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Build Trust With Your Audience


Enable Users to Report Bad Ads


View All Reported Ads on One Dashboard


Block Reported Ads With a
Single Click

No Communication
No Trust

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    Trust is a crucial element in the user-publisher relationship.

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    In the era of fake news and crumbling cookies, publishers continually strive to better understand their audiences and maintain constant two-way communication.

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    Publishers set their ad quality policies based on assumed audience preferences.

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    Publishers often serve ads/brands which are inappropriate for their audience, leading to user churn and a tarnished reputation.

GeoEdge's Report by the User

Close the Feedback Loop

GeoEdge's ‘Report by the User' enables you to implement a User-First approach, closing the feedback loop and allowing audiences to report bad ads directly to you

Build Trust

Enabling audiences to express their preferences about their ad experience builds trust and helps users feel heard

Increase Profitability

Audience input creates the framework for consistently relevant and engaging ad experiences, leading to a sustainable, profitable ecosystem

How Does It Work?

Own Your User Experience

Unlike other solutions, in which bad ads are reported to Google or other ad serving platforms, ads reported with GeoEdge are sent directly to the publisher.


Don't Assume It -
Know It!

User-first publishers know what their audience expects and take immediate action to block flagged ads. This keeps the dialogue instant, continuous, and actionable.


Customize and adapt ads to suit your changing audience preferences

Fine-tune your ad quality policies based on user feedback and improve audience experience through constant dialogue. Customize and adapt ads to suit your audience as their preferences change.

A positive alternative to posting on social media

Giving users the option to report bad ads directly to the publisher provides a positive alternative to posting bad experiences on social media. This eliminates the ensuing bad reputation ripple effect.

Save time managing reported ads

The Report by the User feature reduces the time spent handling bad ad complaints. Instead of searching for reported ads, they are all presented on one dashboard, and you can block them immediately.

It can also be used internally by the editorial team members, eliminationg screenshots and internal emails.

Stand out as audience-centric

Allowing users to report bad ads doesn’t just increase users' trust in publishers' brands. It also differentiates publishers from the competition, allowing them to stand out as truly audience-centric.

The Top Layer of Protection

Layer 1 - Malvertising Protection

Based on a multi-layer detection engine, GeoEdge proactively prevent malvertisers from exploiting programmatic channels to target users on your site.

Layer 2- Content Filtering

GeoEdge harnesses the power of text analysis, image recognition, and machine learning to automatically classify ads. Categorization based on content enables you to eliminate any vertical that might be inappropriate for your audience- including sexually explicit, alcohol, gambling, weight loss, and more.

Layer 3 -Account Specific filters

On top of the pre-defined content verticals we offer, you can add specific filters tailored to your audience's preferences. These policies are based on domains, brand names, keywords, or specific ads flagged manually by your team on AdWatch.

Layer 4- Report by the User

Feedback from your users is reported to your AdWatch dashboard, enabling you to constantly fine-tune and adapt your policies to match your user's preferences and expectations.

The Top Layer of Protection

The Bottom Line

Trust Building

Show users you care.
Actionable ad reports are sent to you, not to the serving platform.

Stop Guessing

Close the feedback loop with your users by learning which ads they are unhappy with.

Save Time

Review and block all unwanted ads/brands on one dashboard with a single click.

Be Different

De facto User-First ownership over the ad experience and touchpoints with your audience.


End the Guess Work. Put GeoEdge to work for you.