Sequoia Pitch Deck Structure Made Better (Usable Examples)

Make a winning Sequoia pitch deck with our tips on required structure, must-have slides, and best formats. Explore proven examples usable as templates.

Sequoia pitch deck structure

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What to include in a Sequoia pitch deck?

  1. Cover slide

  2. Company purpose

  3. Problem

  4. Solution

  5. Why now?

  6. Market potential

  7. Competition / Alternatives

  8. Business model

  9. Team

  10. Financials

  11. Vision

  12. Next steps

99% of startups fail. Is your application strong enough to stand out?

Pitching to Sequoia? It's tough. Really tough. Out of tens of thousands, a little over 1% make it through.

Think about it: missing out on joining legends like Airbnb, Dropbox, or Apple because your pitch deck didn't hit the mark. That's tough.

Your deck needs to do more than just share your idea—it needs to make Sequoia believe in your startup as much as you do.

But here's the good news: this blog post is filled with insights that helped others succeed, including tips on pitch deck structure and format.

Let's dive in!

What are the required Sequoia pitch deck slides?

  1. Cover slide: Start with a visually appealing and attention-grabbing cover slide that includes your company name and logo.

  2. Company purpose: Define your company in a single, clear sentence. This is your mission statement, capturing the essence of what you aim to achieve.

  3. Problem: Detail the customer pain point you're addressing. Highlight the limitations of current solutions, setting the stage for your innovation.

  4. Solution: Share the moment of insight that led to your startup's solution. Explain why it's both unique and compelling, and how it's positioned for longevity.

  5. Why now?: Justify the timing of your solution. Discuss why this is the moment for your startup to enter the market, and why it hasn't been done before.

  6. Market potential: Identify your target customer and market size. Show how you might create or redefine a market space.

  7. Competition / Alternatives: Outline who your competitors are, both direct and indirect, and demonstrate your strategy for success against them.

  8. Business model: Describe how your startup will generate revenue and sustain growth. This is where you clarify your path to financial viability.

  9. Team: Introduce your founders and key team members. Share your team's story, focusing on the experiences and skills that make you uniquely qualified to execute your vision.

  10. Financials: If available, include key financial metrics and projections. This slide lends credibility to your business model and growth potential.

  11. Vision: Paint a picture of where you see your company in 5 years. This is your chance to share your ambition and the broader impact of your startup.

  12. Next steps: Conclude with a clear outline of immediate next steps. This slide should guide the conversation forward, suggesting actions for potential investors, such as meetings, further information exchanges, or investment discussions.

Interactive Sequoia pitch deck templates

When you're gearing up to pitch to a heavyweight like Sequoia Capital, starting with a blank slide simply won't cut it. The stakes are too high, and the competition is too fierce.

Interactive Sequoia pitch deck templates are specifically designed with the end goal in mind. They provide a structured framework that helps you hit all the key points Sequoia looks for in a pitch.

(You can also look at the famous Airbnb pitch deck which Sequoia decided to back, or other successful pitch deck presentation examples)

Just grab one.

No templates found

If you'd like to learn more about how to submit a winning application, check out our post on how to pitch your startup to Sequoia.

What is the best Sequoia pitch deck file format?

When preparing your pitch deck for Sequoia Capital, choosing the right format is crucial.

While traditional formats like PDF and PowerPoint are widely used, they often fall short in setting your presentation apart. Static decks are not fun. They are a reading task that will lead your audience to disengaged.

Lucky for us, by now there are other options that offer interactive formats with much better engagement.

Available pitch deck formats:

Format Pros Cons
PDF - Perfect for detailed, text-rich presentations
- Easy for anyone to open and print
- Misses out on engaging viewers interactively
- Updating content post-creation can be a hassle
PPT - Ideal for mixing visuals with text
- Straightforward for creators to use and for audiences to view
- Minimal interactivity
- Standing out visually requires extra creative effort
Word - Best for collaborative writing and easy edits
- Simplifies drafting and text adjustments
- Struggles with embedding complex visuals or videos
- Lacks the visual impact compared to other formats
Storydoc - Captivates with interactive data, demos, and clickable links
- Tailors easily to different audiences
- Prompts viewer action with interactive buttons and embedded calendars
- New users may need time to get familiar
- The interactive features are lost in printed versions

Successful Sequoia pitch deck examples

Securing funding from Sequoia Capital is a milestone many startups dream of, given Sequoia's track record of backing industry giants.

A well-crafted pitch deck is your first step on this journey, serving as a crucial tool to communicate your vision, strategy, and potential impact.

The right pitch deck can fast-track your funding efforts, turning your innovative ideas into reality. Below, we explore several standout Sequoia pitch deck examples, highlighting key features that set them apart and make them a compelling case for investment.

Fintech Sequoia pitch deck

This pitch deck exemplifies how to effectively communicate a complex fintech solution, leveraging interactive elements and thoughtful design to engage Sequoia Capital and potential investors.

Healthcare Sequoia pitch deck

This pitch deck provides a great example of a compelling narrative for a healthcare startup, combining a clear problem-solution framework with interactive elements and a well-defined future roadmap.

Consumer product Sequoia pitch deck

This pitch deck stands out for its strategic focus on consumer trends, innovative solutions, and a keen understanding of the market, making it a compelling case for Sequoia Capital's investment.

AI Sequoia pitch deck

This pitch deck shows how to compellingly present an AI startup, combining a strong narrative on addressing key industry challenges with interactive and personalized elements.

Climate tech Sequoia pitch deck

This pitch deck stands out for its strategic focus on addressing critical environmental issues with actionable, technology-driven solutions, coupled with a keen understanding of the market and a solid team ready to make a significant impact.

Crypto Sequoia pitch deck

This pitch deck provides an example of how to effectively leverage the power of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology to propose viable solutions for the financial industry's most pressing challenges.

With its strategic focus on innovation, clear problem-solution framework, and user-friendly design, it stands out as a persuasive argument for investment.

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