17 Converting One-Pager Examples (Usable as Templates)

Get inspired by compelling one-pager examples that have been shown to capture leads. Instantly use any of the examples shown as your very own template.

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One-pager examples

Trying to cram the value you bring into a single-page document that makes you stand out in a sea of companies can be nerve-wracking. Even the most brilliant idea can get lost if you don’t put enough effort into the execution or deliver it in the wrong format.

That’s why I brought you the best one-pager examples that will give instant results and capture those leads. I’ll also show you how to improve the effectiveness of your one-pager with data and give you the best one-pager builder currently available on the market. Let’s go!

Static vs. interactive one-pager examples

Most business professionals stick to PDFs when creating one-pagers. PDFs are simple to prepare and the contents stay intact regardless of the device your one-pager is viewed on.

But while it may be easy for you, it’s very hard for your prospect to actually read the damn thing.

While PDFs are great for printed one-pagers (do those still exist?), they are horrible for digital consumption.

Most one-pagers nowadays look like this:

Bad one-pager example

Since PDFs were meant for print, they’re virtually illegible on laptops, let alone mobile devices, creating an awful user experience. And considering that almost 50% of all outreach one-pagers are now opened on mobile, that’s kind of like knowingly losing every other prospect.

In order to be able to view the contents of a PDF, you need to constantly pinch in and out on a small screen, making it hard to navigate your one-pager or know which pieces of information are most important and should be focusing on.

It’s a surefire way to disengage even the most motivated readers and completely lose their attention.

And even in the best case scenario that a prospect does for some mysterious reason go through your entire one-pager, there’s no way to nudge them to take the next step from a static PDF or PowerPoint.

Learn about all the problems with using PDFs for digital marketing collateral ➜

static one pager in PDF format is hard to read

Interactive one-pager templates take your one-pager from static, bland, and hard to digest to buzzworthy, memorable, and easy to follow.

They leverage storytelling frameworks to guide prospects through a captivating story that taps into their emotions and entices them to discover more about your solution, and makes it super easy to take the next step.

Check it out -

The numbers speak for themselves. Using interactive one-pagers, you can complement your content with live graphs, videos, and animations, which will skyrocket your engagement and get 41% more people to read the entire one-pager.

Interactive one-pagers with engaging live graphs

Types of business one-pagers

Depending on your particular business goals, there are various types of one-pagers you can use with slight yet important differences. And if you are ready to jump directly into creating your one-pager, you're welcome to visit our killer business one-pager template gallery and start making your own.

1) Business plan one-pager

It can work as a starting point before developing a full business plan.This one-per type is great if you’re still in the early stages of figuring out your business idea and need a short file you can easily tweak or adjust.

Browse business plan one-pager templates ➜

2) Company one-pager

It outlines your offering in a concise manner with the intention of capturing your readers’ attention enough to want to learn more about your product or service in the near future.

Browse company one-pager templates ➜

3) Sales and marketing one-pager

While similar to a company one-pager, it’s more geared towards the unique value proposition your business provides to potential buyers. It can also be used as a marketing tool and either published on your social media channels or distributed to prospective customers and investors.

Browse sales one-pager templates ➜ | Browse marketing one-pager templates ➜

4) Startup one-pager

It provides an overview of your company’s UVP, position in the market, and competitive advantage. The main goal is to convince potential investors and venture capitalists that your business idea is viable and scalable in order to obtain the funds necessary to grow your company.

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For tips on how to prepare a full version of your investor one-pager, follow our guide on how to create a winning pitch one-pager investors love.

5) Product one-pager

It is a type of marketing collateral that focuses on presenting a product rather than a company. A product one pager normally includes the main features of a product or service, the key pain points of your target audience that it aims to solve, the core benefits it brings, its position in the market, and past customer feedback.

It aims to raise brand awareness and establish a relationship with potential customers. The main difference between a product one-pager and a company one-pager is that a product one-pager focuses on a single product or service in a company’s portfolio.

Browse product one-pager templates ➜

Let’s see some examples of each type and learn how to make the most of each so you can reach the goals it was meant for.

Best one-pager examples for making a great impression and generating leads

Business plan one-pager examples

Business plan one-pager

Business plan one-pager

Simple and easy to customize, this template will help you present your business plan in a clear and concise way. With several data visualization elements to choose from, you can display all the key numbers to make investors instantly understand your vision.

What makes this one-pager great:

  • Various data visualization elements are perfect for presenting the key metrics, such as market size, opportunity, and financial projections.
  • Media arrays allow you to showcase the main features of your solution, as well as what differentiates it from the competition, in a clear and concise way.
  • Calendar integration makes it easier than ever for potential investors to contact you straight after reading your business plan.
Expansive business plan one-pager

Expansive business plan one-pager

This template has everything you need to create a visual summary of your business plan. Thanks to a range of interactive slides, you'll be able to layout your vision and roadmap in a way that impresses investors and gets you the necessary buy-in.

What makes this one-pager great:

  • Narrator slide is perfect for guiding readers through your main business goals and the action plan for achieving them in a way that’s easy to follow and understand.
  • Tabs with buttons at the top allow you to present the competitive landscape, as well as your product offer, in an engaging manner.
  • Text columns can be used to demonstrate the main points of your marketing and sales strategy without overloading your readers with walls of text.

Company one-pager examples

Company intro brochure

Company intro one-pager

A very simple, yet very effective one-pager template for general "About us" company deck. The colors are eye-catching while not too aggressive, the layout and modern fonts add up to a very contemporary look.

What makes this one-pager great:

  • The running numbers slide enables you to lay out your financial objectives in an easily digestible format, while icons with text are perfect for presenting your roadmap in a way that’s easy to understand and follow.
  • A variety of interactive elements boosts engagement and ensures that 41% more people will read your entire one-pager.
  • Smart CTAs make it easier than ever for readers to learn more about your proposed solution straight after reading your one-pager. You can also integrate your chatbot to open up two-way communication between you and your audience.
General business brochure

General business one-pager

Innovative design meets a more conservative aesthetic: it will work very well for traditional businesses such as law firms, educational institutions, or financial organizations.

What makes this one-pager great:

  • Vertical timeline allows you to leverage storytelling frameworks in your corporate one-pager in order to guide prospects through a captivating storyline and grab their attention.
  • Interactive data visualization components are ideal for presenting hard data in a user-friendly manner.
  • Comparison list is helpful for outlining your competitive advantage in a clear way.
Fashion one-page

Fashion one-pager

Created with the fashion industry in mind, this template will be perfectly suited for brochures, but can also be used for slightly longer-form content such as lookbooks. Apart from fashion, it will be a great pick for any business use case where images are key.

What makes this one-pager great:

  • Image and video placeholders are perfect for grabbing prospects’ attention with examples of past and current designs or documenting the production process.
  • Interactive tiered slides can be used to present different types of lookbooks in a clear, concise way. In an industry where creativity is key, giving prospects animated slides they haven’t seen before automatically positions you as innovative by extension.
  • Easily customizable fields are a must in an industry characterized by constant change. This way, your one-pager can always stay in line with the freshest trends.
Medical one-pager example

Medical one-pager

A very matter-of-fact, simple and minimalist product one-pager designed for the healthcare industry, from food supplements, to private clinics, to medical equipment producers.

What makes this one-pager great:

  • Various data visualization elements allow you to present your key numbers in a simple, matter-of-fact way.
  • Image and video placeholders are well-suited for presenting your solution in action instead of describing it using complicated medical terms, as well as introducing the team responsible for your success in order to create clarity and trust.
  • Vertical timeline slide is ideal for showcasing recent changes in the healthcare industry, as well as guiding your prospects through a narrative that will boost interaction and engagement.
Simple one-pager example

Simple one-pager

If you're the type of person who values simplicity over fancy visuals, this one-pager will work great for you. It's basic but far from boring—it lets your audience get immersed in your story by avoiding unnecessary distractions.

What makes this one-pager great:

  • Minimalist layout keeps the focus on your core message while wrapping it in a modern design.
  • A combination of text-based and visual slides allows you to present your solution in a user-friendly way and add context to the most important numbers.
  • Intuitive editor that can easily auto-adjust all elements to match your or your prospect’s brand colors, as well as pull their name and logo from your CRM.

Sales and marketing one-pager examples

Sales one-pager example

Sales one-pager

With this sales one-pager, you'll easily convey your features, benefits and, most importantly, your unique value proposition. A go-to template for B2B sales teams.

What makes this one-pager great:

Sales brochure example

Sales brochure

Everything about this one is aimed at helping you meet those quarterly goals. All the information is jam-packed in a free-flowing narrative and sealed with a clear, singular CTA at the end, making it easy for your clients to say "yes."

What makes this one-pager great:

  • The perfect balance between text-based slides and captivating visuals works to maintain your prospects’ attention while conveying all the most important information.
  • Scroll-based interactive design is perfect for guiding prospective customers through a compelling story, increasing retention by 60-70%.
  • Calendar integration allows prospects to book that next meeting straight from the one-pager.
Marketing one-pager example

Marketing one-pager

A professional, straight-to-the-point template for a digital marketing one-pager. It's been primarily designed for marketing use cases in the corporate business area: finance, consulting, PR, or tech.

What makes this one-pager great:

  • Intuitive editor can auto-extract your key visuals and branding elements, so you can rest assured that your presentation will always stay 100% on-brand.
  • Easily customizable fields that can be filled in within seconds or adjusted to the needs of a particular prospect.
  • Fully mobile-responsive layout ensures that your one-pager always looks perfect regardless of the device it’s viewed on, which is crucial considering that nearly half of all outreach one-pagers are opened on mobile devices.
Cool & modern brochure example

Cool & modern one-pager

Compared to the previous one, this one-pager is more on the laid-back side of the spectrum. Its purpose is to convey a youthful, vibrant vibe. A perfect pick for startups and smaller businesses that want to exude a relaxed energy.

What makes this one-pager great:

  • Attention-grabbing design, from lively colors to a combination of interactive components, is a surefire way to engage even the most reluctant readers.
  • Versatile components that you can tweak according to your requirements and easily repurpose when creating the master version of your pitch one-pager one-pager later on in just a few clicks.
  • The ability to embed and play videos straight from your one-pager enables you to legitimize your solution by including video case studies and testimonials from past customers (for case study templates, head here).

Startup one-pager examples

Tech one-pager example

Tech one-pager

Designed primarily for technological companies. Slide designs offer plenty of data visualization options to illustrate all important business metrics and KPIs.

What makes this one-pager great:

  • Numerous data visualization options are perfect for illustrating the most important business metrics and key performance indicators in a user-friendly format.
  • Easily adjustable slides that can be hidden or saved to use when building a full pitch one-pager in the further stages of the sales funnel.
  • Several image and logo placeholders that can be used to present the most important integrations or features of your solution.
Basic one-pager example

Basic one-pager

With slide designs for all "typical" of pitch deck components—company intro, solutions, timelines, competitors, and SWOT analyses—you can use this template to create your master deck to later build from.

What makes this one-pager great:

  • Image and video placeholders in the cover slide to grab your readers’ attention by showing them what your offering is all about from the very beginning.
  • Varied data visualization components to show the most important metrics, such as financial growth over the years, or projections for the future.
  • Extensive asset library filled with icons to match any industry is perfect for presenting your business strategy in an easily digestible way.
Short one-pager example

Short one-pager

Simple and super easy to fill out, this template will work like a charm for a short pitch deck. Slide layouts guide the approach to content so you'll easily squeeze in more value in fewer slides.

What makes this one-pager great:

  • Dynamic fields that can be filled in within seconds to personalize your one-pager at scale.
  • The ability to include buttons, links, or embed videos allows you to use fewer slides without compromising on the value you’re delivering to your audience.
  • Calendar integration makes it super easy for prospective clients or investors to book the next meeting with you straight after viewing your one-pager.

Product one-pager examples

Physical product one-pager example

Physical product one-pager

A perfect one-pager template for product catalogs—will work best for businesses selling physical items, rather than services. It lets you showcase a range of different products in an easily accessible way.

What makes this one-pager great:

  • A variety of visual slides is perfect for presenting the main features and use cases of your product without overloading prospects with too much text or product specs.
  • User-friendly editor makes tweaking your one-pager as easy as 1-2-3 and virtually works on autopilot, meaning the design will always stay perfect.
  • Web-based design allows you to make necessary changes to your one-pager without having to resend it each time. You can rest assured that prospective clients are always seeing the freshest version of your outreach one-pager.
Tech product one-pager example

Tech product one-pager

Use this template to talk about your product and finally do it justice! Use visuals to easily present all the features and use cases for your product. Show how it can solve your prospects' problems.

What makes this one-pager great:

  • Including a video in the cover slide boosts interaction by 32%. As embedding any video in your one-pager means you can enjoy a 37% longer average reading time and a 17% increase in the CTA click-through rate, other slides come with video placeholders too.
  • A combination of text-based, numerical and visual slides to present a comprehensive overview of your product without boring readers with product specs on the first touchpoint.
  • Logo placeholders allow you to showcase the most important integrations your solution offers in a clear, concise format.
Real estate one-pager example

Real estate one-pager

This one-pager template will work great for the real estate industry. It comes with easy-to-tweak placeholders for images, listing prices, and just enough space for text to showcase what's most important about your business.

What makes this one-pager great:

  • Plenty of image and video placeholders that can easily be edited in a couple of clicks are a must in an industry where visuals are key.
  • Running numbers slides can be used to present listing prices or real estate comparables in a way that’s easy to follow.
  • Interactive slides allow you to weave storytelling into your one-pager in order to keep your audience engaged.

For more tips on what to put in each section of your one-pager and a set of one-pager best practices to follow, check out our step-by-step guide on how to create an attention-grabbing one-pager.

Personalized vs generic one-pager examples

You can’t afford to send generic one-pagers if you want to succeed against your competitors. You either stand out or stand down. You have to personalize your content if you want to convince prospects to give you their scarce time and attention. If you’re not talking to them, why should they talk to you?

Certain one-pager builders, such as Storydoc, also let you create personalized tailor-made versions of your one-pagers for individual prospects at scale. They can pull data directly from your CRM, meaning you can have personalized one-pagers for each recipient literally within seconds.

If you're not using personalization then you should— it can skyrocket your one-pager conversion rates. According to our research, personalized content gets 68% more people to read one-pagers in full, increases the average reading time by 41%, and gets prospects to share them internally 2.3x more often!

Benefits of personalized presentations:


More decks read in full


Increased avg. reading time


More decks shared internally

And if you’re already doing personalization, then Storydoc can make the process way easier and way faster.

Let me give you an example—Orbiit, one of our clients based in New York, was using PDF one-pagers, and Adison, their Head of Business Development was super frustrated by the sheer burden of having to manually personalize for each prospect. But she couldn’t give it up knowing the implication on conversion this practice has.

She turned to Storydoc and with our tool she could now use dynamic variables built into her team's collateral to instantly create personalized one-pager versions. She could easily personalize her collateral with information pulled from her CRM—things like the prospect’s name, company name, logo, and brand colors.

Imagine the impact this had on prospects. Imagine how much time this saved her and her team.

You can achieve the same results by using our interactive next-gen one-pager creator.

Make mesmerizing interactive one-pagers with a dedicated builder

While you can create your one-pager using a website builder, if you want to elevate your results, you need a dedicated one-pager builder.

While they may appear to serve the same purpose, the core difference is in the complexity of use. As website builders have been designed with websites in mind, they come with a variety of features and functions that will unnecessarily complicate the one-pager creation process.

One-pager builders, such as Storydoc, have been built to make your life easier by doing all of the heavy lifting for you.

You can put your one-pager together using content blocks, which are basically pre-designed slides optimized for different use cases. They can also auto-extract your branding information to ensure that you’re always staying on-brand while delivering high value to your prospects.

Create on-brand interactive one-pagers in no time:

How to create a one pager based on examples

And the best part? You can continually improve your efforts by tracking what works and what doesn’t. With our extensive analytics panel, you can get deep insights into your sales funnel:

  • How many people opened your one-pager and how long they read it for,
  • Who they shared your one-pager internally with,
  • Which slides they interacted with the most or the least,
  • Where they stopped reading.

Start measuring your one-pager performance with built-in analytics:

one pager analy

This way, you can optimize your one-pager based on science, not guesswork, and ensure you’re always putting your best foot forward to capture leads’ attention.

Are you ready to make your best one-pager yet? You are free to take our interactive one-pager creator for a spin for 14 days, and free to keep your creations forever.

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