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What is the cloud?

The “cloud” is a group of remote servers that all operate as a single ecosystem, thanks to internet connectivity. Each server has a unique function, from storing data to running applications to delivering content (such as video streaming, web-based mail, social media—and Neos!) It operates on the same premise as an on-site server, but you can access files and data from anywhere with an internet connection.

Neos runs on Microsoft Azure’s cloud servers, which means Assembly Software data will enjoy all the top security features afforded by Microsoft.

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"I can’t imagine why anyone would leave Assembly to go to another product when it’s such a smooth transition to Neos. Neos is a very strong competitor and if you’re a Needles Desktop user, it’s a natural progression."

Karl Truman, Karl Truman Law Office


Chhosing a Neos champion is the first step towards a succesul transition

The transition to Neos is a collaborative effort between Assembly and your firm. During each phase, you’ll be required to complete tasks that will allow us to proceed to the next phase.

It is highly recommended to have an internal champion representing your firm to support an optimal transition. This individual will be responsible for ensuring your firm completes all requirements in a timely fashion.


We’re here for you every step of the way

Both parties can influence the success of the transition

The moment you sign a contract with Assembly, you enter into a partnership with us. We are dedicated to your success, but your efforts will hugely influence the implementation process.

We’ll start by setting expectations for the estimated implementation timeline and assign you a complexity score. But you can also influence your complexity score and timeline by working with us to define your requirements for converting data and template setup.


We're in this together


Initial Check

Validation Check

Production Ready

Transition Go-Live


Analyze and document business requirements

10% Customer

Create a complexity score unique to the customer

90% Assembly Team

Develop a test plan and identify what would be considered a “success”

40% Customer

Conduct initial transition checkpoints to review progress

60% Assembly Team

Establish the MVP expectations

20% Customer

Validate MVP requirements

80% Assembly Team

Test and validate in a pre-production environment

40% Customer

Create a pre-production environment with live data

60% Assembly Team

Go live – report and issues or questions

50% Customer

Monitor production environment for SLA compliance

50% Assembly Team

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Neos Academy

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