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2021 RECAP

  • XTEND Operating System (XOS) chosen by US Army and IDF as the easiest to use in the world
  • First company in the world to deliver a drone-swarm system to an operational customer
  • Delivery of operational systems to: USA DoD, FBI, Israel, Singapore, Canada
  • 46 innovation fields identified (patents)
  • Engineered a fully digital multi-drone-based system
  • Production of over 400 drones in 2021
  • More than 2000 operational flight hours in IDF and US DoD
  • Won the IDF Innovation Award for 2021
  • Fully American System (Non-Chinese)
  • First contracts under way for using XOS on other platforms
  • Numerous successful workshops with our US Customers
  • Italy Demonstration of systems for the Marines’ special units, the Ministry of Defense, the Innovation Center and more
  • 1st time participants in the Milipol exhibition in Paris, reaching the finals in an innovation competition, an exhibition of 1000 participants, who present solutions to the world of homeland security and special units.
  • Successful demonstration for the new SOCOM director established in the Greek army, following the success of the demonstration we are invited to participate in an exercise in 2022 to examine the integration of the systems
  • Spain Demonstration to the Atlas Forum of all EU special units. (Bidding for a major tender of the Spanish army in 2022)
  • AUSA exhibition in the US.
  • Germany - Demonstration of capabilities for the federal police, special units and rescue services
  • Singapore - Extender Wolverine's Evolution Project to the Army, Delivery of Preliminary Systems in January 2022. Winning an evolution project to solve drone interception (First delivery of systems in March 2022)
  • Digital Drone flying both in indoor and outdoor environments
  • New remote control
  • Redesigned APP (end to end)
  • Countless development platforms for indoor and outdoor
  • Lots of POC’s (night flight, flight assist, etc.)
  • Non-Chinese complete drone (5 different revisions)


Our team grew with 30 more employees, so we are now 70 employees!
We moved to our new offices in TLV




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