30 one-page proposal templates that lock in the deal

Go beyond PowerPoint & PDFs. Lock in your business, project, or investment proposal with interactive one-pager proposal templates that make you stand out.

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What is the best one-page proposal layout?

The best layout for your one-pager proposal is a stacked design that exposes one item of information at a time.

The best one-page proposal templates look like web pages, where the reader scrolls down to expose more information.

It’s a dramatic and highly welcomed change from the old-school densely packed PDFs that overload you visually with text and numbers in a highly confined space.

This new approach is effective whether you’re writing a business proposal, a project proposal, or a research proposal.

Why use interactive one-page proposal templates?

A one-page proposal template is used in your money time. If you fail here, weeks, months, or years of hard work will go to waste. This is why you have to stand out and deliver an experience that supports decision-making for your prospects.

What make these templates so effective?

The interactive one-page proposal templates in this gallery were built to enable buyers to make informed decisions. They were tested in the real world and tweaked to perfection. See key proposal examples and learn why buyers love them.

What makes a great one-page business proposal template?

A great one-pager business proposal uses little text and a lot of white space. Your one-page proposal template should use visuals and motion to grab attention and guide it to the most important information which the decision maker needs to make the decision to work with you.

Great proposal one-pager templates can be read on any device, and use scroll-based (web) interaction rather than click-based (PowerPoint) or pinch-based (PDF). Ready to create your proposal? Use our intuitive proposal maker.

How to structure a one-page project proposal template?

The best one-page project proposals are structured like a narrative. The best structure walks the decision maker through the critical items of information they need to make a decision in an easy-to-follow sequence that follows the thought process needed to make the decision.

In most cases the thought process goes through the following 3 stages:

  1. is this relevant to me?
  2. What’s in it for me?
  3. What will it cost me?
  4. Can I trust this person/company?
  5. How can I proceed?

Based on this thought process, your project proposal one-pager should be structured along this 11-step sequence:

(1) Elevator pitch ⇨ (2) About you ⇨ (3) Project overview in numbers ⇨ (4) Project overview in words ⇨ (5) Problem you solve ⇨ (6) Solution you offer ⇨ (7) Project deliverables ⇨ (8) Project timeline ⇨ (9) Budget ⇨ (10) Testimonials ⇨ (11) Next step

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