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Pitch Deck 

February 22nd, 2022

Full recording and free resources


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Below you’ll find edited highlights, the full recording, core concepts to follow, and access to designed pitch deck templates.

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Key takeaway: 

The secret for a great pitch is telling an engaging story, with your customer as its main hero.

Pitch Deck Highlights

Core concepts to ensure a great result

How To Craft The Perfect Deck?

Why Your Client Needs A Deck?

Why your PDF deck is not up to the task?

Deal-closing Pitch decks template
you can make yours.

Carefully selected list of pitch deck templates for our masterclass.

Recap: The pitch creation mindset


Keep it clear, keep it simple


Feels personal and tailor made


Make it impressive & exciting

Pro data tip: Use videos

Our research shows that presentations which included a video enjoyed an uplift in customer engagement and conversion rates:



Higher engagement


Longer reading time


Higer CTA click-through rate

The core concepts for a perfect deck

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