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Types of business case study templates

1) The Problem-Solution Case Study Template

This type of template is used to highlight a problem and then show how you solved it. It can be helpful for showing off your skills and abilities as well as highlighting what makes you unique.

2) The Chronological Case Study Template

This case study template type is used to tell a story about a customer or client in order from beginning to end. This can be helpful for illustrating how you've helped someone in the past and what results they achieved.

3) The Comparison Case Study Template

This type of case study template allows you to compare and contrast 2 different things, such as products or services. This can be helpful for showing why your option might be better than your competitor’s or highlighting the benefits of using your product or service over the alternatives.

Why these case study templates are better than any PDF or PPT templates

PDF and PPT are static, boring, and hard to read, while our templates are interactive, memorable, and easy to follow. They achieve this by being story-lead web-based, scroll-based, mobile friendly documents that prospects can read, any time, anywhere, and on any device.

Yet, most companies create their case studies in PDF or PPT file formats. These formats were never meant to be read like modern internet users consume content. PDF was meant for print on paper and PowerPoint was meant for slide projectors.

Both are frustrating to read using mobile devices, computers, and tablets. They are blunt instruments that will suffocate your pipeline. It’s high time for a change. Reengage your readers with Storydoc.

What makes a good business case study template?

A good case studies template follows a specific user story that resonates with a targeted segment of your audience. Case study templates should be built around a problem that’s uniquely relevant to a client segment. And they should lead the reader from problem to resolution with the help of your solution.

A good case study template has slides tailored to present the user journey from problem to resolution with graphs, tables, numbers, and quotes showing real-world examples of before and after your company came to the aid.

What should a case study template include?

When writing a case study, it is important to include all the necessary information in order for readers to understand the situation and follow the user story.

Business case study templates should include 5 main chapters:

  1. Introductory overview: think of it as an executive summary of the whole document. Introduce the subject of the case study and the main objectives.
  2. The problem: walk your readers through the business problem or an obstacle the project described in the case study was aimed to solve.
  3. The solution: explain how you approach solving the problem and provide detailed examples of what you did. If possible, link to relevant assets that better illustrate the project.
  4. The results: ideally, you’ll want numerical metrics here so that it’s 100% clear how the case you’re describing impacted the bottom line of your client.
  5. Next steps: outline how the insights acquired from the project influence future activities.

Pro Tip: Whenever possible, include quotes and testimonials in your business case studies. According to Nielsen’s report, 70% of people trust reviews and recommendations from strangers. Another study by DemandGen found that 97% of B2B buyers think user-generated content (such as reviews) is the most reliable form of marketing communication.

For more information about how to write each part of a case study, visit our dedicated guide: How to Write a Case Study ➜

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