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Engage your leads with videos on decks

Watch your engagement metrics go through the roof. Give your clients a true viewing experience and close more deals instantly.

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Video has power. Use it.

At Storydoc, we’re not just about looking “cool.” We’re about boosting your business. We’ve tried and tested multiple solutions for maximizing conversion rates. Video has proven one of the most effective ones.

Keep your leads’ attention

Storydoc lets you embed videos created in all of the most popular video software directly into the deck. It’s part of the experience, not an external resource.


Skip the need for multiple demos

With Storydoc, you can add demo videos to any piece of collateral you wish. Your champions will thank you for it! Say goodbye to the demo black hole.


Use videos even if you don’t have them

If you’re reading the page and the FOMO starts kicking in because you don’t have custom videos for your business, fret not. Start by picking from a bottomless gallery of amazing stock videos that come with the Storydoc editor.


Show, don't tell

Nothing lets you prove how game-changing your offering is better than video. Capitalize on your customers’ interest and show instead of telling them how your offering impacts their ROI.


Speed up onboarding

With Storydoc Loom integrations, you get to stay in control of your onboarding materials. You can create an enthralling narrative and keep all the explainer videos in one place.


Why add video?


higher engagement


longer reading time


more CTA clicks

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The best time to start using video was yesterday. The second best time is now.