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Strategic Blueprint: Fixing Client Acquistion for AdCrafters

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This strategic blueprint outlines actionable recommendations to address AdCrafters' client acquisition challenges. With a focus on overcoming the decline in results, leveraging case studies, and optimizing marketing efforts, our proposed strategies aim to improve revenue generation and attract new clients effectively.

Problem Statement

AdCrafters has experienced difficulties in client acquisition due to the declining quality of results and a lack of new, relevant case studies. This has hindered their ability to attract and convert new clients, resulting in lower revenue.


Key Objectives:

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    Revitalize client acquisition efforts to regain momentum and generate new business opportunities.

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    Establish credibility and showcase the agency's expertise through the creation of compelling case studies.

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    Optimize marketing strategies to reach a broader audience and drive qualified leads.

Key Findings & Analysis

Decrease in ROAS For Clients

Averaged a ROAS of 300% for their clients prior to the CA decrease. Average ROAS is now 200%.

Increase in Cost Per Booked Call

CPBC of $50 prior to the CA problem. Their CPBC increased to $200 per call in 2022. This has caused AdCrafters to stop their Facebook Ads due to budget constraints.

Decrease in Close Rate

Closed 27% of their calls to clients in 2021 and this percentage dropped to 13% in 2022.

Customer Acquistion Channels

Acquired 80% of their clients from Facebook Ads, 15% from referral, and 5% from SEO.

Average Stick Rate

Average stick rate decreased from 9 months in 2021 to 3 months in 2022.

Customer LTV

Average Customer LTV has decreased from $23K to $7.5K. This is due to the average stick rate decreasing and the commission earned decreasing.

Strategic Recommendations from the Fractional Council

Strategic Recommendation #1

Thoroughly review your media buying process.

  • Schedule a meeting with every media buyer on your team and have them clearly articulate why they are seeing a decline in account performance
  • Review your current ongoing media buyer training to ensure that they are getting the information that they need in this always evolving market
  • Bring on a consultant with a proven track record of delivering results for the clients in your agency's niche in this current climate.

Listen to Tom (CEO), provide more detail around the rational for these recommendation.

Strategic Recommendation #2

Thoroughly review your current sales process.

  • Listen to every recorded call in 2021 and compare it to the calls in 2022.
  • Engage a Fractional CSO to hep strengthen your sales process and fix any identified leaks.
  • Reach out as the CEO to prospects that appear to be a good fit for your agency but didn't get closed and ask for their direct and honest feedback on why they decided to not move forward with your offer.

Listen to Doug (CSO), provide more detail around the rational for this recommendation.

Strategic Recommendation #3

Adjust your current sales funnel.

  • The sales funnel that you found success with (Ad > Book a Call Page) is no longer effective for most marketing agencies.
  • The sales funnel that is currently working best for marketing agencies is (Ad > Long-form VSL > Book a Call)
  • You could also considering creating a Facebook Group community that would serve as the ultimate lead magnet to potential clients.

Listen to Terry (CMO), provide more detail around the rational for this recommendation.

Strategic Recommendation #4

Implement a LinkedIn and Cold E-mail Outreach Campaign

  • Since the performance has dropped on Facebook, this is a perfect opportunity to explore other acquistion channels.
  • LinkedIn and email will allow you the opportunity to make sure you are getting in front of the decision maker.
  • These channels are more budget friendly than paid traffic.

Listen to Terry (CMO), provide more detail around the rational for this recommendation.

Strategic Recommendation #5

Test different pricing offers

  • Since the market has more hestitancy about jumping into paid ads or trying it again - you have to figure out a way to reverse the risk.
  • Consider if offering a "we will provide a ROAS or you don't pay policy." This would potentially allow you to charge a higher upfront fee since the customer knows that if it doesn't work they could get their money back.
  • Consider lowering the retainer fee but increasing the commission. This also helps reverse some of the risk for the client.

Listen to Eric (CSO), provide more detail around the rational for this recommendation.

Cost Estimates

Consultant to review your past performance: ~500 hr (start out with 5-10 hours)

Fractional CSO to review your sales call: ~$250/hr (start off with 5 hours)

Would suggest that you start off just by "funnel hacking" other successful VSL funnels to start.

If you have the budget and want an expert to create your VSL funnel you should budget around $10K for this initiative.

LinkedIn Outreach Campaign

Sales Navigator: $97/mo

Automation Software: $59/mo

Inbox Watcher/Appointment Setter: $7/hr (x40 per month)

Cold Email Outreach Campaign

Cold Email Software: $97/mo

Domains: $12/yr (x10)

Email Accounts: $7 (x20)

Data Scraper: $99/mo

Data Validator: $99/mo

Inbox Watcher/Appointment Setter: $7/hr (x40 per month)

Action Plan for AdCrafters

Other Considerations from the Fractional Council

Foster a Culture of Customer-Centricity: To drive successful client acquisition, it is essential that we prioritize a customer-centric approach throughout our organization. This entails understanding our target audience's needs, pain points, and preferences at a deep level. Encourage all team members to actively engage with clients, seek feedback, and deliver exceptional service that goes above and beyond their expectations. By placing our clients at the forefront of everything we do, we can build lasting relationships and attract new clients through positive word-of-mouth and referrals.

Embrace Innovation and Agility: In today's ever-evolving market landscape, it is vital that we remain agile and embrace innovation to stand out from our competitors. Encourage our team to continuously explore new approaches, technologies, and marketing channels to reach our target audience more effectively. By staying ahead of industry trends and proactively adapting our strategies, we can differentiate ourselves, capture attention, and attract new clients who value our innovative solutions and fresh perspectives.

Establish Strategic Partnerships: Strategic partnerships can significantly enhance our client acquisition efforts by leveraging complementary resources and expanding our reach. Identify potential partners, such as industry influencers, complementary service providers, or thought leaders, who can help us access new audiences or offer value-added services. Through collaborative efforts and mutual referrals, we can tap into previously untapped markets, gain credibility, and accelerate our client acquisition.

Refine Targeting and Messaging: To optimize client acquisition, we should focus on refining our targeting and messaging strategies. By conducting thorough market research and customer segmentation, we can gain a deeper understanding of our target audience's needs, pain points, and preferences. This will enable us to craft compelling messages and develop tailored campaigns that resonate with our prospective clients, increasing the effectiveness of our marketing efforts.

Embrace Multichannel Marketing: Diversifying our client acquisition channels can significantly expand our reach and attract a wider audience. While our success with Facebook Ads is noteworthy, we should consider leveraging additional channels such as Google Ads, SEO, or industry-specific platforms to maximize our visibility and generate quality leads. Implementing a well-rounded multichannel marketing strategy will reduce our reliance on a single platform and provide opportunities for accelerated growth.

Strengthen Client Referral Program: Harnessing the power of client referrals can be a game-changer in our client acquisition efforts. We should place a strong emphasis on strengthening our client referral program by incentivizing satisfied clients to refer new business to us. Cultivating strong relationships with our existing clients and providing exceptional service will increase the likelihood of receiving quality referrals, expanding our client base organically while benefiting from the trust and credibility associated with these referrals.

Cost Efficiency and Return on Investment (ROI): To maximize financial resources, it is crucial to prioritize cost efficiency and optimize return on investment (ROI) in client acquisition activities. By closely monitoring and analyzing key metrics such as cost per acquisition (CPA) and return on ad spend (ROAS), we can identify areas for improvement and implement strategies to increase efficiency. Exploring opportunities to refine ad targeting, optimize campaign strategies, and evaluate the effectiveness of alternative, cost-effective acquisition channels can have a significant impact on our bottom line.

Financial Planning and Budget Allocation: Aligning marketing budgets with revenue targets and overall financial goals is essential for long-term financial sustainability. Developing a comprehensive financial plan that outlines the necessary budget allocation for client acquisition activities is critical. Regular monitoring and review of the budget will ensure its effectiveness and enable us to make informed adjustments as needed, ensuring that our financial resources are allocated efficiently and yield the desired results.

Measurement of Key Financial Metrics: To gauge the financial impact of our client acquisition efforts, it is crucial to measure and analyze key financial metrics related to our acquisition activities. Metrics such as customer acquisition cost (CAC), customer lifetime value (CLTV), and revenue generated from new clients provide valuable insights into the financial performance and effectiveness of our acquisition strategies. Implementing robust reporting systems and performance measurement tools will help us gain a deeper understanding of our financial performance and make data-driven decisions to optimize our client acquisition efforts.

Streamline and Optimize Processes: To ensure efficiency and effectiveness in client acquisition, it is essential to streamline and optimize our operational processes. Evaluate the end-to-end journey of our clients, from the first touchpoint to onboarding, and identify areas for improvement. By eliminating bottlenecks, automating repetitive tasks, and implementing streamlined workflows, we can enhance the overall client experience and expedite the acquisition process, enabling us to acquire clients more efficiently.

Build Cross-Functional Collaboration: Successful client acquisition requires cross-functional collaboration and alignment across different departments within our organization. Foster a culture of collaboration, encouraging open communication and information sharing between sales, marketing, customer success, and other relevant teams. By fostering synergy and collaboration, we can leverage collective expertise and ensure a seamless and cohesive client acquisition experience.

Implement Data-Driven Decision Making: Leveraging data-driven insights is crucial for effective client acquisition. Establish robust data analytics capabilities to track and measure key performance indicators (KPIs) such as conversion rates, acquisition costs, and customer lifetime value. This data will provide valuable insights into the effectiveness of our operational strategies and enable us to make informed decisions. By analyzing data, we can identify trends, optimize our processes, and allocate resources strategically, enhancing our client acquisition outcomes.

Technology Infrastructure Assessment: I recommend conducting a comprehensive assessment of AdCrafters' technology infrastructure to ensure it is optimized for supporting client acquisition efforts. This assessment should cover areas such as website performance, scalability, data security, and integration capabilities with marketing tools and customer relationship management (CRM) systems. By ensuring a robust and scalable technology infrastructure, AdCrafters can effectively handle increased website traffic, track leads and conversions, and provide a seamless user experience, all of which are crucial for successful client acquisition.

Marketing Technology Stack Evaluation: It is essential to evaluate AdCrafters' current marketing technology stack to determine if it aligns with the recommended strategies outlined in the brief. This evaluation should include an analysis of existing tools and platforms for lead generation, analytics, and marketing automation. Assessing the effectiveness, integration capabilities, and scalability of these tools will help identify any gaps and opportunities for improvement. By optimizing the marketing technology stack, AdCrafters can streamline processes, gather actionable insights, and automate repetitive tasks, ultimately enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of its client acquisition efforts.

Data Analytics and Reporting: Implementing a robust data analytics and reporting framework is crucial for measuring the success of client acquisition strategies and identifying areas for optimization. I recommend developing key performance indicators (KPIs) specific to client acquisition, such as lead conversion rates, cost per acquisition (CPA), and return on ad spend (ROAS). Additionally, leveraging advanced analytics techniques, such as predictive modeling and segmentation analysis, can provide valuable insights into customer behavior and enable targeted marketing campaigns. By harnessing the power of data analytics and reporting, AdCrafters can make informed decisions, optimize marketing spend, and continuously improve its client acquisition outcomes.

Develop a Targeted Market Expansion Strategy: To drive strategic growth in client acquisition, we should develop a targeted market expansion strategy. Assess potential untapped markets, both geographically and within specific industries, where our services could generate significant demand. By conducting market research and analysis, we can identify the most promising opportunities for growth and develop tailored strategies to penetrate these markets effectively.

Nurture Strategic Partnerships: Strategic partnerships can play a crucial role in accelerating our client acquisition efforts and driving strategic growth. Identify potential partners, such as complementary service providers, industry influencers, or technology providers, who can enhance our offerings or provide access to new client segments. Through strategic collaborations and joint marketing efforts, we can leverage each other's strengths to expand our reach and attract a larger client base.

Prioritize Customer Success and Retention: While acquiring new clients is important, prioritizing customer success and retention is equally critical for sustainable growth. Develop a robust customer success program that focuses on delivering exceptional service, proactively addressing customer needs, and fostering long-term relationships. By ensuring our existing clients are satisfied and achieving their desired outcomes, we can leverage their positive experiences to attract new clients through referrals and testimonials, thus driving organic growth.

Hiring Exceptional Appointment Setters: In line with the brief's mention of hiring appointment setters, I would like to emphasize the importance of selecting individuals who possess the right skills and qualities for the role. While hiring, focus on attributes such as excellent communication skills, persuasiveness, and the ability to build rapport quickly. Consider conducting behavioral-based interviews and utilizing assessments tailored to identifying these specific skills. Additionally, explore the use of role-playing scenarios to assess their ability to handle objections and navigate client interactions effectively. By ensuring we hire exceptional appointment setters, we can increase the chances of securing quality appointments and ultimately drive successful client acquisition.

Cultivating a High-Performance Culture: To optimize our client acquisition efforts, it is vital to cultivate a high-performance culture across the organization. Foster an environment that values accountability, collaboration, and continuous improvement. Establish performance metrics and provide clear expectations for each role involved in client acquisition, including appointment setters, sales representatives, and marketing professionals. Regularly provide constructive feedback and recognition to motivate and drive individual and team performance. By nurturing a culture that promotes excellence and continuous growth, we can maximize our client acquisition outcomes.

Training and Development for Client-Centric Skills: Given the focus on client acquisition, it is crucial to invest in training and development programs that enhance client-centric skills across our teams. Offer targeted training sessions on effective communication, active listening, relationship building, and consultative selling. Encourage ongoing professional development, providing opportunities for individuals to enhance their skill sets and stay up-to-date with industry trends. By equipping our teams with the necessary client-centric skills, we can elevate our client acquisition efforts and deliver exceptional experiences to prospective clients.


In conclusion, the Fractional Council has conducted a thorough analysis of AdCrafters client acquisition challenges and has provided strategic recommendations to address these issues effectively. Through our collective expertise and experience, we have identified key areas of focus that can drive significant improvements in AdCrafters client acquisition efforts.

The recommended strategies include refining the media buying process to enhance account performance and optimize return on investment (ROI). Additionally, we have highlighted the importance of developing a targeted market expansion strategy, nurturing strategic partnerships, and prioritizing customer success and retention. These initiatives will enable AdCrafters to diversify its client acquisition channels, enter new markets, and leverage satisfied clients for referrals and repeat business.

Furthermore, we emphasize the significance of fostering a customer-centric culture, embracing innovation and agility, and establishing a strong talent acquisition and development process. These considerations will enable AdCrafters to enhance its competitive advantage, attract top talent, and deliver exceptional client experiences.

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