Storydoc redefines online business communications

Telling your story and actively listening.
Because communication is never a one-way process.

Our Vision

We believe every story deserves to be told the right way. We transform the mode of web communication, we don't just create new means of communication. We create data-driven pieces of coherent content that boost conversion rates immediately, we don't just make beautiful sales presentations. At the end of the day, we help people create engaging content they are proud of.
If it strikes a chord with you, we’d love you to join us on that journey.

Where it started

We created Storydoc out of frustration with the boring and ineffective ways business information is being presented. At first, we created it to help us communicate better with our customers. Once we’ve seen the impact our content had, we realized we could transform web business communications forever. And so, Itai, Yaacov, and Daniel, three like-minded data and content geeks, set out on a world-changing mission.

Our mission

To build the most powerful business content tool in the world.
To help businesses improve their sales results through great storytelling.
To create a workspace that challenges team members and stimulates constant growth

The team behind Storydoc

Founded by Itai, Yaacov, and Daniel in 2020. Fueled by a team of top talent.
Weronika Haziak
Story Builder
Vladyslav Zhovklyi
Front-End Developer
Justyna Boniecka
UI/ UX Designer
Kuba Koziej
Growth Marketing Advisor
Piotrek Sosnowski
People & Culture Advisor
Ariel Finkelstein
Chairman of the Board

Our Values

A wise man once said that “culture eats strategy for breakfast” and we chose to stick to that. At Storydoc, we take our values seriously and fall back on them when dealing with challenges, exploring the unknown, or pursuing the next big goal.