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Design annual reports on auto-pilot. No coding or design skills needed. Trasform your PDFs into interactive stories readers eat up and run to share with colleagues.

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Beautiful designed report templates ready to customize

Grab one of our professionally designed report tempaltes and let our AI report generator✨ do the heavy lifting for you:

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Reports worth reading

Annual reports
Investor & donor reports
ESG & impact reports
Internal reports
Research reports
Annual reports
annual report designer

Stop wasting time and money on report design. Make beautiful hyper-engaging reports in hours not weeks.

Investor & donor reports
investor report maker

Make content investors and donors love coming back to. Keep them engaged with modern interactive reports.

ESG & impact reports
ESG and impact report maker

Create immersive impact reports that go viral while cutting down 80% of your current content production time.

Internal reports
internal report generator

Easily make beautiful internal reports that inform, engage, and motivate your team with interactive storytelling.

Research reports

Make beautifully designed reports and white papers that grab and hold engagement with interactive visual storytelling.

Don’t “report”. Tell stories worth sharing.

Generate a report cover that grabs attention and full report design people can't put down

Why pay big bucks for reports nobody likes?

Stop paying designers and agencies for PDFs that nobody reads. Make interactive visual stories with double the engagement.

Make reports 5x faster at a fraction of the cost

Avoid the back-and-forth with designers or developers. With Storydoc you simply add content and design follows automatically.

How’s your report looking on mobile?

47% of reports are opened on mobile. Your Storydoc reports won’t fail to impress on mobile or any other device.

Are they loving or hating
your reports?

Get out-of-the-box analytics on how readers, donors, journalists, and decision-makers engage with your reports.

Collaborate safely with editing permissions

Avoid unfortunate edits with smart access control. Allow different team members to review or edit only what they need

Deliver reports that make an impact


Higher reader engagement


More reports read in full


Longer reading time


Faster report creation

Want to see for yourself?

Their reports are getting attention. Yours can too.

"With Storydoc, we were able to simplify the complex content of our annual report using graphs, numbers, and detailed insights in an interactive and efficient way."

Nitzan Almog Evron
Nitzan Almog Evron

“With our most recent Storydocs, we're like, ‘Oh my goodness, It brought it to life like we do when we present it, but without the person even being there!’”

Frances Dalton
Frances Dalton
Marketing Manager, UK

”With Storydoc, we get amazing reports that we can customize to meet our exact needs. We’ve been getting immensely positive feedback, people like the format even more than the content!"

Uri Gabai
Uri Gabai
CEO, Start-Up Nation Policy Institute

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How our AI report designer works

Generate your report with AI

Simply type in what you need and let Storydoc do the magic for you!

Edit and bring it to perfection

Let our magic assistant help you through the process
with automatic slide copy and design.

Turbo-charge with integrations

Easily connect your CRM, calendar, and other tools
to move from static PDFs to actionable reports.

Send. Track. Influence.

Track reader engagement in real-time

Generate your report with AI

Simply type in what you need and let Storydoc do the magic for you!

Edit and bring it to perfection

Let our magic assistant help you through the process
with automatic slide copy and design.

Turbo-charge with integrations

Easily connect your CRM, calendar, and other tools
to move from static PDFs to actionable reports.

Send. Track. Influence.

Track reader engagement in real-time

Can you afford to keep on making reports the old way?

Magically transform the way your content is received with Storydoc


Everything that you should know about Storydoc

What is the Storydoc report maker?

This AI report generator lets you intuitively create beautiful online interactive stories your audience will live for. No coding or design skills needed.

The Storydoc report designer offers a diverse array of interactive slides for various reports such as annual reports, impact reports, and sustainability reports.

These are easily customizable to align with your vision and requirements. Storydoc frees you from the outdated method of static PPT slides, offering instead a scroll-based, web-friendly, mobile-optimized experience, complete with performance analytics.

Is Storydoc AI report generator safe?

Yes, the Storydoc AI report creation tool is secure and reliable. Your personal information is safeguarded and encrypted. We prioritize your data security, adhering to stringent security protocols and best practices.

Our reliability is evidenced by organizations like Meta, Pepsi, and Xerox, who trust and use Storydoc regularly.

For more information see Our Story pageTerms and Conditions, and Privacy Policy.

Why Storydoc is more than just another AI report creator

Storydoc transcends the typical AI-driven report creation. While instant AI reports are convenient to use, the results remain mundane. Storydoc stands out by offering report experiences that truly engage stakeholders, featuring scrollytelling, multimedia, and in-document navigation.

Check out these examples.

What’s so great about AI-generated reports?

AI-generated reports significantly reduce the time and effort required in creating comprehensive documents for your organization.

However, if you're relying on an AI PPT report maker, you're missing out.

Traditional PowerPoints, even AI-made ones, fail to captivate.

But Storydoc changes the game. Our AI doesn't just create reports; it crafts stories that resonate with partners and stakeholders.

Try it.

Is Storydoc a free report designer?

The Storydoc AI report generator speeds up your content creation and elevates your report content experience from generic to remarkable.

Try our 14-day free trial and discover its impact. We're confident, based on extensive user feedback, that your stakeholders will appreciate the difference.

Every interactive report you create during the trial is yours to keep, free of charge!

For learning about our paid plans see our Pricing.

What's the best way to get started?

Begin by visiting our templates page. Select a template, provide some details, and watch as Storydoc generates a report from scratch, incorporating your branding, content structure, and visuals.

Within the report maker app, you can switch templates, tweak designs with a drag-and-drop interface, access ready-made slides for various scenarios, and utilize our AI assistant for text and image generation.

How do I send or share Storydoc reports?

Storydocs function like web pages; each report you create has a unique link for easy sharing and tracking.

Once your Storydoc report is ready, simply publish it. It becomes instantly accessible for viewing in any browser.

To share, click the Share button and use the link provided. Viewers will experience an interactive webpage, far more engaging than a static PowerPoint or PDF.

You can also embed Storydoc reports as a seamless part of your website using an iframe.

Can I print Storydoc reports?

Yes, printing is currently available for Pro and Enterprise customers. However, this feature will soon be accessible to all Storydoc users.

But remember, a printed Storydoc loses its interactive elements, which are key to its engagement and appeal.

What integrations does Storydoc offer?

Storydoc provides essential content integrations like Calendly, Loom, YouTube, Typeform, and more.

But we don't stop there. With Storydoc, embed lead-capturing forms, live chat, advanced dashboards, in-page payments, and e-signatures. 

Learn more on our Integrations page.

Are Storydocs mobile-friendly?

Of course! Storydoc is optimized for flawless mobile performance. No matter the divide or OS your presentation is opened on, the design will be perfect.

Is my data safe with Storydoc?

Yes, the Storydoc app is safe and secure thanks to an encrypted connection. We process your data in accordance with very strict policies.

For more information, see Terms and Conditions, and Privacy Policy.

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