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stroydoc product updates


Dec 13, 2022

New logo finder tool

Personalizing your Storydoc with your prospect’s logo just got 10x easier! Save loads of time and Google searches by using our brand-new Logo Finder.

Now you are able to look for ANY logo and add it right from the editor. Simply search it up in the library, add it, and voila! Easy and quick personalization.

What’s new in the editor:

  1. Easily search any logo to personalize your content: Adding your prospect’s logo is as easy as 1,2,3. No more Google searches needed!

  2. Change the logo’s color to white or black to match any background: You can now simply choose the background color to make it match the logo seamlessly.

  3. No more blurry, pixelated, or outdated logos: Avoid logos that scream 2010 quality in JPEG. Look professional, every time

Logo finder

May 12, 2022

New and powerful design options

New powerful design options at Storydoc include:

More design options

  1. Change color schemes with a click: You can switch between color schemes with a single click until you find one that works best. Or, you can add your colors manually to be 100% sure it matches your brand book.

  2. See the changes to a mobile version: In the improved preview version, you can see how your Storydoc’s design will look on mobile simply by switching the toggle.

  3. Enjoy the enriched gallery of fonts: Choose from a gallery of over 900 free fonts. Find one you like the most or play around with different font combos.

  4. Get visuals that match your industry: Just tell us your industry and Storydoc will automatically suggest the most relevant visuals for your cover video and background images.

Improved assets library

  1. Manage your assets more efficiently: Organize your visual assets for easier, more intuitive navigation. Access your key visuals that you reuse across different projects immediately. Create dedicated project folders for one-off presentations with unique visuals.

  2. Preview images from the gallery with ease: We’ve changed the layout of our image and video library to let you see more at an instant. Now, all asset previews are larger so you can see immediately if a visual is the right pick for your deck.

Improved assets library


Dec 10, 2021

New interactive data visualization

With this release, our amazing data visualization option just became even more powerful.

The main changes include:

1. 12 new charts have been added to our library:

New charts release

2. You can easily switch between chart types with a single click and see which one fits your narrative best.

3. Every chart you add is automatically fitted with your brand colors.

4. Visualize multi-series data with stacked bar charts. Segment your data and let your audience easily conceptualize different parts of categories that make up a whole.

Nov 9, 2021

New easy-to-use text editor (What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get )

From now on, your Storydoc editor will be working in a What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get (WYSIWYG) mode.

You can now see all the changes you make right on the preview in real-time. This means you can work faster, and have more control on the layout and design.

The main updates include:

  1. Text editor: Type in your copy in the text field and see it appear on the slide preview immediately. If you want to play around with font size and spacing, you can click the toggles or choose from a drop-down menu to adjust your text to each slide.

  2. Slide layout: You can now change the layout of every slide to best meet your needs. Move the text or images around any way you please and the layout will auto-adjust seamlessly.

  3. Media editor: Easily switch between media types—videos, images, icons—with a single click. Crop, resize, and adjust every visual you want to add. You can also customize the width and positioning of your graphics.

  4. Background design: Tweak the background color, fonts, and shadowing in every slide with a single click and see the results appear in real-time.

  5. Modify every version before you send: Create unlimited versions from every template, tailored to each and every customer—at scale.

Text editor

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