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Sales Deck Creator for Closers

Go from death by PowerPoint to sales decks that engage, charm, and persuade buyers. Turn "Maybe" into “yes!”

Storydoc is used by top companies for B2B sales

(With a 70% improved win rate, and 30% faster closing time, it's no wonder.)

Sales Deck Creator VS PowerPoint

The main difference between a Sales Deck Creator and PowerPoint is that PowerPoint is for personal non-professional use, and a pitch deck creator is for effective sales teams. This difference matters, because the result matters.

The difference between making a sales deck with PowerPoint and with a Sales Deck Creator is that the latter lets you make interactive decks rather than static PPTs, provides you with user data, rather than leaving you blind, and allows automation and personalization at scale.

If you're a sales professional - PowerPoint is not for you.

Every great buyer's journey begins with a winning template

PowerPoints no longer cut it.

Storydoc can be your new edge.

Buyers have seen sales decks like yours a 1000 times before.

From over 100K buyer sessions, we know buyers love storydocs.

We get 146% more reading time than the PowerPoint benchmark, 2.3X more internal shares, and 2X more demos booked.

You may not be using the cutting edge, but your hungry competitors are.


You're gonna need a bigger pipeline.

Create highly-engaging sales pitch decks based on conversion science, proven to bring results.


more demos booked


increase in closed deals


faster closing time

They are killing it while you're still struggling


"Since we switched to Storydocs, our sales metrics have improved. We’re getting a CTA conversion rate of 10%, the completion rate of 60%, and have over half of the decks shared within the client organization."


Tomer Magal
Head of Global Sales

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"Clients love sharing our Storydoc page internally, for instance, with teammates who might not have seen the demo. It does an amazing job painting a full picture of what we do and how we work so that a second demo is usually not needed."


Addison Bolin
Head of Business Development

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"...Since we've started using Storydoc our sales accelerated, increasing our customer base by more than 70%. It became an integral part of our sales funnel, helping us score new deals."


Haim Baron

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"When I made my own personal Storydoc from scratch and started using it on sales calls, it helped book more demos."


Pe'er Klein
Business Development Lead

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"Storydoc sets me apart from my competitors. My goal is for my business to be memorable and Storydoc allows me to showcase the colors of my business in the best possible way."


Tovi Cohen
Head of Customer Relations

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Integrate your sales decks with your CRM and outreach platforms

Salesforce? Check. Live chat? Check. Embedding videos? Check. Sign-up forms integrated with your CRM? Clearly. (Yes, that's not all of it.)


Personalize for every single lead, at scale

Customize thousands of sales decks with a single click. Speak directly to each prospect, address them by their name and use specific information relevant to them.

(can't wait to show you the magic!)


Work smart, not hard

Leverage our tracking to gain insights into your customers’ internal processes.

Get tips for your next step, and time your next outreach perfectly.


Convert buyers directly from your pitch decks

Help your leads easily take the next step by adding forms, calendars, live chats, and more.


Let's make you look great on mobile

Our data shows that 32% of pitch decks are opened on mobile (for prospecting decks it’s 47%).

So if you're not on the bandwagon, step aside, cause you’re about to be run over.


Your buyers are unimpressed.
Win them back with Storydoc