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We’re excited (and want to share it)! The new Storydoc editor arrived!

We’re excited (and want to share...


We’re excited (and want to share it)! The new Storydoc editor arrived!

Creating stunning presentations should be easy, quick, and painless—so you can focus on what really matters. That’s exactly what we’re bringing your way with our new editor. The future is here!


Jack Goldberg

Co-founder & CPO

Nov 9, 2021





At Storydoc, we’re driven by our mission to revolutionize business content, taking it from boring to stunning. 

Creating beautiful, interactive presentations should be easy, quick, and painless—so you can focus on what really matters. Today, we’ve taken you yet another step closer to the ultimate user experience making Storydocs—and we want to share the news with you!

These past few weeks, our team has been super busy getting ready for our most game-changing release announcement yet, making your Storydoc editor more intuitive and powerful. And… It finally arrived!

From now on, your Storydoc editor will be working in a What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get (WYSIWYG) mode. 

Yes, you got that right. No more making edits then closing your eyes and hoping they’ll look as good as you imagined. Now, you can see all the changes you make right on the preview in real-time. You can now work faster, and have more control on the layout and design. 

What exactly does that mean for you? Let’s see some examples:


1. Text editor



Type in your copy in the text field and see it appear on the slide preview immediately. Want to play around with font size and spacing and avoid those awkward line brea
ks? Just click the toggles or choose from a drop-down menu and adjust your text to each slide!


2. Slide layout



Change the layout of every slide to best meet your needs. Want to make the text field larger? Easy. Add or remove some elements? Peasy. Plus, you can move the text or images around any way you please and the layout will auto-adjust seamlessly.


3. Media editor



Easily switch between media types—videos, images, icons—with a single click. Crop, resize, and adjust every visual you want to add. Customize the width and positioning of your graphics with no guesswork. It’s never been easier to make your images fit *just right* in your narrative. 


4. Background design



Tweak the background color, fonts, and shadowing in every slide with a single click and see the results appear in real-time


5. Modify every version before you send



Create unlimited versions from every template, tailored to each and every customer—at scale. Make tweaks right before sending your Storydoc and increase your open rates by adding a preview image to your note. 

Creating amazing, interactive presentations just became way, way easier. We’d love to hear what you think about the new editor! Want to take it for a spin?


Try the new Storydoc editor and unlock your creativity!


And that's a wrap!


Stay tuned for more updates! Let’s shape the future of business presentations together.

Jack Goldberg

Jack is the Co-founder and CPO at Storydoc. He's the friendly face behind all the "Jack and the Storydoc Team" emails you're receiving. Jack works hard to make sure you can tell your stories so that your company truly shines. After hours, Jack likes to go mushroom hunting, pickle olives, or... tell his own tales!