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Who we are

Team Friendship participates in sporting endurance events to benefit the Friendship Circle. Use your passion to benefit children with special needs.

Friendship is often perceived as a means to an end.
A good social life fosters self-confidence, creates a positive mindset, and often leads to improved success.

Many view friendship as a bonus, an opportunity to:





Unfortunately, children with special needs don’t have these opportunities.

They might not get to celebrate basic milestones like birthday parties, after school clubs and high school projects. These events can be a nightmare for children with special needs—or, they can become unique opportunities that lend these children confidence, help them overcome their limitations, and ultimately enable them to live their lives to the fullest.

Enter the Friendship Circle

25 years ago, we launched with a simple mission: a mission to end loneliness. At the core of Friendship Circle is the cultivation of genuine friendships to bring out the best in every child and volunteer. We’ve created an internal paradigm shift by demonstrating the intrinsic value of friendship itself. Connecting with another individual, even without any tangible outcome, has been proven to provide a sense of security and meaning to all individuals involved—members and volunteers alike.

Over the last quarter century,

We’ve created thousands of meaningful relationships between local volunteers and children with special needs, bringing companionship to those who need it most and watching friendship work its unique magic. Together, the volunteers and their special friends turn everyday events into special ones, helping each other learn and grow at every turn.

With over 80 chapters around the world

dedicated to our mission of unconditional friendship, we’re impacting lives through friendship.

Unfortunately, children with special needs don’t have these opportunities.

Together, we are combating loneliness one friendship at a time.


After a rocky last bunch of months that included lots of cancelled events, a heaping dose of uncertainty, and ultimately an enduring hope that carried us through lots of challenges, we’re excited to be back and better than ever


We’ll be heading to Phoenix, Arizona for a warm holiday weekend based in the beautiful NAME resort for an
inspirational shabbat spent filling up on inspiration, delicious eats, and all the views you could ask for, followed by the “funnest marathon in America” to make this one a weekend for the books!

  • 26.2 Miles, 13.1 miles or 10k

  • Meet Team Friendship Coach, Coach Chaim Backman who has trained thousands of TF participants to cross the finish line.

  • Weekly training tips + videos are emailed to you

  • We have a training plan for each distances



raised of $400,00 goal

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    Every runner gets a personal fundraising page

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    Weekly Fundraising emails

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    You CAN do it over 2500 Team Friendship participants have reached their fundraising goal

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    Small donations add up

10 easy steps
to raise $3,600


Phoenix is what we like to call a happy medium:

it’s not too far from the East Coast where we’ve got a pretty big Team Friendship presence, and it gives our West Coasters a chance to stay a bit closer to home for a change. Whichever coast you’re coming from, Phoenix isn’t too far away to make a quick trip! There are 1200+ flights into Phoenix every day. In other words, there’s a flight out there for everyone! Remember, Arizona is MST, so a flight that departs from the East coast at 8:30 AM will arrive in Phoenix at 11:30 AM. Average cost of flights to Phoenix in the winter: From the east coast $250-350 From the west coast $100-200

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Jan 14-16


Pre-Race Banquet and Pasta Party

Bring All. The. Energy! Load up on dinner, hear personal stories from Friendship Circle members, go crazy at the dance party, and get pumped for an incredible run!

Race day!

Start your morning with some pre-race fuel and last-minute stretching before heading to the starting line with your team family. Run to the beat of Team Friendship’s DJ and stop to say hi to friends and fans and grab some swag and drinks at the famous Team Friendship cheer spot!

Post Race Celebration

Celebration Celebrate your accomplishments with the #FriendshipFam at a delicious lunch before saying your last goodbyes--but not for long.

Team Friendship 2023, here we come!

Join Team Friendship in Arizona
and enjoy a top-tier weekend experience