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Create business materials you thought were out of reach. No coding, no hassle.


Templates that do the magic for you ✨

Service provider

An ideal choice for small businesses, freelancers, or mini-agencies wanting to highlight their agile services.

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Business brochure

A presentation template designed to help your product or service get the attention it deserves.

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A perfect template to use towards the close of a deal, letting you highlight the value you offer.

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Agency deck

A template designed for all types of agencies: from marketing, to hiring, to PR. Professional and friendly.

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How it works


Pick a template

Choose one of our professional templates or paste your GoSite page link to get a fully branded theme.


Create beautiful business docs

Just fill out the blanks. Or—get creative and add, remove, and replace different elements with a single click.


Modify for any need

Create unlimited customized versions of your content. Iterate in seconds. Just click, drag, and drop.

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Why you'll fall in ❤️ with Storydoc:

Rich gallery of assets

Thousands of stock images and videos for you to use in an instant. No need to download and upload anything, it’s all readily available to add with a click.

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Automated branding

Your Storydoc will always look like it belongs to you. Upload your current presentation and our tool will extract your key visual assets to make your presentations 100% on-brand.

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Unparalleled ease of editing

Add, remove, or rearrange any slide you want. Choose from a gallery of pre-designed slides, then drag and drop. No design skills required.

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Looking great on mobile

Nothing more frustrating than opening a static PDF on mobile and pinching in and out forever. The good news is your customers will never experience it again. Storydocs are designed to be mobile-responsive across all devices.

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Powerful integrations

Storydoc presentations can do what no other presentation can: integrate lead-capturing forms, your own CRM, live chats, external videos, calendars, and more, letting you go far beyond what a standard deck can do.

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Easy-to-use analytics

Get all the insights about your readers’ behavior: see who opened your presentations, how much they read, what parts they found the most interesting. Our analytics panel is auto-populated with all the data you need, no need to set up the tracking yourself.

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