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How to Make a Brand Media Kit to Get Noticed (+Templates)

Learn how to create a brand media kit with tips on what to include and pricing. Get media kit templates for building media kits to elevate your brand.

What Is a Press Kit and How to Set It Up (+Templates)

Learn what is a press kit, why you need one, and discover what to include in a press pack. Get press kit templates to make a press kit that stands out.

Social Media Kit: What It Is & How to Make It (+Templates)

Learn what is a social media kit, how to build and use a social media media kit, and get effective media kit templates to create your own right away.

ICP for Sales: Everything You Need to Know

Learn what is an ideal customer profile (ICP) for sales, why you need an ICP, the benefits of ICP, and how to create a sales ICP in a few simple steps.

EPK Examples for Musicians that Stand Out (+Templates)

Learn what to include in your EPK to stand out. See successful electronic press kit examples for musicians and bands that apply EPK best practices.

Make a Film Press Kit that Stands Out (Guide + Examples)

Learn how to make a film EPK that makes your film stand out. See movie press kit examples and use them as templates to create your best film media kit yet.

How to Create a DJ Press Kit to Get Noticed (+Examples)

Learn how to create a DJ press kit, why you need one, and what to include in a DJ EPK. Discover successful DJ EPK examples instantly usable as templates.

How to Make Sales Collateral That Drives Pipeline

Learn to make effective sales collateral that stand out and generates sales. Find out how to measure and optimize sales collateral and make it accessible.

How to Create an EPK for Music Artists (+Templates)

Learn how to make an electronic press kit to impress bookers. Discover top tools to make a press kit for musicians and bands and get artist EPK templates.

What Is an EPK, Why You Need It, and How to Make It Count

Learn what are EPKs, why you need an EPK, and how to use them. Discover the best electronic press kit structure and get electronic press pack templates.

Effective Brand Deck Examples (+ Templates & Guide)

Explore practical examples of branding decks, instantly usable as templates. Gain insights on what to include to make a compelling branding pitch deck.

How to Make a Sponsorship Packet to Get Funded (+Examples)

Unlock funding success with this guide on how to make a corporate sponsorship packet. Use our customizable sponsorship packet examples as your template.

5 Types Of Business Plans (+ Customizable Templates)

Find the best form of business plan for your venture and learn to align your business plan model with a winning strategy. Grab a template to get started.

How to Write a Restaurant Business Plan (+ Examples)

Learn how to create a restaurant business plan with the best format that outlines your concept, and financials. Get examples and templates to get started.

How to Write a Film Business Plan in 2024 (+ Examples)

Discover how to create an effective film or movie production business plan for 2024, ensuring your project stands out in the competitive cinema industry.

How to Make an Employee Handbook New Hires Actually Read

Learn how to write an employee handbook for your new staff. Make a company handbook with your policy, values, and culture that new hires enjoy reading.

One-Page Business Proposal Writing Guide (+ Templates)

Learn to write a compelling one-page business proposal. Discover the best one page proposal outline and format and get one page business proposal examples.

How to Make a Real Estate Proposal (+Examples & Templates)

Learn how to make a successful real estate proposal for property management, commercial lease, sale of property, or property development, and see examples.

How to Pitch a Show to Netflix (Hulu, Amazon, Etc) & Win

Learn how to make a winning Netflix pitch with engaging storytelling and design tips. Create your script and ideas into a compelling pitch that gets the deal.

Make a Real Estate Pitch Deck that Wins Deals (+Examples)

Explore top real estate pitch deck examples and templates. Learn how to make winning real estate pitch decks with tips on real estate pitch deck structure.

Make a Winning Real Estate Buyer Presentation (+Examples)

Discover customizable real estate buyer presentation examples and learn how to make and deliver a real estate buyer presentation that wins you clients.

4 Critical Pitch Deck Mistakes & How to Avoid Them

Learn to recognize and avoid common pitch deck mistakes. Get advice from VCs and angel investors on how to correct them, come out on top, and get funded.

How to Research B2B Target Audience & Dominate Your Market

Discover key B2B target audience research strategies to boost your market dominance. Learn from expert tips on competitor analysis, VoC, and more.

How to Apply Your Startup to Y Combinator & Stand Out

Learn how to pitch your startup to Y Combinator effectively with our insights. Get interactive Y Combinator pitch deck templates for different industries.

Sequoia Capital Application Guide: Stand Out & Get Backed

Learn to pitch your startup to Sequoia Capital with our expert tips on what Sequoia is looking for and customizable templates for different industries.

How to Design a Project Proposal That Wins (+Templates)

Learn how to design a project proposal that stands out and gets approval. Get customizable interactive templates to create winning decks effortlessly.

Effective SEO Proposal Guide (Examples & Templates)

Learn how to create SEO proposals to stand out and win business. Discover the best SEO proposal format, structure, and get editable SEO proposal examples.

Media Kit 101: Winning Structure, Templates & Tools

Discover what is a media kit for influencers, artists, and brands, what to include in a media kit, and how to make a media kit using interactive templates.

How to Write a Winning Conference Proposal (+Examples)

Discover the art of writing irresistible conference proposals with our guide. Get practical tips and inspiring examples usable as templates to succeed.

Fundable VC Pitch Deck Examples (+How-to Tips & Templates)

Discover top VC pitch deck examples, learn the ideal VC pitch deck structure, and access customizable templates to craft your winning presentation.

Netflix Culture Deck Made Better (Usable as Template)

Discover how our team enhanced the original Netflix culture deck, now a customizable template, and learn how you can apply the same rules to your own deck.

Writing a Software Proposal to Impress Clients (+Examples)

Learn to write software proposals that wow clients! Our guide offers tips on best format and structure, complete with examples and customizable templates.

How to Write a Standout Construction Proposal (+Examples)

Learn how to write a construction proposal with our guide. Discover the best construction proposal format and explore real-world examples for success.

Uber Pitch Deck Made Better (Customizable as Template)

Explore our enhanced Uber pitch deck template, based on the original that raised $200K. Gain insights and tips for creating your successful pitch deck.

Winning Interior Design Proposal Examples, Templates & Tips

Discover top interior design proposal examples & templates with expert tips on how to write a winning interior design proposal to impress clients.

Culture Deck Examples that Attract Hires (+How-to Guide)

Learn what is a culture deck and how to build a compelling culture deck to wow new hires, with essential company culture slides and replicable examples.

Airbnb Pitch Deck Made Better (Customizable Template)

Explore our reimagined Airbnb pitch deck: fully editable & ready to use as a template. Learn how to make each slide more effective and ace your next pitch.

Sales Cadence Best Practices (Tips, Scripts & Tools)

Learn what is sales cadence and how to become a top 1% sales performer with sales cadence best practices. Get a head start with proven scripts and templates.

Winning Sequoia Pitch Deck Structure Template (+ Examples)

Make a winning Sequoia pitch deck with our tips on required structure, must-have slides, and best formats. Explore proven examples usable as templates.

How to Write and Design a Y Combinator Pitch Deck to Win

Learn how to make the perfect Y Combinator pitch deck with examples instantly usable as templates, and expert tips on structure, format, and design.

Customizable Project Proposal Examples to Get You Funded

Unlock funding with our top project proposal examples, usable as templates. Discover the perfect project proposal outline and design examples to succeed!

Project Proposal Writing Guide (8 Easy Steps For Success)

Secure buy-in with our step-by-step guide on how to write a project proposal. Use templates optimized for engagement to create your best project proposal yet.

Make a Product Launch Presentation (+ Examples & Templates)

Master how to make a product launch presentation with our guide. Explore examples usable as templates to outshine competitors and captivate your audience.

How to Write a Game Proposal Publishers Love (+Examples)

Learn how to write a game proposal that publishers can’t resist. Dive into effective examples and templates that will set your pitch apart from the rest.

Best Film Proposal Examples to Charm Producers (+Templates)

Elevate your pitch with our standout film proposal examples, ready to serve as templates. Discover how to write a film proposal for a producer-approved deck.

Marketing Proposal Examples That Seal the Deal (+Templates)

Learn how to write a marketing proposal to outshine the rest with our guide. Dive into engaging examples and access versatile templates that make an impact.

How to Write an Irresistible Sales Proposal (+Examples)

Discover the secrets of how to write a sales proposal. Get access to effective examples and customizable templates that buyers will immediately say ‘Yes’ to.

How to Write and Design an Advertising Proposal to Convert

Discover how to craft compelling advertising proposals that win clients: Expert tips, proposal design strategies, and practical examples to elevate your pitch.

How to Write Investment Proposals to Get Funded Every Time

Learn how to write an investment proposal that gets you funded. Our expert guide offers engaging examples and ready-to-use templates to ensure your success.

Best Proposal Software for Different Business Sizes (2024)

Discover the best proposal software for your business. From small firms to large enterprises, find programs and apps for managing and automating proposals.

Top Advertising Proposal Examples & Templates for Success

Discover professional advertising proposal examples and templates that guarantee success. Use them to create your best ad campaign proposal to date in no time.

What’s a Business Plan Executive Summary & How to Write It

What is an executive summary in a business plan? It’s what investors use to decide whether to review your business plan or not. Learn how to make it work.

Writing a Social Media Proposal to Secure Wins (+Templates)

Learn how to write a social media advertising proposal with our guide. See templates and examples that'll secure clients for your agency or freelance business.

18 Persuasive Proposal Deck Examples (+Tips & Templates)

Elevate your proposal game with our guide featuring standout proposal deck examples, expert tips, and easily customizable templates for different industries.

6 Consulting Pitch Deck Examples to Win Clients (+Templates)

Explore top consulting pitch deck examples and templates and learn how to create compelling consulting decks that captivate clients and close deals effectively.

How to Make a Killer Business Plan Presentation (+Templates)

Learn how to make a business plan presentation with tips for slide design, structure, and engaging examples, as well as templates to bring your vision to life.

15 Best Sales Enablement Tools Every Sales Rep Needs

Learn about the top sales enablement tools for this year, the main types, and how to choose the right sales enablement tool to elevate your sales strategy.

Best Game Pitch Deck Examples to Wow Publishers (+Templates)

Learn to create a game pitch deck that impresses publishers with our easy-to-follow guide, real-world video game pitch deck examples, and versatile templates.

6 Consulting Proposal Examples to Win Deals (+Templates)

Learn how to write a winning consulting proposal. Get expert tips, inspiring examples to guide you, and consulting proposal templates to make your best one yet.

How to Write Product Proposals That Land Deals (+Examples)

Learn how to write product proposals with our expert tips. Discover inspiring product proposal examples and use templates to create your best deck yet.

7 Creative TV Show Pitch Decks to Win Over Streaming Giants

Discover TV show pitch deck examples designed to captivate streaming giants and use our customizable templates to craft your own winning TV series bible.

8 Proven Sponsorship Proposal Examples to Secure Partners

Learn what is a sponsorship proposal, what it should look like, and how to create one. Explore sponsorship proposal examples and use templates to make yours.

Famous Pitch Deck Examples to Steal From (+Templates)

See example pitch decks by famous companies and VCs like Uber, Airbnb, WeWork, Netflix, Tinder, Dropbox, YouTube, Y Combinator, and more.

Make Film Pitch Decks That Win in Hollywood (+Examples)

Unlock the secrets of how to create a film pitch deck with our guide, complete with compelling movie pitch deck examples and templates to spark your creativity.

How to Make a Sponsorship Deck (Tips, Examples & Templates)

Learn what is a sponsorship pitch deck, what it looks like, and how to make one. Get sponsorship deck examples, ideas, and templates to make your own.

Marketing Proposal Guide: Write, Design & Track + Templates

Learn how to make a marketing plan proposal for a marketing strategy or consultant. Discover the best marketing proposal format for your strategy or campaign.

Persuasive Real Estate Listing Presentation Examples (+Tips)

Explore top real estate listing presentation examples and templates. Learn from insider tips how to create a real estate listing presentation that wins deals.

How to Make a Company Profile Presentation (Tips & Examples)

Learn how to make a company profile presentation with our expert tips and company profile presentation examples. Try interactive templates for a personal touch.

12 Best Event Proposal Examples Every Planner Should Bookmark

Master the art of event planning with our curated event proposal examples. Get templates and tips on how to create an impactful event proposal to inspire yours.

Presentation Storytelling Examples & Techniques

Learn techniques for telling a story in a presentation. Get narrative presentation examples and learn to apply storytelling in business presentations.

How to Create a Winning Agency Pitch Deck: Examples & Tips

Learn how to make an agency pitch deck to attract clients, get inspiration from the best agency pitch deck examples, and make one using agency pitch deck templates.

How to Write a Startup Business Plan (10 Effective Steps)

Learn how to create an effective business plan in 10 easy steps and discover the transformative power of mentorship to elevate your startup's strategy.

7 Best AI Presentation Tools to Turn Browsers Into Buyers

Discover the best AI tools for presentations, including free and paid options. Elevate your slides to engage, convert, and captivate audiences effectively.

7 Best Pitch Deck Software that Every Founder Needs

Discover the best pitch deck software, including AI pitch deck creators, designed to help you craft winning decks, impress investors, and secure funding.

12 Best AI Tools to Boost Your Sales Performance

Discover the best AI tools for sales that will help you automate sales processes, provide data-driven insights, and crush your sales quota in 2024 and beyond.

7 Top Prezi Alternatives to Transform Your Slides

Discover the top Prezi alternatives this year. Dive into websites, apps, and software like Prezi to make your presentations truly interactive.

7 Unbeatable Canva Alternatives for Engaging Presentations

Learn what the best Canva alternatives are and discover apps and websites like Canva that will help you elevate your presentation game in 2024.

White Papers in B2B Marketing: Uses, Types, Tips, Templates

Learn what is white paper in marketing, sales, business, and research, what a white paper looks like, and what makes a good white paper for lead generation.

11 ESG Examples for Corporate Responsibility Guidance

Learn to elevate your ESG report using best practices, storytelling, and vital examples. Delve into corporate responsibility for a lasting impact.

11 Sustainability Report Examples by Industry Giants

Explore leading sustainability report examples. Uncover top environmental practices and insights to enhance your corporate responsibility strategy.

How to Create a Project Roadmap in 6 Steps (+ Example Slide)

Learn to craft a project roadmap slide in 6 steps. Dive into sample templates, pinpoint milestones, and utilize the right framework for seamless alignment.

How to Create High-Value Sales Enablement Content

Learn types of sales enablement, crafting content strategies, metrics, and top software. Boost your sales with expert techniques.

7 Key Components of a Precise Business Plan

Learn the art of entrepreneurship with a business plan. Dive into executive summaries, discover templates, and understand what to include for a strategic edge.

How to Use AI in Sales to Leap Forward & Beat Competitors

Learn how to use Artificial Intelligence in sales, with ChatGPT and other AI sales tools. Get techniques for AI in sales prospecting, AI sales calls, and more.

Interactive Presentation 101: Tips, Templates & Tools

Learn how to create an interactive presentation online. See examples of ready-to-use interactive presentation slides that are optimized for engagement.

15 PowerPoint Alternatives for High-Stakes Presentations

Learn what the best PowerPoint alternatives are and discover slides tools to create cool presentations that are way better than PowerPoint.

12 Easy Steps to Make a Presentation Creative (+ Examples)

Learn how to make a presentation creative without PowerPoint, and draw inspiration from creative presentation examples by industry and use case.

9 Converting Case Study Design Examples that Drive Sales

Get inspiration from case study design examples that persuade and drive action, learn tips on how to design a case study, and grab quality templates.

Why Making Timelines with PowerPoint Isn't Effective

Learn how limited interactivity and static designs hinder PowerPoint timelines, and discover transformative techniques to engage audiences more effectively.

9 Scrollytelling Examples in Business (+ Templates)

Learn what is scrollytelling and get best practices for using it in sales, marketing, reports, pitch decks, donor communications, and investor relations.

Roadmaps vs. Similar Slides: Key Differences Explored

Discover the key differences between roadmaps, plans, timelines, backlogs, and gantt charts. Delve into strategy and clarity for optimal business outcomes.

What to Include in an Executive Summary (Templates & Tools)

Learn the essentials of crafting an executive summary: what to include, its key components, best practices, pitfalls to avoid, and real-world examples.

6 Steps to Build a Sales Prospecting Process That Delivers

Learn essential steps and techniques for effective sales prospecting in business. Learn the sales prospecting process and how to build a prospecting funnel.

9 Personalized Cold Email Examples That Convert

Learn how personalized cold emails boost engagement & trust. Dive into actionable tips, examples, & insights from past prospecting success.

Sales Outreach: Definition & Strategy for Success

Learn what is sales outreach and how to build an effective sales outreach strategy to fill your pipeline with qualified leads, and generate revenue.

8 Steps to Create a Success Path Roadmap

Learn how to build strategic roadmaps with steps and product-focused insights. Dive into timeline templates, examples, and master the art of planning.

8 One-Pager Design Ideas and What Makes Them Outstanding

Learn how to design a one-pager that immediately grabs attention. Explore one-pager design ideas and examples with effective structure, layout, and format.

8 PDF Alternatives: Mobile-Friendly, Interactive & Trackable

Learn what are the best alternatives to PDF file format and why you can't afford to keep using PDFs if you hope to achieve your goals.

B2B Sales Prospecting Strategies & Methods for Better Leads

Learn B2B prospecting strategies, measure success, conquer challenges, and turn potential into quality leads with effective prospecting tools.

Nonprofit Storytelling Examples to Inspire Action

Learn the art of storytelling for nonprofits, charities, and NGOs. Get our best nonprofit storytelling examples and tips to get inspired and write your own.

7 Pitch Deck Design Ideas to Charm Investors (+ Templates)

Learn how you can create a better pitch deck design. Explore our examples of modern pitch deck design and apply creative pitch deck design tips to yours.

What Is an Impact Report & Its Purpose in Business

Learn how design elevates impact reports, enhancing transparency and stakeholder trust. Uncover the methods and advantages of effective reporting.

What is a Sustainability Report (Benefits & Challenges)

Learn what is sustainability reporting, its benefits and challenges, and what a sustainability report includes. Get examples, tips, and report templates.

What Is a Sales Presentation & How to Nail It (+ Templates)

Learn what is a sales deck, what makes a good sales presentation, what should a sales deck include, and how to easily create an outstanding deck design.

6 Recruitment Pitch Deck Examples Every HR Pro Should See

Learn how to create a winning recruitment pitch deck and get inspiration from proven recruitment pitch deck and proposal examples that attract top talent.

Why PDF Advantages Are Not Worth the Risky Disadvantages

Learn what are the advantages and disadvantages of PDFs for business communication and what you can use instead of PDF to wow your audience.

Why Making a PowerPoint Presentation Interesting Is Impossible

Learn how to make a PowerPoint presentation more interesting and engaging, and why it’s not enough for modern presentations anymore.

How to Make a Persuasive Presentation (+ Examples)

See persuasive presentation examples that show you how to make highly engaging, effective and converting presentations with persuasive writing and design.

14 Best Interactive Presentation Software (Free & Paid)

Discover the best interactive presentation software, including free tools for presentations, and presentation platforms for video and animated presentations.

What Is PowerPoint Used for & Why It's Wrong for the Job

Learn more about what PowerPoint is used for, how to use PowerPoint in business, and what to use instead of PowerPoint for enhanced engagement.

How to Make an Engaging Slide Deck (+ Example & Templates)

Learn how to create a slide deck step-by-step. Get tips, examples, and templates to make a slide deck presentation that stands out beyond any PowerPoint.

Best Sales Cold Calling Techniques: Script, Pitch & Timing

Learn sales cold calling and prospecting, including best days for cold calling, best sales pitch, cold calling scripts, and techniques to set you apart.

Why Making a PowerPoint Presentation Attractive Won't Help

Learn how to make a presentation attractive but also engaging and converting, and why PowerPoint can only make a beautiful presentation that will never engage.

What Is a Slide Deck & How It's Done (Tips & Templates)

Learn what a slide deck is. Get tips and templates for making a professional slide deck presentation for business that goes beyond PowerPoint.

How to Make an Outstanding Pitch Deck with AI

Learn how to use AI to create your pitch decks faster and better than ever. Get tips, techniques, and tools to help you make pitch decks that get results.

Business Presentation Introduction Examples & Templates

Learn how to create a business presentation introduction that gets attention in the first 15 seconds. See real-life business presentation introduction examples & samples.

8 Critical Report Types for External Business Communication

Learn the types of reports you must create to nurture and grow business relationships with investors and stakeholders and impact long-term business success.

Donor Stewardship: Nurture Relationships & Grow Donations

What is donor stewardship? Learn the definition, fundamental principles, and best practices so you could nurture donor relationships and grow donations.

11 Critical Types of Business Presentations (+ Templates)

Learn about the different types of business presentations with examples that drive results. Discover how to choose the right type of presentation for your use case.

How to End a Business Presentation & Get People to Act

Learn how to conclude a digital presentation with impact. Discover what should be on the last slide of the presentation and ditch the "Thank you" slide forever.

How to Personalize Your Sales Prospecting to Stand Out

Learn the secrets for sales prospecting personalization you can do quickly and easily and at scale. Learn prospecting personalization tips with examples.

What Is an ESG Report & How It Impacts Your Brand

Learn what is ESG reporting and why is it important. Understand the definition, meaning, and purpose of ESG disclosure, how it’s done and future trends.

How to Start a Presentation People Read to the End

Learn how to start a presentation with 3 slides that increase engagement and get people to read to the end. Plus tips and real-life first slide examples.

What to Include in a Case Study: Layout, Content & Visuals

Learn what info to include in a business case study and how to structure it for maximum conversion, and see real-life examples and templates.

SaaS Content Marketing Strategy: 5 Steps for Success

Learn the foundations of a winning SaaS content marketing strategy. It won’t be easy but it will be clear. Keep reading to get your bearings and get to work.

Content Marketing Metrics: How to Measure Success & Failure

Discover the essential content marketing KPIs and metrics to track real business results. Learn how to measure, optimize your strategy, and brig growth.

5 Sales Personalization Tactics to Get More Deals

Discover why personalization in sales matters, and learn actionable tactics you can use to start closing more leads, ring the bell, and crush your quotas.

7 Best Customer Retention Strategies to Boost Profitability

Learn top customer retention tips, techniques, and strategies. Get the latest methods of how to improve customer retention, increase purchases, & grow revenue.

Sales Appointment Setting Guide 101 (Tips, Scripts & Tools)

Master the art of sales appointment setting with our ultimate guide. Get insider tips, a proven script, and effective tools to close more deals.

15 Best Video Presentation Software to Try

Ready to make an outstanding video presentation? Here are the best tools to help you learn how to make video presentations and create one in no time.

How to Create a Marketing Deck (Strategy, Tips & Templates)

Learn how to create a killer marketing deck with our strategy, tips, and templates. Stand out from the crowd and make your pitch irresistible.

B2B SaaS Marketing: 6 Cost-Effective Strategies

Learn strategies to effectively and cost-effectively market your B2B SaaS product and brand. Learn how to reach more of your target audience with engagement.

12 Ways to Use Content Marketing for E-commerce

Discover how to use content marketing to boost your e-commerce sales and reach new customers. Get started with our expert tips.

10 Creative Case Study Presentation Examples & Templates

Learn from proven case study presentation examples and best practices how to get creative, stand out, engage your audience, excite action, and drive results.

Persuasive Marketing Case Study Examples & Templates

Get examples of marketing case study mastery. Learn by example how to engage and convert more prospects and launch your effort with battle-tested templates.

Case Study Format Types: Match Format with Business Goals

Explore the different case study formats and their unique strengths & weaknesses. Learn what to consider in our in-depth guide.

How to Create a Startup One-Pager That Wows Investors

Learn how to make a startup one-pager for investors that makes you stand out. Know what info to include and what answers to give to get funded.

12 Steps to Create a Business Case Study That Converts

Learn how to make a case study presentation. Know how to write and structure it, and measure its business value. Plus examples & samples.

What Is a Case Study & Customer Success Story?

Learn the definition of a business case study, its meaning, benefits & use in marketing. Get best methods to research, write & design business case studies.

How to Make Effective Impactful Presentations (Tips & Tools)

Learn how to make a good presentation great - step-by-step with examples. Learn the principles, guidelines & qualities needed to prepare captivating slides.

27 Perfect Presentation Examples to Set You Apart (2024)

Browse effective professional business presentation samples & templates. Get great simple presentation examples with perfect design & content beyond PowerPoint.

8 Product Presentation Examples That Drive Business Results

Get product presentation examples & templates that drive results and learn to create effective product presentations with interactive slides & storytelling.

How to Easily Make a Multimedia Presentation (Tools & Templates)

Learn how to create a multimedia presentation in 6 steps with videos, GIFs, animations, audio, & photos. Go beyond PowerPoint - capture attention & engage.

10 Killer Marketing Presentation Examples (Template-Ready)

Learn from the best marketing presentation examples how to engage your audience, persuade & reach marketing strategy goals for your business or product.

What Is a Digital Presentation & How to Get Good At It

Learn the basics of presentation decks and how to create one. Explore examples and tips to make your own deck more effective and engaging.

10 Corporate Deck Examples & Templates (That Stand Out)

Get tips for creating an impressive corporate pitch deck, see high-performing corporate slide deck examples, and grab a battle-tested corporate deck template.

Marketing Deck: What It Is & How to Make It Win (Examples)

Discover what a marketing deck is, what it includes, and learn how to create a winning marketing pitch deck with tips and examples from experts in the field.

Create a Business Plan One-Pager (+ Proven Templates)

Learn what to include in a business plan one-pager & the best doc format. Learn how to write a one-page business plan, either from scratch or using a template.

12 Sales Collateral Types Critical to Close a Deal

See sales collateral examples that drive revenue. Learn the definition & meaning of sales collateral, sales enablement collateral, B2B sales collateral & more.

20 Marketing Collateral Types Essential for Growth

See inspiring marketing collateral examples to convert leads and grow your sales. From brochures to case studies - communicate value and drive revenue.

10 Best Business Plan Software for Startups

Access our list of top business plan tools. Learn about the benefits of business plan software, what types there are, pricing, reviews, and what sets each apart.

8 SaaS Product Security Tips to Keep Customers Safe

Learn the best SaaS product security tips and best practices. Make your customers feel safer using your product, and reduce risk to them and your business.

How to Create a Product One-Pager (That Gets People Excited)

Learn how to write product one-pagers that get prospects excited, and turn your one-pagers from sloppy to stunning with our best product one-pager examples.

The Only Sales Podcasts You Will Ever Need

Get the short list of best sales podcasts ever on Apple podcasts, Google podcasts, and Spotify to learn the information to become a top sales professional.

Create a Sales One-Pager (Examples, Writing Tips, Templates)

See sales one-pager examples that sell, learn how to write a sales one-pager and what to include in your one-pager to take it from boring to irresistible.

11 Top Sales Presentation Examples That Explode Your Pipeline

See uniquely effective sales pitch presentation examples and learn how to make a sales presentation that deeply engages buyers and helps you close the sale.

How to Use Video Animations to Create Engaging Content

Discover the main benefits of video animations and learn how you can use them to enhance your content, keep readers engaged, and hit marketing goals.

Black Friday & Cyber Monday SaaS Deals

Don't miss out on this year's hottest Black Friday SaaS deals. Find the leading tools for jacking up your productivity - at a discount. 

What to Include in a Pitch Deck (Slides 99% of Investors Want)

There are 10 crucial slides 99% of investors expect to see or you're out. Learn what info to include in a pitch deck and how to build your slides effectively.

How to Write a Sales Plan to Crush Your Quota

Learn how to write a sturdy sales plan, from your sales strategy down to your plan of action, so you and your team can exceed your sales targets.

Business One-Pager Examples That Stand Out (+Templates)

Get inspired by compelling one-pager examples that have been shown to capture leads. Instantly use any of the examples shown as your very own template.

4 Ways Digital Contracts Can Boost Your Business

Learn the benefits of digital contracts, why they're important, how they grow your business, and what contract management platform you can use to set it all up.

Landing Page vs. Sales Landing Page: Which One Do You Need?

Learn the difference between a landing page and a sales page, when to use which, and what to include in each.

9 Business Proposal Examples Buyers Love (Ready for Use)

Learn from tried and tested business proposal examples that make you stand out from your competitors, impress buyers, and get you the deal—every time.

Marketing & Sales Automation Benefits for You & Your Team

Learn the benefits of automation in sales and marketing, how it can transform your productivity and accelerate your growth, and how to start automating.

10 Worst Mistakes When Making a Sales Plan & How to Avoid Them

Learn how to avoid the 10 worst mistakes when creating your sales plan so you can identify bottlenecks in your sales process and lead your team to success.

Make One-Pagers That Grab Attention, Engage & Convert

Create a one-pager that grabs attention and boosts conversion with our set of one-pager best practices and our high-performance interactive one-pager templates.

10 Strategies to Improve Sales Team Performance to the Max

Learn strategies to improve a sales team's performance & productivity, what hinders performance, and how to boost sales reps’ motivation, engagement & outcomes.

What is a One-Pager: Types, Benefits & Main Use Cases

Learn what is a one-pager, what are common types of one-pagers, what one-pagers are used for, & what are the benefits of using them. Plus one-pager templates.

14 Pitch Deck Examples that Win Where 99% Fail (+Templates)

See fundraising startup pitch deck examples that get buy-in. See company pitch decks, investor pitch decks, and product pitch presentations that sell your vision.

5 Best Sales Demo Software for Optimal Performance

Learn about the best sales demo tools that when used help optimize your sales demo process to boost closure rates and decrease the time to execute a sale.

Advertising vs. Sales Collateral: What Makes Each Perform Best?

Looking to attract new customers or nurture existing ones? Learn what differentiates advertising from sales collateral and how to achieve peak performance in each.

Best Sales Deck Ever? Is the Zuora Sales Deck Still Effective?

Is Andy Raskin’s Zuora sales deck still the best sales deck ever? I argue it’s not. Things have changed - we need to make the Zuora pitch deck great again.

9 Unique Sales Deck Examples that Outsell the Rest

Looking for a way to differentiate your solution in a sea of competitors? I’ll give you the best B2B sales deck examples with slides that turn “maybe” to “yes!”

Make a Winning Business Proposal Presentation in 11 Steps

Learn how to create business proposal presentations that stand out and win deals. Apply battle-tested best practices and actionable tips from sales pros.

How to Make Sales Decks Irresistible (Examples & Templates)

Learn how to make winning sales pitch decks; what slides to include, best format and structure, design, and writing best practices. Plus examples & templates.

Top 5 CRM Tools to Skyrocket Your Business

We tried and tested various solutions to come up with the best CRM software that will help you deliver a top-notch customer experience and maximize sales!

Create a Winning Pitch Deck Investors Love (Examples + Tips)

Looking to get funding for your startup? With these best practices, you’ll learn how to create a pitch deck that will always hook your audience!

What Is a Pitch Deck? A Beginner's Guide to Greatness

Learn the definition of a pitch deck, what it's used for, who should use it, types of pitch decks, and what tools you need to make a good pitch deck right away.

7 Types of Video Presentations to Keep Viewers Engaged

Creating video presentations will draw your viewers in. Here are some cool video presentation ideas that will skyrocket your engagement.

10 Types of Sales Videos That Help Win Deals

Learn what are the best types of sales videos to win over your audience, keep your prospects engaged, and make a compelling case for your service or product.

Direct Sales and Cold Selling Is Dead. Or Is It? [Study]

Would you let a salesperson in? Or has Covid put an end to direct selling once and for all? In this survey, we analyzed Americans’ purchasing habits.

10 Data-Driven Presentation Tips to Skyrocket Your Results

Tired of sending your sales or marketing presentation around and not seeing the results your product deserves? Start making presentations based on data, not intuition.

Newsletter Readers Explain How to Do Newsletters [Study]

Do you ever get excited about a newsletter? Is there one you usually await? Or do you think all automated email campaigns are manipulative and evil? In this survey, we aimed to find out what Americans think about newsletters.

5 Elevator Pitch Examples for Students + Quick Tips

Take your student elevator pitch from robotic and canned to genuinely interesting. Make relevant connections and land your next career break easily thanks to this handy guide.

How to Write a Research Proposal: Template, Format, Tips

Research proposals are nerve-wracking, notoriously difficult to write, and can have a major impact on the next few years of your academic career. Sound scary? You bet. This guide will help you write stress-free research proposals that land the funding you deserve.

5 Steps for Writing a Case Study for Business (+Templates)

Get professional tips for writing a case study that drives business impact. Learn the best format and research method to use alongside examples & templates.

Best Presentation Software to Elevate Business Storytelling

The ultimate list of the best presentation software apps, including tools for slideshows, interactive, and animated presentations. Free presentation software covered!

6 Elevator Pitch Examples for Any Scenario + Template & Tips

The “standard” elevator pitch is broken and doesn’t work anymore. Here, you’ll find some examples of modern elevator pitches that do.

How to Write a Business Proposal (Examples & Outline)

A complete guide to writing business proposals that land deals. Easy-to-follow steps, actionable examples, and insider tips from sales pros.

What Is an Executive Summary? Examples and 101 Guide

All you need to know about writing persuasive and informative executive summaries in one place. Read more for actionable tips and sample executive summaries for different use cases.

8 Communication Plan Templates for Different Use Cases

Are you stuck looking for a suitable communication plan template? Most of the available ones look really outdated and generic. With our selection of communication plan templates, you’ll find the best way to get your message across. 

How to Create an Online Portfolio: 8 Quick Steps + Examples

Does the idea of creating a portfolio terrify you? With our step-by-step guide, you’ll learn how to make an online portfolio that will instantly get you hired.

Best 13 Data Visualization Tools for Every Use Case

Want to present your data in an easily digestible way? Here are the best data visualization tools for every use case. Free options included!

Best Animation Software (Free Included): 14 Apps

Want to kick-start your animation efforts or find an alternative to your current tool? Here’s an overview of the best animation software including free options.

15+ Cute Google Slides Templates & Themes: Best Ever!

Tired of ugly and boring templates for Google Slides? We’ve got you covered. Check out this gallery of the cutest, sweetest, and most aesthetically-pleasing Google Slides templates you’ll ever see.

How to Add Audio to Google Slides: An Easy Method

Want to insert audio to liven up your Google Slides presentation? It will take you less than 2 minutes. Read this handy guide and you’ll be good to go.

Convert PowerPoint to Google Slides Easily: 2 Ways

Got a presentation in PowerPoint but need to turn it into a Google Slides document? It will take you less than a minute. Here’s how to do it.

How to Get PowerPoint for Free (And New Alternatives)

Get free PowerPoint access as well as free templates and resources to get you started. Plus, learn about a new and powerful PPT alternative you’ll want to use.

20+ Best Free PowerPoint Backgrounds to Download Now

Small details matter. That’s why professional backgrounds for PowerPoint will help convey your attention to detail and make your presentation feel so much more personal. In this article, we compile the best PPT backgrounds for instant download.

What Is an Infographic? 5 Examples and 15+ Templates

Everything you need to know about pitch-perfect infographics, from the concept stage to execution and design. Plus, examples of the best-ever infographics to get you inspired.

17 Project Plan Templates: Simple & Quick to Use

Project plans are difficult to conceptualize. Let’s not make them difficult to put together. Pick one of these professional project plan templates and have your project plan write itself!

The Best 15+ SWOT Analysis Templates (Free Options Included)

A comprehensive gallery of the best SWOT analysis templates available for instant download: different file formats and free options included!

14 Infographic Templates to Stun Your Audience

The great part about infographics? They let you showcase complex information in a digestible way. The not-so-great part? The search for great infographic templates is hard. Well, it just got easy for you.

12 Best Invoice Templates (Free): Word, Excel, Google & More

A collection of the best, most professional invoice templates available online. Plus, free apps for quick invoicing wherever you are.

How to Embed a YouTube Video in PowerPoint (Desktop/Online)

A quick guide to embedding YouTube videos to PowePoint slideshows. And, as a bonus, a better alternative to making your presentations truly engaging.

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