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Ads to attract Latinos to Christ through your organization


Connect with Latinos as never before!

"Don't let valuable resources go to waste. Juan Diego's comprehensive Latino advertising strategy is specially tailored for Catholic organizations.

We have established profound bonds with Hispanic Catholics through cutting-edge media initiatives, and now, our audience is within your reach!

Harness Juan Diego's unique ecosystem to introduce your organization to Latinos, establish meaningful connections, and draw them closer to Christ through your offerings."

José Manuel de Urquidi
Founder and CEO of Juan Diego & Co


Want to leverage on our loyal audience?

We create, produce and promote +80 podcasts with a wide range of formats, styles, and factors to offer unique experiences to specific age groups and listener niches to connect with them and attract them to Christ.

We plan our shows with a primary focus on US Latinos. Still, our shows top the charts in several countries in Latin America and Spain.

Hispanics make up almost 50% of Catholics in the US, but they are the ones leaving the most every year. Despite this, the trend is unstoppable since the vast majority of Catholics under 18 years old are Latinos.

"Great news about our #podcast! I'm grateful for the partnership we have with José Manuel De Urquidi and the work of the Juan Diego Network in helping to make this possible."

Jonathan Strate
President & CEO at Ascension Press


Harness the JD ecosystem


$3,300 per month

- 60 second pre-roll ad on 10 podcasts
- 60 second post-roll ad on 30 podcasts
- Special 3-5 minute episode appearing in the feed of 5 podcasts (will be out of the feed after contract finishes)

- Production of the podcast ads

- Ads will appear in every episode (including legacy episodes) of the chosen podcasts

- No pre-roll ad will run for more than two weeks straight on the same podcast

- 1 exclusive email blast
- 1 “Powered by” CF newsletter every 4 weeks
- Appear on every CF weekly newsletter as an ad

Social media
- 1 post per month (either static or a reel)
- 1 weekly story

- Banner on main page

Online event
- A mention in an event with JD influencers and podcasters every quarter (Happy Hour, Coffee or prayer time)

- Influencer marketing
- PR
- YouTube bumper ads
- Campaign on Hispanic Catholic portals

*Minimum 4-month contract


$1,700 per month

- 30 second pre-roll ad on 10 podcasts
- 60 second post-roll ad on 15 podcasts

- Appear on every CF weekly newsletter as an ad

Social media
- 1 post per month (either static or a reel)
- 1 weekly story

*Minimum 4-month contract


$900 per month

- 60 seconds post-roll ad on 15 podcasts

- Every other week as an ad in the CF newsletter

Social media
- 1 weekly story

*Minimum 6-month contract

Summer 2023 specials

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    I you pay 6 months of Platinum up-front, the 7th month is completely free.

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    When signing an advertising contract for 12 months for either Platinum and Gold, the press release creation services and distribution to the top Catholic Latino media is included.

    *Limited quantity, please ask if offer is still available

Are you elegible?


Step #1

Please fill out the form in the next slide.

JDN only promotes Catholic organizations that have a sincere committment with Latinos.


Step #2

If you are approved as an advertiser, you will then receive an invoice.

The first payment will be of the first thre months of service.


Step #3

Upon payment confirmation you will be receive a scheduling link and a form that has to be completed prior to the session.


Step #4

In less than 6 weeks after receiving everything from your side, we will start promoting your Catholic organization or brand in JD´s ecosystem!

"The overwhelming majority (84%) of Latino monthly podcast listeners say they’re “very likely” or “somewhat likely” to consider a brand if they heard it advertised on podcasts hosted by Latinos. In the same context, 83% say they’re likely to recommend the brand, and more than three-quarters (76%) say they’re likely to purchase the brand."

Sounds Profitable 2021

I´m looking forward to promoting your organization in our ecosystem

José Manuel De Urquidi
Founder & CEO