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Case study creator that converts

Stop killing engagements with static PDFs - win over hearts and minds with interactive case studies that bring your user stories to life.

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Storydoc is used by top product marketing teams

(With a +103% boost to reading time, and a +27% boost to conversion rate, it's no wonder.)

What is a case study creator?

A case study creator is an online tool that lets product marketing managers and content marketers make high-convertion interactive case studies. A case study maker saves time and money spent on creating business case studies, makes your user stories easily shareable, and reports critical performance data back to you and your team.

Use templates built for storytelling

Don't write a case study...
Tell your users' story

Go from frustrating PDFs to memorable stories readers enjoy

PDF case studies are unfit for human consumption.

Readers strongly dislike PDFs because they’re planned for print, not screens, they are disorientating and mobile un-friendly.

pdf case study

Tell interactive visual stories that make the case

Use interactive multimedia content to turn boring PDFs into irresistible stories readers can interact with.

user story made with a

Convert users directly from your case studies

Enable readers to take the next step by adding a form, calendar, or live chat to your case study.


Give your readers a mobile experience they love

Our data shows that 32% of decks are opened on mobile (for prospecting decks it’s 47%).

Can you really afford to keep sending people PDF case studies?


Start contributing to revenue

(or risk being considered part of the cost)

Create case studies that shoot your performance way above industry benchmarks.


Longer reading time


Better conversion rate


More demos booked

Wanna make an irresistible case study?
Storydoc it.

Storydoc is made for effective business storytelling

Use building blocks that chunk complex information into a memorable easy-to-folow storyline.


Easily personalize your case studies for ABM prospecting

Embed dynamic variables that pull in personalized information into any marketing or sales collateral used in ABM and outbound prospecting in general.

Easily automate mundane actions

Work smart instead of hard. Quickly integrate your CRM with Storydoc and see the magic happen.

  • Pull data from your CRM to customize mass personalized outbound campaigns
  • Push data from Storydoc to your CRM to get all the data about prospects’ activity on your decks directly in your native CRM

Get full visibility into your buyer's journey

Leverage our tracking to gain insights into your customers’ internal processes.

Get tips for your next step, and time your next outreach perfectly.

They used Storydoc to create revenue


"Since we switched to Storydocs, our sales metrics have improved. We’re getting a CTA conversion rate of 10%, completion rate of 60%, and have over 50% of the decks shared within the client organization."


Tomer Magal
Head of Global Sales

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"Clients love sharing our Storydoc page internally, for instance, with teammates who might not have seen the demo. It does an amazing job painting a full picture of what we do and how we work so that a second demo is usually not needed."


Addison Bolin
Head of Business Development

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"...Since we've started using Storydoc our sales accelerated, increasing our customer base by more than 70%. It became an integral part of our sales funnel, helping us score new deals."


Haim Baron

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"When I made my own personal Storydoc from scratch and started using it on sales calls, it helped book more demos."


Pe'er Klein
Business Development Lead

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"Storydoc sets me apart from my competitors. My goal is for my business to be memorable and Storydoc allows me to showcase the colors of my business in the best possible way."


Tovi Cohen
Head of Customer Relations

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Your readers want a story not a case study
We'll help you give them what they want