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What are marketing collateral templates?

Marketing collateral templates are pre-designed digital materials that can be used as the basis for creating marketing materials for a business. These templates mainly include presentation decks, one-pagers, web pages, email signatures, and email drafts. Marketing collateral templates save time spent on creating digital assets and remove uncertainties concerning collateral design and content layout.

What are sales collateral templates?

Sales collateral templates provide the outline for any document that contributes to your sales process. The main type of sales collateral is sales presentations which involve presenting the products or services to potential customers in a way that highlights their benefits and value. Effective sales collateral is critical for the success of a business, as they help to generate revenue and build relationships with customers.

What are the benefits of using collateral templates?

Marketing and sales collateral templates help your businesses quickly and easily create professional-looking marketing materials, without the need for extensive design experience or needlessly spending big sums of money. Collateral templates can be customized with the specific content and information that you want to include, such as product descriptions, pricing information, and contact details.

All the templates we have in our galleries are web-based, scroll-based, and interactive. They apply best practices for design and content. They are proofed and tested in the real world and are likely to deliver high engagement and conversion.

Types of Sales and Marketing collateral templates

  1. One-pagers: a single web page, PPT, or PDF that addresses a key question solution, or topic that is critical for buyers to know about before they can make a buying decision.
  2. Brochures: Digital web brochures materials that provide an overview of a company's products or services.
  3. Presentation decks: Digital or physical slideshows that present information about a company, product, or service in a visual format.
  4. Sales proposals: Detailed documents that outline a company's products or services and provide pricing and other information to potential customers.
  5. Product sheets: Single-page materials that provide detailed information about a specific product or service.
  6. Case studies: Detailed documents that provide examples of how a company's products or services have been successfully used by customers.
  7. Reports and white papers: In-depth authoritative reports covering industry-specific knowledge, such as original research, unique data, recommendations, or technical explanations.
  8. E-books: Short books that comprehensively cover a narrow topic of interest for a target audience. E-books are intended for establishing authority in your industry and also proved freely available value to your target audience.

What sets these collateral templates apart?

All our sales and marketing collateral templates are built for the modern buyer. They leverage the way buyers consume information today. The templates are all web-based, scroll-based, and mobile-friendly. Our templates apply storytelling techniques and tie-together interactive and multimedia elements to create highly engaging content experiences that convert and sell.

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