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Medical & healthcare collateral that sticks

Your solutions change people’s lives. Storydoc lets you tell this truth with interactive decks that win over buyers and win the deal.

Used by innovative healthcare companies

Selling just got way easier

Storydoc users get these insane results and more


Increase in new customers


More demos booked


increase in new customers


Lead engagement uplift

Get innovative or get ignored

Here's how it works 👇

Establish your brand as cutting edge

You offer state-of-the-art medical solutions. So why does your sales and marketing collateral look stuck in the past?

Interactive Storydocs will change that.

Boost your authority and relatability

In healthcare and medicine, it’s all about trust. Storydoc collateral will make sure clients see and recognize your expertise.

But beyond that - we’ll make you relatable (even loveable).


Make complex issues instantly comprehensible

Readers do not understand the complexities of your offering. Trying to lay it all on them will be a death blow to engagement.

Storydocs are made for storytelling. They break down the most complex concepts into easy-to-follow morsels.

Get decks that sell when you’re not in the room

Build highly entertaining share-worthy decks that pull buyers in. Segment your decks’ content to address multiple decision-makers with relevant information (and even address them by name).

Get real-time data when your decks are being shared, read, and clicked - and time your follow-up perfectly.

Stand out with any content

Your competitors won't know what hit them.

Legacy PDFs and PowerPoints are easy prey for Storydoc.


One-pagers & brochures

Heat up your cold prospects with engaging interactive collateral. Embed your calendar so they can book a meeting with a click.


Medical product decks

Use interactive visuals to make your product’s features and benefits appretiated in a snap and get your leads excited to work with you.


Case studies & white-papers

Turn dry clinical reports into fun and easy to read multimedia experiences your audience will devour lovingly (and ask for more).


Investor pitch decks

Get your new endeavor easily off the ground with storytelling pitch decks that get you noticed, engage decision-makers, and get them hooked.

Make your medical decks come to life

Try on for size our ready-made templates

Medical pitch deck presentation template
Medical pitch deck presentation
Use template
Medical product presentation template
Medical product presentation
Use template
Medical brochure presentation template
Medical brochure presentation
Use template
Medical company presentation template
Company presentation for medical & healthcare
Use template
Sales one-pager template for medical and healthcare
Sales one-pager for medical & healthcare
Use template

Get innovative or get ignored

How do you make innovative collateral that sticks? Storydoc it.