The best presentation slides for 2021 and beyond.

How often do you feel that your presentation limits the message you want to convey? It’s not your fault. You just haven’t found the right tool yet. And now you have.

Presentation slides templates you can make yours


Fun, interactive presentation of a UK cashback service: mixing business with entertainment.


A very dynamic, highly visual deck for a retail software provider, designed to grab and keep attention.


Benefit-driven summary of a virtual networking platform showing stakeholders what’s in it for them.


White glove delivery with a focus on process optimization explained by a compelling story.


Smart manufacturing execution systems on a mission to digitalize production floors.


Deep-tech software product easily explained by drawing the bigger picture.


Extensive visual master deck for one of Europe’s leading streaming services.


Identifying a problem in modern-day analytics and offering an instant, easy-to-grasp solution.


Making an AI fraud protection solution feel simple and accessible   

What gives Storydoc’s presentation slides the edge

Most of the popular slide-based presentation tools don’t work anymore. Static pieces of content are nothing but renditions of 90s technology. If you want to make your presentation engaging and memorable, you need presentation slides tailored to the needs and attention span of today’s Web user.

This is what we bring to the table.

Scroll-based and fully interactive presentation slides

Storydoc’s slides are fully scrollable because scrolling, not clicking “next,” is the most natural way of consuming information on the Web. There’s no need to switch between presentation slides when you can simply scroll down and see the story unfold.

Telling stories others will want to repeat

Imagine sending your presentation over to a prospect and knowing they’ll be excited to share it with their teams. Imagine having a deck your sales reps will be dying to use. That’s what you get with Storydoc.

Delivering real results

Our slides are beautiful and attention-grabbing but the main point is—they help you close deals. We engineered our slides based on tried-and-tested design solutions. We know what works and we know it will work for you.

Full customization in a no-code editor

You can tweak any element of your presentation in our wizard-based app. Personalize presentations to address every prospect directly. Easily A/B test visuals, calls to action, or value propositions.

How it works:

Enjoy the benefits of interactive presentations made in a flash.
Upload your current presentation slides
Send your content our way—anything goes.
Let us bring your slides to life
We’ll fully transform your presentation into an interactive, scroll-based narrative.
Enjoy unlimited personalization
Use our no-code editor to apply any changes you’d like to make.