Storydoc + Salesforce = Supercharged Decks

The perfect combo to maximize your business growth. Add value to the tools you already use and make powerful decks in a heartbeat

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How does it work?

Connecting Salesforce to Storydoc will save you time. Tons of time. Automate mundane tasks and focus on what really matters

Generate decks directly from Salesforce

Keep it all in one place and create a personalized deck from your contact page, based on your CRM's triggers.


Customize campaigns with little effort

Give every lead a personalized deck - automatically! Let our native integration pull data directly from your CRM. With no campaign volume limit. 

Scale your value selling

Go beyond simple personalization. Automatically create personalized ROI calculations and business-review decks based on your CRM data

Make data-backed decisions

Gain full visibility of your lead’s buying journey. Learn how much time they spent on each slide and what messaging hits the mark.


Embed your calendar. Book more meetings

The šŸ’ on top - Let your leads book a meeting with you without leaving the deck. Reduce friction and unnecessary “How does Tuesday look like?” emails. 



A business solution you can trust

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GDPR Compliant
Secure SSO

Results that mean growth


Increase in new customers


More demos booked


Faster closing time


Faster deck creation

Want to see for yourself?

Engaging decks. Made easy

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