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Go from boring investors to standing ovations with interactive storytelling business pitch decks.

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What is a pitch deck creator?

A pitch deck creator is a tool that takes you beyond the limitations of a static, boring PowerPoint presentation and engages investors with interactive storytelling content. It releases you from the 30-year-old method of stale PPT slides and delivers instead a scroll-based, web-based, mobile-friendly experience (paired with performance analytics).
A pitch deck maker is not just another PowerPoint maker.

Forget death by PowerPoint

Investors are disengaging from your same-old PowerPoints. It's time to modernize to interactive storytelling decks that stick.

Storydoc gets you 103% higher reading time than static slides.

Get immediate investor buy-in
with rocking interactive templates

What makes this pitch deck maker different?

We empower you to trasform your static boring PowerPoints into interactive memorable scrollitelling decks.

Based 100K+ Storydoc sessions you can expect:

  • Reading time to go up 2x
  • Reading completion to reach near 100%
  • To book more investor meetings than ever before
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Design less, optimize more.

Automatic design

Create on-brand designed pitch decks at speed

Our intuitive slide editor is easier to use than PowerPoint, automatically adjusting every slide design for you.

pitch deck creator with automated design

Responsive slides

Look amazing, anytime, anywhere, on any device

40% of your customers will open your deck on mobile. Storydoc will make sure you always look perfect, no matter the device.

pitch deck maker responsive sli

Pitch deck analytics

Build, measure, learn. Don’t leave it to chance

No one makes the perfect pitch deck on the first go - use Storydoc’s deck analytics to learn exactly where your decks shine and where they fall short.

Powerful integrations

Go beyond what standard static decks can do

Integrate your favorite software into your decks. Whether form, video or calendar app, we can make it work in Storydoc. So you can keep using the tools you're using.

pitch deck creator integrations

They finishhed their round happy.
Now it's your turn.


"If your decks look as good as the ones we make with Storydoc, you automatically get investors’ attention. It literally does half of the job for you."


Ido Hart
Partnereck maker review

pitch deck maker review
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"Using Storydoc, we were able to present our growth in an impressive way and score more meetings with top investors."


Haim Baron

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"What we love the most about Storydoc is that we can easily test different presentations with customers and investors and see which version gets the most traction and eye-time."


Doug Ladden

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"Storydoc made it easy for us to create an engaging pitch deck for our funding round. It helped us stand out, capture investors' attention and get them excited about working together"


Giora Mandel

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"Storydoc made it easy to do lot of A/B testing and optimizing with our investment deck. I was able to make tweaks that boosted the reading completion rate from just over 40% to almost 100%."


Asaf Klinger

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Investors are disengaging from your same-old PowerPoints. Reengage them and EARN their funding with Storydoc