multi-series data with stacked bar charts



Segment your data and let your audience easily conceptualize different parts of categories that make up a whole (be that sources of revenue, expenses, market areas, you name it!).

Storytelling with data just became way, way easier. We’d love to hear what you think about the new features! Want to take the updated editor for a spin?

Try the new Storydoc editor and unlock your creativity!


And that's a wrap!


Stay tuned for more updates! Let’s shape the future of business presentations together.

Jack Goldberg

Jack is the Co-founder and CPO at Storydoc. He's the friendly face behind all the "Jack and the Storydoc Team" emails you're receiving. Jack works hard to make sure you can tell your stories so that your company truly shines. After hours, Jack likes to go mushroom hunting, pickle olives, or... tell his own tales!