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15+ Pitch Deck Templates & Examples to Download and Use

15+ Pitch Deck Templates &...


15+ Pitch Deck Templates & Examples to Download and Use

An ultimate gallery of pitch deck templates for all purposes: no matter if you’re a startup owner seeking VC investment or a seasoned C-level pro, you’ll find exactly what you need.


John McTale


Jun 1, 2021




Creating a pitch deck is as exciting as it is terrifying. Nail it, and it becomes your instant gateway to greatness. Sounds great, but “nailing” a pitch deck is so... darn... hard (you know a thing about it, right?). That’s because investors and VCs are swamped with pitch decks. Reviewing those is their day-to-day reality. In practice, you get no more than 30 seconds to win their attention. Failing to do so means the trash file.

The good news? You’re about to access pitch deck designs that help you cut through the noise of identically-looking, boring decks. See—

There is something all great pitch decks have in common: they’re based on a neat, professional pitch deck template. One that immediately shows your professionalism and validates your business idea.

In this gallery, I’ve compiled the best templates for pitch decks available online. I scanned thousands of ready-to-download templates across dozens of design websites. I did all the legwork, so you don’t have to. Just pick a template you’re most fond of, download with a single click, fill in the blanks, and… Go get’em!


Storydoc pitch deck templates


At Storydoc, we wanted to redefine the old concept of a pitch deck and create something that will always get attention. Our decks are scroll-based and fully interactive, proven to effectively get investors’ attention.

Here's an example of a pitch deck template transformed in our tool:



Slide decks are a relic of the past. With Storydoc, you’ll get interactive content you never thought you’d have. Wow your audience, make a lasting impression, and land more deals with investors. Ready in a flash.

Interested in other templates for business content, too? See: Business Presentation Templates to Download and Use

Need to edit your template in PowerPoint, specifically? Refer to our master collection: The Best PowerPoint Templates in 2021

And if, for any reason, you’re committed to static slides, at least choose a pitch deck template that looks great (even if it doesn’t perform as well as an interactive page).


The best standard pitch deck templates available online



Starting with a modern investor pitch deck template available on Canva. The design has a good balance between eye-catching visuals and plain text. A great pick for financial startups.

Download here
corporate tech

Corporate tech

Another great template for VC pitch decks available on Canva. Named “Corporate technology,” this one is best-suited for just that: corporate decks for technological companies. Slide designs offer plenty of data visualization options to illustrate all important business metrics and KPIs.

Download here


A very simple & basic startup pitch deck template available on Slidebean. The uncomplicated layout of slides will help you highlight the main points of your message without diverting your audience’s attention from what matters most.

Download here


“Illustrative,” available for Canva will work great for physical product pitches. The hand-made illustrations add that magic human touch to the otherwise minimalist and simple deck template. With slide designs for all “typical” kinds of pitch deck contents—company intro, solutions, timelines, competitors and SWOT analyses—you will easily customize “Illustrative” to your exact needs.

Download here
real estate

Real estate

Not quite as versatile as the previous one, the key strength of “Real estate” from Slidebean comes with its laser focus on pitch decks that are guided by images rather than text. Obviously, this PowerPoint pitch deck template will be a wise choice for real estate and property management, but it will do just as well in interior design, hospitality, or event management.

Download here

All the templates above?

Yeah, they’re pretty. But Storydoc gives you much more than nice-looking presentations. 

We deliver real results. 

Transform your static presentation with Storydoc and close more deals, improve engagement metrics, and increase your customer base. Like these teams did:



Brought to you by Bart Henderson, “Travelone” is tasteful and atmospheric. The color palette in this template for investor decks immediately evokes the feeling of discovering hidden gems on adventurous vacations. The main downside is that the package consists of just 10 slide designs.

Download here


“Pitcher” by InspireTemplate design studio (the usual suspects in most of our business content galleries) is a modern-looking format with plenty of space for text, as well as strategically placed image placeholders. 55-slides rich and offering 500+ custom vector icons, it’s an extremely flexible template you can go for no matter your field or the specific use case.

Download here


“Yoria” is expensive. There, I said it. It’s also not overwhelmingly versatile (only 29 slide layouts, some of which quite similar to one another). Still, I couldn’t help but include it here because it’s just such a beautiful template for a pitch deck. The serif fonts add an elegant, somewhat conservative vibe, and the color palette feels inviting, almost homely. A good choice for a local boho showroom, an artisan cafe, or a fancy furniture store.

Download here


Completely different from the previous template, “Validation” by Slidesmash feels very enterprise-oriented. You get all the visuals you might need to support complex sets of data, good contemporary design, all inside a pack 33 sharp slides.

Download here
gslides pitch deck

GSlides pitch deck

The first Google Slides pitch deck template on our list, this design by MadeinKeynote has been, wait for it, made in Keynote. So it brings the flair of Apple’s trendy minimalist design into a more affordable and inclusive GSuite environment. Incredibly simple and straight-to-the-point layouts will give the reader some breathing room while making them pay attention to the bits that matter most.

Download here
ai deck

AI deck

United Cute Unicors (love their name) design studio of Mexico created this stunning business pitch deck template with tech companies in mind. It has the most advanced data visualization options out of all the templates in our gallery, unlimited customization options, and a plethora of base slide templates to choose from. 9 people in total worked on this project and it clearly shows. And incredibly well thought out product that should satisfy even the most demanding customers.

Download here


Custom hand-drawn illustrations, cute-looking icons, a very fresh, dynamic design, and 5 color schemes you can switch between in a single click. Where’s the catch? While I’m a sucker for versatility, this pack comes with over 500 slides. Browsing through them during a quick preview was a bit overwhelming, I can only imagine how time-consuming it would have been if I had to pick ideal matches for my desired content layout.

Download here


A simple, aesthetically pleasing, super easy to fill out template for a short pitch deck, “Sheetless” by Viktoriia Skalska will work well for abridged versions of your decks. Slide layouts informatively guide the approach to content so if you feel (or know) you’ll only have 10 minutes to deliver your pitch, this one will surely aid your efforts to squeeze in more value in fewer slides.

Download here
vector illustrations

Vector illustrations

Last but not least, “Vector Illustrations” created by Mirodil Mirkhamidov. If it’s not the first Storydoc template gallery you’re viewing, you’ve already noticed I have a soft spot for offbeat designs and this one is just that. The titular vector illustrations add a touch of uniqueness, guaranteed to grab anyone’s attention. Even if you need a very conservative, corporate pitch deck design, go check this one out at the link below, it’s worth at least a click!

Download here

And that's a wrap!


Hope you enjoyed viewing the pitch decks gallery and reading my piece. No matter if you’re working on a VC pitch deck, a product pitch, or a problem-solution pitch, the key thing to remember about picking the right template is relevance. Sure, looks are important, but the perfect pitch deck will have two features: all the slide layouts you might need and a design that fits your brand.

Good luck with your pitch, I’m hoping it lands you that key deal!


John McTale

Hi, I'm John, Editor-in-chief at Storydoc. As a content marketer and digital writer specializing in B2B SaaS, my main goal is to provide you with up-to-date tips for effective business storytelling and equip you with all the right tools to enable your sales efforts.