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We Detox The World!

ToxFighter - We Detox The World!

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Our vision

ToxFighter is a community whose mission is to fight everything toxic in the world. Everything that is unhealthy for people, nature, society and the world is replaced by healthy products and services. This is basically about detoxification of the body, sustainability and saving resources, but also a healthy financial system and a fairness-based new world.

We use modern technology, but we are also close to nature. Technology can help us save raw materials, detect diseases or secure our democracy. The most important thing is that we use technology for positive purposes.


We are


ToxFighter Quests


Events per week


Tech & Health Partners


Startup capital for the launch


Giveaways in Pipeline

What we do

Modern Detox Business

We support products and companies that make the world a little cleaner and improve our health.

Free Giveaways

The products are provided as giveaways to the ToxFighter community. The companies get an honest testimonial in return.

Crypto Rewards

Product testers will be allowed to keep the products for free and will receive a crypto reward for encouraging friends to test the same product.

What we do

Our core values



From us to you, from you to the companies.



We need a change. Fast. This is how we grow.



To ech other, to our nature and every living being.



Here is one. Take action and be a part of a movement.

Roadmap 2021

Roadmap 2022

Member Journey

No Fees - 100% Free

Registration at ToxFighter does not cost anything. Everyone can register and look around for free. That's why we don't ask for any credit card or other billing information.

Get in the ring

We combine gamification, giveaways, testimonials and rewards and call it quest. Quests include different tasks like creating an unboxing video of a product or taking part in a small survey.

There are quests you can complete alone, other quests you have to complete with friends.

When you start a quest, you have to deposit an amount in TXFI, which you will get back after the quest plus your reward.

One for all and all for one

ToxFighter is a community. There are no lone fighters here. We share our experiences, we help each other and we invite other people to our community.

Certain quests can only be completed in a group and your group always consists of the people you have invited to our community.

With a personal ref-link you can invite your friends and colleagues.

Premium Giveaways

For all quests, we have searched for companies and products that want to make our world less toxic and healthier. Our challenge is to check it out and give feedback after our product test.

In order to get the product for free, you have to find friends who want to test the same product.

Your Product Review

The final step in a quest is to publish your product experience. It is important to be honest in your review, because your experience is important for the community and for the company.

When your review is published, you will be credited with your deposited TXFI and your TXFI reward.

Quest: Detox Ambassador

  • arrow_circle_right

    Pay 100 Dollar in crypto (USDT, BTC, BNB, BUSD, ETH and more) and get 100 TXFI to start the quest.

  • supervised_user_circle

    Find 5 friends who start with you the same quest using your re-link. You'll get 10% on each deposit instantly (in total 50 Dollar in crypto).

  • card_giftcard

    Get your free giveaway products (2 bottles Clean Slate worth 149 USD).

  • photo_camera

    Take a few photos of the products, make a video if you like, and upload everything to the backoffice.

  • paid

    Get your 50 TXFI reward + 100 TXFI you paid to start the quest.

Companies We Support

ROOT Wellness

With the Clean Slate product, the company offers one of the most advanced, effective and yet natural products available on the detox market. The products are not tested on animals, are vegan, 100% natural and produced without genetic engineering.


greeny+ Technology

Stop eating poisoned fruits and vegetables. With the home gardening kit from greeny+ everyone can grow healthy food at home. In addition, the water is optimized for perfect plants.



One of the best water bottles for on the go. LARQ bottles not only filter and clean water in the most modern way, but also keep it hot or cold for a long time. Premium product!



Teqoya builds eco-friendly, power-saving and user-friendly air purifiers with a very elegant design.

Urban Drive Style

The company from Berlin has been building e-bikes for everyday situations since 2017. As a cargo bike, fun bike or simply as a green means of transport.


This company has designed and produced unique in-earbuds. Most of the components are made of recycled material and there is no plastic in the packaging.


- coming Q4 2022 -


- coming Q4 2022 -


- coming Q4 2022 -

Deposit Rewards

  • attach_money

    You get 10% on all deposits of your directly referred community members.

  • attach_money

    You will get 1% on all deposits from level 2 to level 10 in your referred community.

  • shop

    Deposit rewards can be used to start new quests.

  • account_balance_wallet

    Deposit rewards, like all other rewards, can be paid out to a BNB20 enabled wallet in TXFI.

  • account_balance_wallet

    ToxFighter Coins can be quickly and easily exchanged from TXFI to Binance USD or BNB.


1: Click the link below and join our community.
2: Download our mobile app and ask our members how to start.