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Why interactive slides are better than average PPTs

Interactive slides are more effective than ppt slides in hooking attention and are able to keep it for longer. While ppt slides are static and tend to be generic no matter how pretty the design is, interactive slides let the reader become an active part of the presentation. Interactive slides let people expose more content they find interesting, manipulate data like graphs and calculators, and consume content in various ways beyond text, like video, chat, or games.

How to use animated slides for marketing?

Animated slides make good presentations great by making them look and feel more dynamic, cool, and beautiful. Storydoc’s presentation statistics show that “presentations that included a video in their cover slide had 32% more people interacting with them compared to those with a static cover background”. We assume the reason for this impact is that it frames the slide deck as something different, new, and exciting.

Business slides VS regular PowerPoint slides

The difference between business slides and regular PowerPoint slides is their focus. While regular ppt slides are used for low-stakes presentations like school, between friends, or within a team, business slides are client-facing content that can have huge business implications. While regular PowerPoint slides are commonly used by non-professionals or students, business slides are a key tool for any product marketing, sales enablement, or sales team.

What makes good and professional slides?

What you’d consider good PowerPoint slides are many times good for nothing. Everyone makes ppts almost exactly the same, so a good slide is a different slide - one that makes you stand out. But even the most beautiful PowerPoint doesn’t stand out anymore in a business environment. We all design our slides to perfection, but we all do it the same. It’s time to move to the modern way of doing presentation slides - scroll-based, mobile-friendly, multimedia, and interactive.

Ditch PPTs for slides that actually bring results


increase in new customers


more demos booked


faster closing time


lead engagement uplift

Personalized your business slides

Customize thousands of slide decks with a single click. Speak directly to each prospect, address them by their name and use specific information relevant to them.

(automatically pull information from your CRM and into your slide deck)


Get deep insight into how your marketing slides perform

See what slides people spend time on and which they skip. Prune your slide deck to perfection.

Get automated engagement stats that help you optimize for conversion.


Embed your marketing tools in your presentation slides

Make slides with your favorite marketing tools like calendar, sign up form, and chat to help your leads effortlessly take the next step.


Ensure your presentation slide templates look great on mobile

Our data shows that 32% of slide decks are opened on mobile (for prospecting decks it’s 47%).

So if you're not on the bandwagon, step aside, cause you’re about to be run over.


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