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How the Storydoc AI one-pager builder works





Templates that bring your story to life

Professionally designed one-pager templates tailored to your company by our AI one-pager generator ✨

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Get perfect one-pagers for any use case

Sales teams
Small businesses
Startup one-pager creator

Create engaging startup one-pagers that make you stand out and bring your vision to life with visual storytelling.

agency one-pager maker

Create interactive marketing one-pagers that set you apart and clearly demonstrate the value of your services.

Sales teams
sales one-pager builder

Create highly engaging interactive sales one-pagers with built-in analytics and automated personalization.

Small businesses
company one-pager maker

Create interactive company one-pagers that make you stand out and present your value with visual storytelling.

corporate one-pager builder

Create on-brand corporate one-pagers you can send from your CRM at scale while reducing content production time and cost.

How our AI one-pager designer works

Generate your one-pager with AI

Simply type in what you need and let Storydoc do the magic for you!

Edit and bring it to perfection

Let our magic assistant help you through the process
with automatic copy and design.

Turbo-charge with integrations

Easily connect your CRM, calendar, and other tools
to move from static PDFs to interactive actionable one-pagers.

Send. Track. Win.

Track engagement in real-time and always follow up at the right time.

Generate your one-pager with AI

Simply type in what you need and let Storydoc do the magic for you!

Edit and bring it to perfection

Let our magic assistant help you through the process
with automatic copy and design.

Turbo-charge with integrations

Easily connect your CRM, calendar, and other tools
to move from static PDFs to interactive actionable one-pagers.

Send. Track. Win.

Track engagement in real-time and always follow up at the right time.

They drive business results with Storydoc

“With our most recent Storydocs, we're like, ‘Oh my goodness, It brought it to life like we do when we present it, but without the person even being there!’”

Frances Dalton
Frances Dalton
Marketing Manager, UK

"Storydoc sets me apart from my competitors. My goal is for my business to be memorable and Storydoc allows me to showcase the colors of my business in the best possible way."

Nina Bella
Nina Bella

"I was able to initiate more new conversations with prospects, and Storydoc enabled conversations to move forward with less friction.”

Peter Mueller
Peter Mueller

"Using Storydoc helped us build a rich and engaging deck, effectively delivering the full scope and value of our service and audience."

Dirk Hannapel
Dirk Hannapel
BD & Sales Director

"Storydoc does an amazing job painting a full picture of what we do and how we work so that a second demo is usually not needed."

Addison Bolin
Addison Bolin

"Since we switched to Storydocs, our sales metrics have improved. We're getting a CTA conversion rate of 10%, the completion rate of 60%, and have over half of the decks shared within the client organization."

Tomer Magal
Tomer Magal
VP Sales

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Make one-pagers that gets the job done for you

Make your case better. Drive action faster.

Unlike PDFs or landing pages, Storydocs are actionable letting you grab attention and drive action, pushing your lead towards the next step .

Effective one-pagers made easy

Just add your content and the design will magically follow. You couldn’t make it ugly even if you tried.

Are you making your prospects feel seen?

Pull contacts’ information from your CRM and into your one-pagers to personalize for thousands of prospects in bulk.

Perform at your best also on mobile

32% of sessions happen on mobile. Easily create one-pagers that look great everytime, on every device.

One-pagers with superpowers

Bring your favorite tools into your one-pagersCRM data? Calendar? Chatbot? Vidyards? E-signature? Clearly.

Are they loving or hating
your one-pagers?

Get real-time analytics on everything. What they read, skipped, and clicked, who they shared it with, and more.

Don't bet everything on a legacy PDF

Give your audience something that stands out - give'em a Storydoc


Everything that you should know about Storydoc

What is the Storydoc one-pager maker?

This AI one-pager generator lets you intuitively design and write beautiful interactive stories that drive action, with no coding or design skills needed.

The Storydoc one-pager designer comes with a wide range of interactive  slides. You can use these easily and quickly to tailor your content to your vision and needs.

Stroydoc releases you from the 30-year-old method of stale PDFs or PPT slides and delivers instead a scroll-based, web-based, mobile-friendly experience, paired with performance analytics.

Is Storydoc AI one-pager generator safe?

Yes, the Storydoc AI one-pager creator app is safe and secure. Your personal details are protected and encrypted.

We take your data security very seriously and process everything in accordance with strict security policies and best practices. Don’t take it from us, take it from Meta, Nice, and Yotpo that trust us enough to use Storydoc daily.

For more information see Our Story pageTerms and Conditions, and Privacy Policy.

Why Storydoc is more than just another AI one-pager builder

Storydoc is more than an AI that makes one-pagers. Instant AI one-pagers are nice, but this trick gets old fast. Sure you make your content faster than ever but what’s it to you? Will it perform? Will it stand out? Probably not.

See the problem lies in the underlying PDF design - AI or otherwise. Stoydoc does it differently. We generate one-pager experiences that readers actually enjoy with scrollitelling, multimedia, and in-document navigation.

Check out these examples.

What’s so great about AI-generated one-pagers?

An artificial intelligence one-pager reduces hours and even days of work for you and your team.

But there’s a catch - if you're using an AI PDF or landing page builder then you’re saving all that time for nothing. Because no one likes PDFs and generic landing pages fail to stand out. Even those made with AI.

No PDF one-pager maker will give you content that moves the needle. But Storydoc can. Our AI makes more than one-pagers, we let you make stories that drive action.

Try it.

Is Storydoc a free one-pager designer?

Storydoc offers a 14-day free trial. Check it out and see if it's right for you. We know based on hundreds of thousands of one-pager sessions that your audience will love it.

Every interactive one-pager you make during your trial is yours to keep forever, completely free!

For learning about our paid plans see our Pricing.

What's the best way to get started?

The easiest way to start is to visit our one-pager templates page, pick a template you like, provide a few details, and see the magic happen - how Storydoc generates a one-pager from scratch with your branding, content structure, visuals, and all.

Inside the one-pager builder app, you can switch between templates, adjust your design with drag and drop interface, find ready-made slides for any use case, and generate text and images with the help of our AI assistant.

How do I send or share Storydoc one-pagers?

Storydocs work like a web page, every one-pager you make comes with an individual link you can send and track.

When you’re done making a Storydoc you just hit publish. Once published, Stroydoc one-pagers are instantly available for viewing in any browser (or you can download them as PDF and share the file).

To send the one-pager to anyone just click the Share button and grab the link. You can even make it into GIF thumbnail with a click so you can grab attention in your emails or on social media.

Viewing the one-pager is much like you would an interactive webpage and much more engaging than a static PDF.

Can I print Storydoc one-pagers?

Yes, but right now we only provide this service for Pro and Enterprise paying customers.

That said, this option may be available soon as a feature for all Storydoc users.

Keep in mind that a printed Storydoc loses all its interactivity, which gives it its charm, ability to get high engagement, and drive action.

What integrations does Storydoc offer?

All the ones you need! First of all, Storydocs give you full content integrations: Calendly, Loom, YouTube, Typeform, and many more, you can add all of those to your Storydoc documents. But we go way beyond the basics.

With Storydoc, you can embed lead-capturing forms, your own live chat, advanced dashboards, in-page payments, and e-signatures.

Read more on our Integrations page.

Are Storydocs mobile-friendly?

Of course! Storydoc is optimized for flawless mobile performance. No matter the divide or OS your business document is opened on, the design will be perfect.

Is my data safe with Storydoc?

Yes, the Storydoc app is safe and secure thanks to an encrypted connection. We process your data in accordance with very strict policies. For more information, see Terms and Conditions, and Privacy Policy.

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