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Beautiful Data Visualization Made Easy: New Charts Arrived

Beautiful Data Visualization...


New powerful design options at Storydoc: at your fingertips!

Your favorite Storydoc editor just got easier and more powerful! Check out these new features and take them for a spin! Here’s what’s improved.


Jack Goldberg

Co-founder & CPO

May 12, 2022





It's that time of the year again... Proudly presenting our latest release! 

Here's an overview of the most relevant updates we made.


More design options


1. Change color schemes with a click



Want to experiment with different coloring options for your presentation? Now you can switch between color schemes with a single click until you find one that works best. Or, you can add your colors manually to be 100% sure it matches your brand book.


2. See the changes to a mobile version



Around a third of all decks are opened on mobile devices so you want to make sure your customers are getting the perfect mobile experience. In the improved preview version, you can see how your Storydoc’s design will look on mobile simply by switching the toggle.


3. Enjoy the enriched gallery of fonts



Choose from a gallery of over 900 free fonts. Find one you like the most or play around with different font combos. And don’t worry about the layout, it will always stay perfect.


4. Get visuals that match your industry



Just tell us your industry and Storydoc will automatically suggest the most relevant visuals for your cover video and background images.


Improved assets library


1. Manage your assets more efficiently



Organize your visual assets for easier, more intuitive navigation. Access your key visuals that you reuse across different projects immediately. Create dedicated project folders for one-off presentations with unique visuals.


2. Preview images from the gallery with ease



We’ve changed the layout of our image and video library to let you see more at an instant. Now, all asset previews are larger so you can see immediately if a visual is the right pick for your deck.

Take the new features for a spin and let us know what you think!


Try the new Storydoc editor and unlock your creativity!


And that's a wrap!


Stay tuned for more updates! Let’s shape the future of business presentations together.

Jack Goldberg

Jack is the Co-founder and CPO at Storydoc. He's the friendly face behind all the "Jack and the Storydoc Team" emails you're receiving. Jack works hard to make sure you can tell your stories so that your company truly shines. After hours, Jack likes to go mushroom hunting, pickle olives, or... tell his own tales!