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Ready To Recession-Proof Your Recruitment Practice?

Helping Recruiters & Search Firms Punch Above Their Weightclass & Win Against The Big-Name Brands

400+ Clients Served


Scaling Your Recruitment Practice Can Seem Like Mission Impossible

Getting To Viability Is Only The Start

Hustle Can Only Take You So Far

Good Clients Are Harder To Win

Constant Fight or Flight Mode

But that's not the whole story.

When hiring slows, and the market is filled with commodity recruiters and resume brokers, we see a familiar pattern emerge...

Yet when the economy heats up, and companies are hiring like gang-busters, it creates new problems...

That's why we built The Digital Headhunter

To solve the biggest problem recruiters and search firm owners face - how to consistently win clients, recruit top-level candidates, and close more deals.

...regardless of what the economy throws at you.

Who The Heck Is The Digital Headhunter?

Who Are We?

Founded in 2017 by David Stephen Patterson, we are a digital marketing agency & training platform that has worked with over 400+ clients all over the world

Our core mission is to help independent recruiters and small search firms punch above their weight class, by deploying easier, faster, and more predictable client & candidate acquisition machines.

What's Our Expertise?

Our founder, David Stephen Patterson (DSP), started his career in staffing in 1997, and executive search with Management Recruiters in 2000. Since then, he's owned and operated two standalone search firms specializing in SAP, and is the creator of The Lighthouse Method™, bringing the concepts of Omnipresence & Relevancy to the recruitment industry.

He's also the co-host of the weekly webshow Headhunters in Boxers Talkin' Smack (with co-host Neil Lebovits), as well as the founder of the Headhunter & Executive Recruiter Community Facebook group, with over 12,000 members.

Most importantly, our expertise comes directly from our founder's two decades of experience in the trenches of the search business, as well as their results with over 400 search firms and thousands of recruiters from all over the world.

We Build, You Profit

Our Build & Release program is designed for those firms want to cut right to the chase with a complete build out of a sales, marketing, and recruitment machine.

Over the course of 45 days we build out a complete system for you, and hand you the keys to a high-octane machine that will be the engine that keeps your firm stocked with client prospects and engaged candidates.

We Build Acquisition Systems

Predictably grow your practice in just 3 easy steps (all customized just for you)


An outbound , multi-channel prospecting system designed to keep you in front of, and "top-of-mind" between 2,000-5,000 hiring managers every month and between 10,000-15,000 candidates every quarter - numbers that would normally take a team of recruiters to achieve every month.


You will have all the sales, marketing, and recruiting assets you need to "flip" the right psychological switches in your prospects' or candidates' heads as much as possible before they get on the phone with you.


Effective marketing is simply the art and science of generating "future" demand for your business. You will be equipped with a customized marketing and content tool bag for your 2023 campaign so you can nurture your market at scale and create mindshare using your company’s brand.

1st Result: Deploy Your High-Octane Outbound Prospecting System

An outbound , multi-channel prospecting system designed to keep you in front of, and "top-of-mind" between 2,000-5,000 hiring managers every month and between 10,000-15,000 candidates every quarter.

Leveraging your time to achieve 2-5Xs the outbound activity you would achieve normally through laser-focused messaging and an integrated tech-stack.

Setting up your CRM, warming up your outbound LinkedIn and email channels, custom writing all of your messaging: Business development campaigns, job lead campaigns, candidate marketing campaigns, drip campaigns, recruiting campaigns, situationally specific campaigns, etc.

2nd Result: Dial-In Your Sales & Marketing Assets

You will have all the sales, marketing, and recruiting assets you need to "flip" the right psychological switches in your prospects' or candidates' heads as much as possible before they get on the phone with you.

Creating high-impact marketing collateral to be used in both your outbound prospecting and recruiting efforts as well as in all of your inbound channels. Using these at the appropriate time in your sales process eliminates the need for you to jump through hoops trying to get your prospect to see you as the best solution to their problem.

We will set up and build your funnels/landing pages (scheduling funnel, candiate-marketing landers, job landers). Includes our proprietary scheduling funnel and our lead-magnet guide (one that actually works, unlike most in our business).

3rd Result: Load Up Your Customized Marketing Toolbag

A customized marketing and content tool bag for your 2023 campaign so you can nurture your market at scale, and create demand for your business while you sleep.

In many ways, this is a further extension of result #2, creating your sales & marketing assets. While those assets are best used in your sales process (mid/bottom funnel), these assets in your marketing tool bag are used for the top of your funnel to get your prospects to emotionally connect with you and your message.

SEO optimized content for your website (and for LinkedIn to help build your authority), short-form content, custom marketing videos, a LinkedIn audit, creation of a LinkedIn group, banners, etc.

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Imagine your prospects seeing these videos pop up on their timeline

Frequently Asked Questions

Will this work for me?

I'm already making...

Is there a guarantee?

What if I've never...

I don't need clients...

How much time?

This seems amazing...

The 'money' question


Will this work for me?

We have this down to a science. All of our programs are designed to create the foundation you need to massively scale over the next 12-18 months. Our process is applicable, strategic, measurable, and most importantly, repeatable. What we teach allows you to be freely creative in your recruiting practice while following proven real-world principles. If you are a skilled Executive Recruiter, we can take your game to another level you never knew existed., so how will this help me?

The heart of this program is that we want to help ensure you can secure a long-term ROI on your efforts, and if you’re banging your head against the wall doing things like everyone else is on your market, yes you’ll make money, but you’ll burn out, AND there will be an upper limit to your success. Bottom-line, if you think you can do more...then you're probably right.

Is there a guarantee?

We understand this question comes from a need for certainty. However, we ultimately recognize that all business has inherent risk, and our job as entrepreneurs is to mitigate and minimize that risk.

Since we can't close your deals for you, we do not guarantee billing results. In business, as in life, we ultimately cannot predict the future and we do not align with anyone in this space who claim to guarantee results.

We've found that clients typically see massive ROI with this system within 90-days of deployment (depends on how long your placement cycle is).

...used social media to promote my business before?

Then you're right where you should be. We're going to show you absolutely everything you need, with additional resources for those of you who are starting from absolute scratch. We have a 'no man left behind' kind of approach to this sort of thing, so we will work to ensure your success no matter if you've used content marketing or social media ads ads before or not.

I need candidates! Will this help me?

This is a question we get all the time. This same system is used to develop your candidate ecosystem as well. The same systems that we build for you are just as effective at generating top-performing candidates in your industry, just with different messaging.

How much time will this take?

For us? Simple: 45-days, from start to finish.

For you? Also simple: Just an hour or two per week, tops.

...but I'm not the decision-maker. What do I do?

We would invite you to show all of your partners my guide: The Lighthouse Method™, as well as this Starter Pack. Talk to them about your experience so far and invite all of them into the call with us. This allows all of us to be as transparent as possible while making swift and powerful decisions about our relationship in our / your business.

How much is the investment?

The investment is high enough to get you to take the program seriously, but low enough for the typical independent recruiter, small search firm owner, or extremely motivated 'employed' recruiter to afford. It's based on the amount of ROI we can get for our clients, and the demand for our help. With that said, the cost of the program is constantly rising due to higher success rates and market demand.

We will have more information with regard to price, provided to you on our call together.

We Think We're Pretty Cool, But Don't Take Our Word For It...

Brian Polansky

Founder | Top Value Recruitment

I have never had anyone speak to me indirectly (through his marketing) in a way where they understand my world and my struggles more than David.

It was obvious. This guy gets it. He has lived it. Breathed it. Been successful at it…and now taught my peers how to turn the game on its head.

David’s program was the single greatest professional investment I have ever made.

I had my best 6 months in business ever…during covid. Because of his tutelage.

He has a model for success, he genuinely cares, and he is there to help.

Hanna Prinsloo

Founder | Stratsource

David is simply an amazing coach and teacher. I have learned so much on his Accelerator course, it has sharpened my skills in so many more ways than I could ever imagine.

His generous spirit, extraordinary knowledge, original approach – it is all amazing and fun! And you get the training from the frontlines, from someone who is in the business daily, testing, adjusting, growing. I found that so valuable, because all my past trainers didn’t work ‘in’ the business any longer; so there was a certain disconnect with what happens in the field every day. With David it’s always cutting edge, nothing stale here!

Josh Matthews

Founder | Endeavor Staffing

I’d already had a 20-year career in recruiting and staffing and a pretty darn good one at that. But I wanted to have a significant change in how I actually approached business and find out ways that I could have a small company but be able to have the reach of a much larger company.

And with his guidance, training, his program and the lighthouse methodology, I’ve been able to do just that. A lot of people can say this, but I don’t even make sales calls anymore, and I’m busy as I want to be. If you’re going to have a coach…I can’t think of anyone better than David Stephen Patterson.

It’s been the best decision I’ve made in my career.

Karen Sturgeon

President | KLA Industries

David is the most hands-on coach and recruiter trainer I have ever worked with. He has a deep understanding of the most up to date marketing tools and processes and applied it to the Executive Search Business, which is in dire need of an overhaul.

I have used his many suggestions to update my tired systems and processes, making recruiting a whole lot more enjoyable and profitable!

Engaging, and a very personable personality, available, and accessible is what keeps me coming back!

Nicolas Greppo

Founder | Le Recruteur Data

David is both an outstanding coach and one of the best players in our industry. …let me tell you a bit about the results.

The very first time I pitched my higher level offer, I got the equivalent of over 120,000 euros worth of exclusive retained search. And now, as we speak, I never work weekends, I only work exclusives. And I never discount my fees.

And beyond that, it’s such a peace of mind to realize that you’re not playing in the same league anymore. I mean, I don’t want to sound arrogant, but it’s really a change of paradigm in terms of how you position yourself and how you deliver your services to your clients and the value that you bring to your clients and also the candidates you work with.

Jay Veniard

CEO | Ventech Search

This program is a no brainer. It’s changed my business. It’s changed the way that I approach recruiting and it changes the way that both hiring managers and candidates approach me.

So I am now fully completed with the program and I am sitting on right now, just from people that have contacted me through the marketing efforts that DSP taught me, I’m sitting on just under $300,000 in active searches.

This is a game changer. And if you want to change the game, if you want to change the way you approach recruiting and have a much better time, more stable income, more stable cash coming in, this is the way to go.

Laura Gonzalez

Founder | CDM Search

I would highly recommend David to anyone who believes, as I do, that digital marketing is the way to take your business to the next level.

He is not only an amazing recruiter, but also an incredible coach and mentor – I can honestly say that I got a lot more than what I signed up.

David not only shares his expertise in marketing but also many incredible tools that I already started using and know will continue to use.

He is a genuine and authentic guy who goes above and beyond to help and share his knowledge – I truly enjoy the coaching and look forward to our weekly group calls, they are not only full of knowledge but also funny and engaging! Without a doubt he is the best!

Erin Monahan

Founder | EFM Recruiting

David is a Master Recruiter coach!

He really is an expert in so many areas and is willing to share all of his knowledge. I have no idea how he has all of his energy or time, it’s pretty mindblowing.

The money I spent on the program, I have received tenfold back in my business already. I have learned so much in terms of marketing and sales especially – he knows every tool out there you could possibly know for your business and how to make it better. There is so much content in this program I struggle to finish it all, but it is so helpful. It is like graduate school for Recruiters.

I almost don’t want to get the secret out to other Recruiters in the business and keep it to myself but he has done so much for me already I have to do something back for him!

Pierre Clemenceau

President | Real Time Recruiting

I have been recruiting for over 20 years. Throughout those years, I have learned a lot from various trainers within the industry.

They taught me the nuts & bolts of recruiting – essentially, how to work ‘in my business.'

David took me to the next level and taught me how to ‘work on my business’ – building the systems, processes, procedures and follow the best practices in order to capitalize on today’s digital age tools.

Rosalie Hughes

Founder | Hughes Recruitment

David's content is cutting edge, drawn from his personal headhunting success and experience, and delivered with his high energy, no BS style. You will walk away inspired to take your head hunting business and / or recruiting career to the next level! Truly it's helped me to transform my business. provided me with the knowledge, the skills, the confidence and also just the motivation to really take my business to the next level. I am completely shocked with how quickly things have transformed and changed for me and I couldn't be more grateful!

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