15+ Best Presentation Templates and Themes to Download

No matter the field your work in, you never want to deliver a run-of-the-mill presentation. Heck, if you deliver your presentation in person, it’s not that bad. After all, you are there to make an impression. But what if you need to send over a deck to that key prospect?

You’re looking at your presentation template and the doubts creep in. How are they supposed to like it if you don’t really like it yourself? You browse through the gallery of in-built PowerPoint or GoogleSlides templates and start feeling really hopeless.

Relax. You’ve come to the right place. Scroll down to see a gallery of the finest presentation templates available online. Hand-picked by our team of content geeks. Ready to download with a single click.

Storydoc business presentation templates

Our professional presentation templates go beyond slides, backgrounds, and fonts. We’ve developed our presentations with one goal in mind only: to help businesses tell their stories effectively and close more deals.


With Storydoc, you’ll transform your content into an interactive, scroll-based deck that not only looks great but helps you sell better and faster.

Here’s a presentation template transformed in our tool:



Slide decks are a relic of the past. With Storydoc, you’ll get interactive content you never thought you’d have. Wow your audience, make a lasting impression, and close more deals. Ready in a flash.

And while we’d love you to give our presentation maker a spin, if you’re convinced you want a good ol’ slide deck, at least pick the best template there is. Yes, the templates below might not be ideal to send over for your prospect’s team to read, but for an in-person presentation, they’ll work just fine.
Here are the best “standard” presentation templates you’ll find in 2021.

Presentation templates for business and sales

First, see our selection of the best business presentation templates: formal and elegant with just the design you need to support your sales pitch or that big proposal.

Bold and daring

Starting off with this 150-slides-rich, vibrant theme from TemplateZuu Designers. All slides are attention-grabbing, yet not overwhelming. The color palette makes a statement without being too aggressive. Recommended for sales presentations in a not-so-corporate environment.
Available for PowerPoint and Keynote.


Barcelona-based designer Katya Kovalenko brings you this subtle sales presentation template that will work well with more conservative viewers. Can’t tell you if it has all 50 shades of grey but for sure at least a dozen!

Available for Mac’s Keynote only.


As the name implies, this presentation template is, well, sharper than most. Tons of negative space will provide your audience with the much-needed breathing room and guide their eyes to what’s most important. A good pick for corporate presentations: doesn’t stand out more than what’s acceptable.

Available for .ppt and .key downloads.


A presentation template designed to facilitate telling stories—brought to you by Venngage. And, while there is a more effective approach to business storytelling than showing one slide after another, you can try to make this theme work. The icons are neat, fonts complement each other, and colors have a certain soothing quality to them.


The “Oricon” presentation template by RsmBoutique is a nice example of versatile content. Slide layouts are nicely varied so you can be sure to find a composition that works for you. On the flip side, customer reviews say it requires a fair bit of input. But if you don’t mind doing a little work on your end, the results shall be worth it.

Available for Google Slides.

All the templates above?

Yeah, they’re pretty. But Storydoc gives you much more than nice-looking presentations. 

We deliver real results. 

Transform your static presentation with Storydoc and close more deals, improve engagement metrics, and increase your customer base. Like these teams did:
"...We've seen higher conversion, of up to x2, among prospects who engaged with the Storydoc pages"
Boris Zlatkin
Digital Marketing Lead

Modern and minimalist presentation templates

Were the templates above too crowded and old-school to your liking? If you need a cleaner, modern theme with a relaxed, start-up vibe, seek no further. Here are our top picks.


Simplicity, they say, is the ultimate sophistication. This presentation template designed by InspireTemplate studio won’t let any gimmicks shine brighter than your core message. Perfect for creative industries such as advertising or graphic design.

A pack that comes with a .pptx file, plus custom fonts and vector icons..


A highly-customizable presentation template by Visme: comes with 300+ slide layouts, a few font packs, and various color combos. And it has a nice, youthful feel to it. Will work like a charm with product pitches. The main problem? You’ll need to do a lot of work yourself to make your presentation look as good as the mockups.


Proudly presented by ShapeShift Studio, the “Ravi” presentation theme practically screams  Gen Z. It’s daring and hard-hitting, if slightly pretentious. A good pick for artistic portfolios, less so for standard business presentations.

Comes in multiple colors and with vector icons..


PixaSquare design studio engineered this presentation template to work for multiple purposes: not just presentations but brochures, catalogues, and lookbooks. We applaud the looks and the versatility. It’s just that… Jacks of all trades are usually masters of none—this seems to be exactly the case.


This minimalist presentation template for Google Slides is extremely user-friendly: even if you’re totally inexperienced in making presentations. This, in turn, means less customization options. Will work great if you’re pressed for time. 

Available for Google Slides.

Free presentation templates

Finally, see a quick selection of presentation templates you can download 100% free of charge. Admittedly, they’re not as slick as the paid ones but you know the well-worn phrase… If it’s good, it ain’t free. Use those for the less critical presentations.


This free presentation theme from Slides Carnival is based on a subtle 3D background and very simple font pairings. Easy on the eyes, delicately dynamic. Won’t work great with images so use it for plain-text presentations. 

Available for Google Slides.


The “Simple Black” presentation template designed by Jimena Catalina is elegant and stylish. Perhaps too simplistic for today’s standards but it surely won’t distract your audience from the main message you want to get across.


Developed with a clinical case study in mind, the “Tinnitus” presentation template will be a solid choice for any scientific industry. Subtle shading makes this one fairly eye-pleasing and the neural-network-inspired shapes in the background gently hint at some advanced technology going on.


Named “Startup Pitch Deck Template,” this theme brings an energetic, contemporary vibe to the table. Plenitude of icons, charts, and graphs will aid the visual side of your presentation. Minimal design will convince everyone you’re a startup bro, not some corporate desk jockey.

And that’s a wrap

Before you go, a few pointers to to keep in mind: 

  • Always choose a presentation template based on your specific audience. It’s more about them than it is about you.
  • Pick a template that’s flexible enough for your needs; you’ll need different slides to present different kinds of information, make sure you can make tweaks to graphics, charts, and typography.
  • Tell a story. Long paragraphs and complex sets of data won’t thrill your prospects as much as storytelling will.
Other than that, pick whatever feels most like you, and go crush that presentation. Hope you found our gallery helpful and best of luck for your deck.
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