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Interactive decks every investor will pay attention to.

Make investors excited about your startup. Tell a powerful story with interactive pitch decks and score deals you thought were out of reach.

Successfully raised funding using Storydoc:


Top investors are too busy to read decks.


Investors are flooded with decks. And most of the time, they don’t even read them. If your presentation doesn’t make a stunning first impression, you can kiss funding goodbye.


Interactive decks that wow investors.


Storydocs are designed to cut through the noise. The impressive, easy-to-read layout makes them digestible and exciting, even for the busiest reader.

See results Storydoc delivers:

All you need for a successful round


Pitch deck

Deliver the perfect pitch and get investors excited by your big vision. Easily show what makes your startup worth their funding.



Get the attention of the busiest of investors by creating eye-catching one-pagers to help you score that first meeting.


Investor updates

Keep your investors engaged by creating easy-to-grasp updates showcasing how your business performance progresses.

Take your investment efforts to the next level

With powerful Storydoc integrations, you have more control over each round than ever before. Embed live chat apps into your deck, add video from YouTube, Loom, and more, integrate contact forms, and automatically trace every piece of data in your CRM.


Getting funded made easy

Standing out from the crowd

Other founders are using PDFs and slide-based presentations that bore investors to death. Storydoc gives you interactive, dynamic pages with powerful features that will help you showcase your growth and future plans in a professional and impressive way.

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Easy personalization with no code involved

Create multiple versions of your investment deck and one pager, each personalized to the investor of your choice. Add a tailored personal note, highlight what you know is most important to them, and generate real engagement.

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Advanced tracking and analytics

No more doubts over who opened your deck. No more awkward follow-ups. The analytics panel you get with Storydoc tells you everything about how investors interacted with your deck so you can take better-informed next steps.

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Proven templates that just *work*

No need to be a design pro (or even know a thing about design). Our professional templates let you work on autopilot. You take care of your message, we’ll make sure it looks great.

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Create pitch decks you never thought you’d have. Close deals you never thought you’d close.