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Winning sales deck templates that raise hands

Use interactive sales presentation templates for winning sales teams. Go beyond PowerPoint and take your sales presentation from boring to captivating.

Sales pitch deck template
Sales pitch deck
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Sales One-pager template
Sales One-pager
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Company salespresentation template
Company presentation
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Sales proposal template
Sales proposal
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Sales brochure template
Sales brochure
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short sales pitch deck template
Short sales pitch deck
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Tech sales deck template
Tech sales deck
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SaaS product pitch deck template
SaaS product sales deck
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Product pitch deck template
Physical product sales deck
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Medical pitch deck template
Medical sales deck
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real estate sales pitch deck template
Real estate sales deck
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What makes a great sales pitch deck template?

A great sales pitch presentation template get 4 things right:

  1. It applies a storytelling structure that creates an experience rather than a task
  2. It applied interactive content, making the deck less text heavy and more engaging
  3. It is web-based and responsive, making it easy to consume on any device (unlike PPTs and PDFs)
  4. It delivers usage analytics so that you and your team can analyze and understand how your sales deck is being used and how to improve it

What slides should my sales deck template include?

A standard sales deck template should include 8 basic slides:

  1. Personalized cover
  2. Company intro
  3. The problem
  4. The solution
  5. Social proof
  6. Key benefits
  7. The “details”
  8. Next steps

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Sales decks templates that integrate with your CRM

Salesforce? Check. Live chat? Check. Embedding videos? Check. Sign-up forms integrated with your CRM? Clearly. (Yes, that's not all of it.)


Personalized sales deck templates

Customize thousands of sales decks with a single click. Speak directly to each prospect, address them by their name and use specific information relevant to them.

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Complete sales deck analytics suite

Leverage our tracking to gain insights into your customers’ internal processes.

Get tips for your next step, and time your next outreach perfectly.


Sales deck templates that onvert buyers

Help your leads easily take the next step by adding forms, calendars, live chats, and more directly from your sales decks.


Sales deck templates that look great on mobile

Our data shows that 32% of pitch decks are opened on mobile (for prospecting decks it’s 47%).

So if you're not on the bandwagon, step aside, cause you’re about to be run over.


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