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Production line control (MES/ SCADA)
We implemented a distributed Manufacturing Execution System (MES) for an innovative machine builder. This system optimizes manufacturing processes by providing real-time production process data and advanced production control, leading to increased efficiency and lower operating costs.

Optimized stock logistics

Make sure your stock is stored in relevant locations

Route based material transport and logistics

Make sure you’re taking the shortest route to the workstation.

Better Production Control

Advanced planning and scheduling, Batch control

Web based Control room User Interface

An innovative Web-based user interface developed by Synergy-Tech that enables process operators to accurately and efficiently manage factory production. This interface uses a combination of high-level process data and low-level real-time information, to improve decision making and operational efficiency.

Web based HMIs for operator panels

We also developed a web-based Human Machine Interface (HMI) application for an industrial client, allowing machine and service operators to interact with machines and production processes more easily and effectively, resulting in improved productivity (downtime) and user experience

Innovating way to unlock sensor data

Industrial IOT gateway based upon Unified Namespace concept utilizing MQTT and Sparkplug protocol used to connect to PLC data.

Improving operational efficiency

By combining high-level process data from SQL database with low-level sensor dat

Digital twin of the HW system

To address challenges testing before you have actual HW a Digital Twin comes to the rescue. This is a digital model of an actual real-world physical product, system that serves as the effective counterpart of it for practical purposes, such as: simulation, integration, testing, monitoring, and maintenance





Shorten your development cycle

Planning sheet showing two developments running in paralle

Increase software quality

Test all outcomes thoroughly.

Reduced maintenance costs

Make sure all variants of HW set up are trialed and tested.