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Close more deals with interactive sales decks.

Imagine sending an interactive sales deck to your customers and knowing they’ll be excited to show it to their boss. This is what you get with Storydoc.

Trusted by top companies:


Customers ignore your sales decks.


In today’s sales, 7 people on average are involved in a buying decision. PDFs and PowerPoints are simply not enough to get all of them excited about your product.


Interactive web pages that boost conversions.

Interactive presentations are more effective than boring, static slide decks. Storydocs generate lasting interest and real engagement—this means more deals closed.

Storydoc pages vs static slides


increase in closed deals


faster closing time


higher customer engagement

See results Storydoc delivers:

Use cases

Enable your team’s sales across all possible campaigns and channels.


Sales presentations

Easily stand out with animated, interactive web pages instead of old-school slide decks.


Outreach decks

Grab your customers’ attention with impressive personalized outreach content.



Nail the key stage of a deal and convince every stakeholder with memorable proposals.


Tailored ROI reports

Do the math for your customers with interactive ROI and value calculators.

Storydoc = your ultimate sales enablement tool

Outperform your competitors

Most of your competition still uses static slides as their go-to sales tool. With Storydoc, your message will easily stand out, leaving your competitors far behind.

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Instant personalization

Personalize every Storydoc page to a customer of your choice in less than 15 seconds. Grab their attention by adding their logo, name, or a quick personal intro.

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Focused on end results 

With clear and powerful CTAs and easily explained next steps, Storydocs aim at helping you close more deals faster. It’s about conversions, not just “pretty-looking decks.”

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Tracking & analytics

Know everything about your customers’ internal processes with automated tracking. Get tips for when to follow up and what to touch upon.

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Create content you never thought you’d have. Close deals you never thought you’d close.

Join leading teams worldwide and start selling faster, smarter, better.