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Boost conversion with calendar integrations in your decks

You are losing leads without giving them a clear next step. Embed a calendar in your decks and stop seeing your leads slip away.

storydoc presentation deck calendar integration

We support your favorite calendars


Front calendar


Hubspot calendar









Chili Piper



Deck & calendar integration brings instant impact

Get immediate business impact by integrating your calendar app with Storydoc.

Presentations with a clear next step lead to a 27% higher conversion rate compared to those ending with a generic "Thank you" slide.

Add your calendar to Storydoc in a few easy steps

Watch this quick and excellent video to see how it's done.

Smart CTAs

Use next-level integrations to reap next-level rewards.

No more awkward back-and-forth conversations or "So, how does next Tuesday work for you?"

Don't say "Thank you", say what's next

Open up two-way communication with prospects by replacing deadend "Thank you" slides with a clear next step.

Replace thank you with a clear next ste

Make it easy to commit to a next step

Push prospects to book a meeting by making yourself available, just one click away.

Smart CTAs

Make a long story short

Instead of making prospects fill out a form to book a demo, let them pick a date in your calendar straight from your deck.

PPT vs. Storydoc

Be perceived as cutting-edge

Not only does a calendar integration bring real business results, it also makes you look like a technologically advanced company to prospects.

Cutting-edge deck

They've integrated their calendars and seen growth. Now it's your turn.

Embed your calendar. Never lose another deal.