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Don't let age or injury stop you doing what you love.

Online Physiotherapy, Coaching, & Programming with Phil White


Comprehensive & holistic exercise coaching to take you from where you are to where you want to be.

The online coaching experience.

I will be your exercise and health co-pilot.

But wait, there is more.

I don't just want to tell you what to do.

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    You will get access to a course, delivered in weekly lessons to teach you the most important principles from my physio & sports science degrees as well as my own training experience.

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    The aim is that by the end of our time together, you will have the skill set to build programs to achieve any goal you want and develop the confidence to exercise independently.

Why would you choose to work with me and not another health coach?

Phil White - Owner of ADPT Physio

I know that with my educational, professional and practical experience, I can help you achieve your goals.

My clients often point out that it is not only the knowledge of what to do that helps - it is the help in navigating the practical and emotional elements of their relationship with health and exercise that creates lasting change.

If we do work together, I hope you are ready for it, as I will be hell bent on making sure you succeed.



Doctor of Physiotherapy Postgraduate Degree

Macquarie University

Exercise & Sports Science Degree

Sydney University

Diploma of Remedial Massage

Australasian College of Natural Therapies

Practical Sports Experience

While the formal education is obviously essential, training for sports, injuring myself, then rehabbing has taught me so much. Particularly how mentally challenging it can be.

Just a few of the people I have worked with and learned from over the years

Sebastian Oreb

Strength Coach

Cam Girdlestone

Dual Olympian Rower

Ben St Lawrence

Dual Olympian Runner

Tom Do Canto

Runner + Podiatrist

Tony Boutagy

S&C Coach

Here is what some of my clients have to say.

David S


Over the past 10 years, I worked with quite a number of Personal Trainers /Physio to focus on my overall fitness and health.

Phil is definitely one of the top practitioners out there. His holistic and long-term approach with a focus on technique and injury prevention is what sets him apart from others.

My improvement in overall fitness : -45kg, increase in muscle mass, physical flexibility and ability to live a more active and fulfilling life is a testament to his skills and patience.

Hasnae R


I've had an excellent experience with Phil !! I showed up with a mysteriously painful wrist, and a shy ambition to get back on the basketball court after a decade ...

Phil helped me adapt my day-to-day work ergonomics, we also adjusted my workout routine to nurture my basketball shooting wrist and shoulder back to a healthy flexible state.

Phil took the time to really understand my whole routine and long term health goals, so as bonus, I also have a solid full body workout with tips on how to fit it into my busy schedule ... all to help me unlock harder yet more scenic hiking trails in the long run.

Thanks for turning a painful wrist into so much good energy !

Anthony L


I went to ADPT Physio in May 2022 for treatment after running my first 21 km without any experience or training. During treatment and some in-depth conversations with Phil, I was convinced that if I wanted to have longevity in making running my sport, I should not just run because I want to, but rather run so that I can enjoy the sport longer. In the first two months, I was very impressed with the amount of knowledge that Phil shared and immersed into my program, in particular, focusing on overall body strengthening and running posture.

Within those two months, my running and training had evolved positively, and it got my 5KM run at least 3mins faster than my pre-coaching runs. Phil has a different way of pushing your limits, the program that I got was structured based on what my capacity is and progresses when Phil sees an opportunity for me to increase that capacity.

The training and coaching that I was getting is motivational, personal, and challenging, which led to preparing for an official half marathon within two months. Those two months included runs that taught me to chat and breathe properly while running (I was never a fan of a chatty run but I realize that this had a role in understanding how I can manage my run better), pain management (which I call pain-focused transfer or proper posturing to move pain and eventually make it disappear), use of ADPT and other running apps to monitor essentials (sleep, calories, steps, etc.) and running that included a 90m elevated steps (Wendy's Secret Garden Steps for those who live in Sydney) 5 times - non-stop.

As a result of that consistent body training and running prep, my 10KM run capacity has moved significantly (1hr3mins is my fastest recorded vs. 1hr15mins pre-coaching) and I ran the Sydney Blackmores half marathon 11mins faster versus the 4 months prior to the training run. To date, Phil continuously monitors my exercises and runs (despite limited one-to-one training due to my new work schedule and studies), and provides ideas on how to get my exercises done since I don't gym train as much for about 1.5 months now. By the way, I can now do 7 Wendy's Steps non-stop, and did I show you how my body has changed because of the discipline and strengthening exercises that Phil instilled? - all within 4 months.

Never thought I would publicly say this but... Phil is awesome. The biggest compliment that you can get is when your best mates tell you that these days are the healthiest that they have seen me.

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Note: I have only outlined the online coaching offer here. Standalone programming and online physiotherapy are also available.