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How it works:

Enjoy the benefits of interactive presentations made in a flash.


Pick a template or upload assets

You can start from a readymade template or have our tool auto-extract your key visuals.


Fill in the blanks

Use our simple editor and a rich gallery of stock images to make a stunning web presentation in minutes.


Instantly personalize at scale

Make customized versions tailored to each recipient with a single click.

Animated presentations always beat static slideshows

The year is 2021…

Your audience is used to web pages as a primary source of information. Why would you use PowerPoints, slideshows, and other non-dynamic pieces of content to create presentations? Storydoc is a true modern-day presentation maker: scroll-based, animated, and interactive. Telling your story the way you never thought it could be told.


Storydoc presentation examples


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Why Storydoc is the best presentation maker for you:


Beautiful presentations made easy


Modern presentation makers are time-sucking and the end result is nowhere near your expectations. Storydoc lets you create stunning, interactive presentations in minutes with almost no effort.

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Professional templates


Dreading the blank screen? You’ll never experience it with Storydoc. Our presentation making tool comes with dozens of pre-designed templates. Just pick the one that fits your needs, type up your information, and you’re good to go.

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Unlimited personalization


With the Storydoc presentation app, you can create a new, personalized version of every presentation with a single click—literally—and iterate in seconds. Add a personal note, your client’s logo, or tailor-made solutions info.

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Branding on autopilot


Want to use design elements from your current presentation? Just upload it to Storydoc and the tool will auto-extract all your key visuals. Plus, all our templates have been designed for 100% consistent branding, with the right fonts, colors, and layout—all with auto-formatting.

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Powerful integrations


Imagine you could add a lead-capturing form to your deck. Or a live chat so that customers can instantly ask you questions. Or that calendar widget to let them book a demo in real time. With Storydoc’s integrations, you don’t have to imagine. Our app can be integrated with all the most popular business tools with a single click.

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Optimized for conversion rates

There’s both art and science to our presentation maker. Your presentations will look great and boost your conversion rates immediately. We tested and optimized our templates to maximize your impact.

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Results our presentations deliver


Increase in lead conversion rate


Boost in new closed deals


Reduction in deal closing time


More prospects reading the whole deck



Does Storydoc presentation maker support video?

Yes, you can easily upload video to your Storydoc presentation.


Is Storydoc free?

Storydoc offers a 30-day free trial for you to check out the platform capabilities and see if it's the right fit for you. After the trial, you can pick a plan that matches your needs. For more details, see our Pricing.


Can I trust Storydoc?

Yes, the Storydoc presentation maker app is safe and secure thanks to an encrypted connection. We process your data in accordance with very strict policies. Storydoc is a legit business entity. For more information, see the Our Story page, Terms and Conditions, and Privacy Policy.


Who is Storydoc for?

We created Storydoc primarily as a tool for business content. It’s the perfect presentation maker for sales teams, marketing teams, and account managers. That said, Storydocs can be used across all business roles and industries, whenever you need a great presentation.


How can I send a Storydoc presentation?

Storydocs work as web pages, every presentation comes with an individual link you can send and track.

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